Many saw that there was a chocolate stain on his pants so maney said “Poopy!” When greg saw he didn't want to go into the church with a poop stain. Rodrick quickly put a chocolate rapper in his pocket. Gregs mum said that Frank had to do something so he rubbed his pants with a towel but greg wasn't satisfied so Greg's mum had an idea that she could tie her scarf around his pants so nobody could see that he had a poop stain. When Greg looked up he could see holly hills his crush from school he was going to be embarrassed. When Greg entered the church everybody was singing but what took greg's attention was rowley his best friend when, Greg past him Rowley gave out a massive smile but then a surprised cringe came out. Greg and his family took a seat in the church, the pastor of the church asked the heffley family too come and stand up the front Greg was not impressed and not wanting to come up but Franck said “that everybody is watching” Greg stood up unwillingly and started to walk up the front of the church Greg’s scarf was falling off and Rodrick had an idea that he would step on it and everybody would see a poop stain on his pants, so that's what Rodrick did. Suddenly a girl shouted out “Poop he’s pooped his pants” everybody gasped and had their eyes on Greg’s poop stain, Greg came up the front and said with an embarrassed look “Guys no it's not what you think see it’s Chocolate its chocolate see” Greg wiped his stain and licked it everybody was shocked by Greg, Greg looked horrified and embarrassed especially that Holly Hills saw him with a poop stain.