Tech or Treat

🎃 Halloween Magnetic Poetry

This is a great post by Shake-Up Learning that gives you a FREE template for Magnetic Poetry in Google Drawings.  Check out the link below, this would be a great ELA activity!

👻 Halloween Emoji Writing

This is a great post by Eric Curts who has a FREE template for you to use. It talks about Rebus stories which are stories that contain pictures and words. For instance, instead of the word apple, you would put a picture within the sentence of an apple. These are common at the younger levels in storybooks. Check out Eric Curts post below, it’s GREAT! Click here for the template

🐱Halloween Typing Practice/Games

This Hyperdoc contains a variety of Halloween websites, including Halloween typing practice. Be sure to preview all links on the doc prior to use.

💀Halloween Brain Break - BONES

My own children LOVE this dance when they get a brain break during the day. We even do it at home. Bonus: it teaches the names of the bones!

 31 days of Halloween STEM activities        

This was a great post from Richard Byrne’s blog. Although the site does have quite a few ads, there are MANY STEM activities you can do focusing on Halloween and Stem! Click here for the site which houses the activities.  

🎃 Build a (digital) Jack-o-Lantern

OMG, this is so cute (click here)! From Eric Curts (one of my favorite techies) – make a jack o lantern in Google Slides! The template is already created for you and students can use all of the images to create a digital Jack-O-Lantern. There’s even a writing component to the activity. You can alter the master anyway you would like, and then use Google Classroom to push it out to students. You could go one step further and have each student make a Jack-O-Lantern that reflects his or her personality, submit it to you and you could put them all in a master slide deck and have kids try to guess who’s is who’s.

👻 PBS Collection of Halloween videos and lessons

PBS kids has a great collection of math and science themed Halloween activities! Click here to visit!

🐱 Halloween Breakouts

Breakouts can be fun (and can also be a bit confusing)!  Basically, you have to figure out how to solve a problem with minimal clues. A Breakout requires a lot of critical thinking.  Below are two links for various breakouts. This would be great to just push out to the kids and see if they can figure it out!

💀 Halloween Mad Libs

This is a really cool template by Joli Boucher.  Check it out by clicking here and if you want to use it, click the blue button “Use Template.”