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Second Grade Newsletter No 24

February 12-16, 2018

Mrs. Owens | (916) 331-7377 ext. 323

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Dear Parents,

Open Enrollment has begun for 2018-19 School Year

The Diorama Book Report Projects the children brought in look amazing!  We will be enjoying their presentations in class!  They will be displayed during “Open House” for all to see!  Thank you, parents, for helping your child with ideas and suggestions for their project!  

Congratulations to Kaleb Heckman for earning the Chapel Award!  Awesome job, Kaleb!

The children enjoyed their pizza hot lunch this past Friday.

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Horn who sent in rice krispy treats shaped like a star to celebrate Neriah’s birthday!  Thank you to Miss Angelina who made them with Neriah.  The children loved eating their special treat!  Happy Birthday, Neriah!

Due to the short week, the Bible verse quiz, the Bible test, and the Spelling test will be on Thursday.  There is no spelling pretest this week.  The reading homework will only have Monday and Tuesday of reading and it will be due on Thursday.  The reading homework slip and book in the Ziploc bag may be turned in earlier.

The Jog-A-Thon will be this Wednesday, February 14.  Jog-A-Thon volunteers are needed to help count laps, etc.  They would like our class to have five or six volunteers. We only need you for approx. 45 minutes.  Right now we have two volunteers.  We need at least 3 more volunteers.  Our time will be from 10:30-11:00 am.  Please let me know if you can spare a little time in helping your child’s class.  

Please have your child bring in their Jog-A-Thon pledge sheet this Wednesday.  

Students may wear modest and appropriate running apparel if it will help them jog better.  The children may wear valentine colors (red, white, pink, purple), as well!  The children who do not wear running apparel or valentine colors will need to wear their school uniform.

Our Valentine Party will be this Wednesday, February 14, from 2:00 - 3:00 pm.  Mrs. Keener and Mrs. Amiwero will be doing an “Ice Cream Sundae Bar” where the children can add various toppings to their ice cream.  I sent home a class list of the students’ names so the children can write their valentines.  Please remind your child to make a valentine for every child in the class so no one feels left out and to sign their name so their classmates will know who gave them their valentines.  Thank you!

We have begun talking about the “Incredible Edibles” project your child will begin.  Please have your child start thinking of what they would like to do for their project.  A letter with the information will go home this week.  The children will have 1 month to prepare for it.  The idea for the project will need to be approved by the teacher.  We have been showing past pictures of what the projects can look like.  The project will be due on Tuesday, March 13, for Open House for all to see!

The A.C.S.I. Spelling Bee will be on Monday, February 26.  Our in-house 1st and 2nd place winners are Neriah Horn and Ashley Keener.  The alternate who came in 3rd place is Luca Mehler.  The children chosen will represent our class and Trinity!  Parents of these three children, please continue to practice with your child.  It is very important.  Mrs. Horn sent a permission slip and information home with your child.  Please return it by Monday, February 12..  


Mrs. Owens

Calendar of Events

February              14      Valentine’s Day

                            14      Jog-A-Thon

                            16      Teacher In-Service (No School - Daycare Available)

                            19      President’s Day (No School or Daycare)

                            21      Qtr 3 Progress Reports

                            26      ACSI Spelling Bee Event (Grades 1-4)

                            27      Spring Picture Day (Free Dress)

                            28      Buddy Barrels for Missions Week (Bring barrel to the International Luncheon.)

March                 5-9      Missions Week

                              7      International Luncheon (Bring a food dish from your heritage to share.)

                            11      Daylight Savings Time Starts

                            13      Open House - Early Dismissal @ 12:00 pm. (Daycare Available)


Homework and Assignments

Classwork:  Any classwork that is not finished in class will be sent home to be completed and turned in the next day.

Math: Lessons 89-91

Daily Math Homework: Memorize and practice addition and subtraction math facts (accuracy and speed) for timed speed drills with a parent.  The timed speed drills are 4 minutes for 50 subtraction facts.

“Incredible Edibles” project due on Tuesday morning, March 13 for “Open House.”

 **Neatness counts in all schoolwork and homework!  Please encourage your child to do their very best work in both areas!  Please check your child’s homework folder every day for any papers and notes that may go home. Thank you for your support!


Bible – Memorize I John 4:8 for Thursday.  Bible test 22 (pp. 89-91) is on Thursday.

Bible book and student planner are due on Thursday.

Spelling – Lesson 21.  Write entire spelling and vocabulary words with definitions two times and turn in the next day.  

Reading - Read assigned pages and have a parent sign the slip.  The Reading book and the slip are due by Thursday in the Ziplock bag for a grade.  It can be turned in earlier when you finish.

Math - Practice addition and subtraction facts for accuracy and speed with a parent!


Bible – Memorize verse by Thursday.  

Spelling – Study for final test on Thursday.

Reading - Read assigned pages and have a parent sign the slip. The Reading book and the slip are due by Thursday in the Ziplock bag for a grade.

Math - Do lesson 89, have your child correct any errors, and return it the next day.

Practice addition and subtraction facts for accuracy and speed with a parent!


Bible – Memorize verse by Thursday.  Study for Bible test on Thursday.

Spelling – Study for final test on Thursday.

Math - Practice addition and subtraction facts for accuracy and speed with a parent!

Thursday - Bring your recorder!

Music: Testing “Merrily We Roll Along”          

Students are also preparing for the Easter Concert.