What are Digital Breakouts? 

Digital breakouts are like escape rooms. Your players need to find clues, solve a series of problems, or play games to gather the clues necessary to unlock digital locks and “Breakout” of the game.

Step One: Write your story

Want to engage your players? Start with a catchy story. Your story should entice them to play and work to finish your game. Possible story ideas:

  • Are you trapped somewhere?
  • Has something been hidden?
  • Is there a mystery item on the menu at lunch?
  • The principal needs your help!

Create Your Own Breakout!

Step Two: Gather/create your clues

Your clues can be visual, based on a riddle, a problem with a definite solution, or the answer/solution to a game.

Step Three: Create your locks

There are different types of locks you can use in a breakout.

  • letter
  • number
  • word
  • color
  • directional
  • phrase

Examples of Breakouts 

Step Four: Create your Google Form

This is where your breakout happens! You will need to decide if you want your breakout to live in a Google Form or if you want the Form to be embedded in a website. If your breakout lives in your Form, you will include your clues as part of the questions. If you put your breakout on a website, then your Form will only house the locks.

Step Five: Build your breakout in Google Sites

If you want your breakout in a Google site, you can create one right from your Drive.

Created by Melanie Zolnier - www.edtechawesomeness.com