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All Saints Nursery & Childcare Centre


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Wood Norton



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Headteachers: Mrs. Batcock & Miss Tobin



Newsletter 1 Autumn 2017

A big welcome back to all the children and their families; we are very pleased to be back open for business under our new name:  All Saints Stibbard Nursery & Childcare Centre. It has been possible to reopen due to All Saints Stibbard Primary School committed to keeping the nursery open for all the families and children that use our services.  So we now come under the school’s umbrella which in turn provides us with a stable and positive future. We would like to thank you for your understanding and support through the last few months.


We are pleased to inform you that the nursery  staff team remains the same but with a re-organisation of roles.

Tracey Bunting is now our Acting Nursery Manager with Kelly Doubleday-Gillion as Acting Deputy Manager.

Jo Woodhouse remains our room leader (supervisor) in the Nursery room alongside Jane Walker who now supervises in both the Nursery room and After school club . Georgia Tabor and Melanie Dagless are our Childcare Practitioners and work in both the Nursery but also Breakfast and After school clubs too. Jess Wood remains in the After school club. We are very proud to have such an experienced and dedicated team within the centre.

We are very fortunate to have the School overseeing and managing the running of the Nursery and childcare centre with Kathryn Batcock at the helm along side Sue Tobin and Craig Isherwood from the school’s Leadership Team.

Charlotte Frith (Reception teacher) has become our Early Years Lead. She attends our staff meetings and is making sure our curriculum and policies are streamlined with those of the school. We are all very much looking forward to working with  her and feel this is going to also improve the transitions for the children when they move on to school.

Lauren Neal is also joining the team on a Thursday and will be based in the nursery office.

We are very excited to be working with and alongside these professionals and see a positive and exciting future working as a team.

If you would like to play an active role in the way the nursery goes forward, the school is always on the lookout for governors so please get in touch if you are interested.


We are extremely proud of our new Nursery and garden environment; the staff worked very hard to improve the nursery environment for the children and have done a fantastic job! Alongside this we are very fortunate to the previous committee for providing us with an interactive screen in our Nursery room which has already helped to enhance the curriculum for the children.

The Nursery garden is also very inviting and provides a great learning environment with the added feature of an outside classroom which can be used for many activities and provides a place where the children can be sheltered from the rain or hot sun in the summer so enables them to stay in the outside environment for longer.

Few Reminders

Please could you check your children’s bag each day for wet clothes especially now the cooler, wetter weather is upon us.

Also, clearly labelling your children's clothes is most helpful and prevents them losing them whilst here at Nursery.

Please could you avoid bringing your children’s things in plastic bags but use a spare bag or the wellie bag that is provided on your child’s peg. We ask this, as plastic bags do pose a risk to the Nursery children in our care.

In future all newsletters will be on the school website rather than a paper version, the website address is at the top of this page. We can inform you by email when a new newsletter has been published, therefore, if you have not given your email address to the office please do this as soon as possible. 

Breakfast and After school Club

We were pleased that our Breakfast and After school clubs were able to continue during the closure of the Nursery,  with all staff being dedicated to still offering the service to the families who use us regularly.

Our Breakfast club hours remain the same 8-8.30 with changes just to the Afterschool club hours, which continues to close at 5 o’clock.

Please can we remind parents to collect their children promptly at 5pm; many thanks for your cooperation.

Please could we remind you to let us know if someone different (but still on the collection list) is picking up your child/children so we can ensure safety.

Also if your children are attending clubs at the school so that we know if we are collecting them at the hall or are being brought over to the centre by the school staff. Many thanks for your cooperation on these matters.

Thanks again for all your continued support and we are very happy to be back and in full swing again, looking forward to a positive and happy future working with the school.

Kind Regards,

The Nursery Team

Message from the School Leadership Team

We are already working very closely with Tracey and her team in the Nursery and Child Care Centre. This is a new venture for us which we are delighted to have. It means very close cooperation between School and Nursery which can only lead to improved education for our children. Tracey and Kelly remain your first port of call for any queries; they will make sure the Leadership Team is kept fully informed of your wishes for the future development of the Centre.

Kathryn Batcock & Sue Tobin (Headteachers)

Important changes to charging, funded hours and attendance times.

As part of the changes that the government has brought into early years education regarding funding, we have had to look at the way in which we offer universal and extended 30 hour funding to our families who are entitled to claim, to ensure that the Nursery remains sustainable for the future.

With this in mind we have adopted a new charging policy for nursery which can be found from January 2018 on the school website. Breakfast and After School Club remain at £4.50 per hour.

The new charging for nursery will come into effect in January 2018, when funded hours will be offered between the times of 9am-3pm. We will continue to be as flexible as possible within the hours of 9am-3pm. Hours before will be classed as part of the breakfast club and will be charged at £4.50 between 8-9am, or £2.25 between 830am-9am. The hour that nursery stays open after 3pm will be charged in a similar way at £4.50 per hour or £2.25 for 3pm-3.30pm.

Just as a reminder, we do now require evidence of your child’s date of birth when claiming funding, so please ensure you have brought the required documentation to the office.

Also for more effective productivity from January 2018 invoices will be issued at the beginning of every term and will be based on your child's termly admission. You will be able to pay this in instalments on a weekly, monthly, half termly or termly basis. We would expect some of the amount paid before the half term, with full payment received before the term end.

The management will reserve the right to charge an extra cost for a change in breakfast or after school club hours or nursery sessions at short notice to cover staffing costs. The extra cost will be charged at £4.50 per half hour. Short notice will be deemed as less than one week’s notice.

A late collection fee is also being introduced if your child is collected 15 minutes late or more you will be charged the whole hour at £4.50. This reflects the fact that we have to pay for our staff time.

Please contact the nursery office with any queries.

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