Douglas PC

A+ Computer Certified Technician

Professional Computer & Electronics Technology Helper

As a lifelong computer technician, I have been helping people with computers, and technology as a services since the early days of computers and with a wide foundation of knowledge with experiences from working with several types of users and systems we would love to help you find a solution.  We enjoy helping people technology, and with our monthly program with included Antivirus and Remote Assistance you can get more use and less frustrations from your computers and technology.  Try our easy services with any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.homerepair.jpg

Technical Support


We are able to connect through the internet to solve most problems quickly, and can travel to your location to help onsite as if needed.  We are centrally located in Florida, and are able help you now or can manage your technical needs for a monthly fee.  Some of the areas we support are computers, networks, and system repairs, electronics help, and technology consulting for businesses or residential.  With remote internet connect we can help most devices anywhere, and if onsite support is needed we can have our technicians dispatched to anywhere worldwide.  We can offer same day service and instant results for most of your technical concerns.