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Walkthrough for Hypnosis
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Walkthrough for Hypnosis v1.2

Hey! Thanks for downloading and playing Hypnosis.

The game is designed with several branching paths giving multiple endings.

The five main girls each have their own personalities and this applies to their reactions.

Leah – values honesty. Tell her the truth. She’ll dig it. This will be your best plan long term. Careful going too far too fast with her or you might get kicked out of the house.

Ashley – more naive than she lets on. At the end of the day she just wants to cuddle. I recommend planning your choices around making her feel comfortable.

Laura – expects everyone to be just as self serving as she is. She also thinks she is smarter than she is. She often responds best towards you acting like an asshole to her. She doesn’t know what she wants and she would rather you tell her.

Grace – acts like a badass but is really just protecting herself. She’s had guys shit on her in the past and she is hesitant to let anyone in. She will keep you at arms length unless you push your way in. She is the most likely and first to have casual hookups, but if you want more you’ll have to work for it.

Jenn – the most damaged of the girls. The other girls bully her, and it’s up to you if you would rather take advantage of her fragile state by making her more submissive or if you want to build her up and try to fix her.

I recommend playing the game first without the walkthrough in order to carve your own path. Then, come back and check out the walkthrough to see what other paths you have to explore.

This will focus on two things: the options that matter and the different paths you can take.

Every option offers different dialogue and often can change the scenes you see, but this walkthrough will focus on the choices that matter long term.

Currently the game will automatically set you on the path with the five main girls. Each of them asks you to hypnotize them and will be happy for you to start dating them.

The secondary girls will not get with you by default. You have the chance to hook up with Brittany, Rachel and Haley as of Episode 7. If you do, you win them over for future episodes.

The game was originally designed to make the five main girls crucial to the story, but some people asked to make them optional, so I attempted to go back and do that.

Because this was an afterthought, there will be the occasional inconsistency in scenes and dialogue if you avoid dating any of the five main girls. I have spent several weeks going back to split up the different paths, but I’m sure there are still inconsistencies.

As of now, you can choose whether or not to date Jenn, Laura, Grace and each of the side girls. Leah and Ashley are not optional, as they are too linked with the main plot.

There is no advantage to turning down any of the girls in the story (besides delaying things with Leah does make things better between you, her and Ashley as outlined). I would recommend giving each girl a chance, as you will generally still have the option to turn them down later.

Either way, each girl will have her own ending (including the side girls), so to end up with one there is no need to attempt to play the game with any girl exclusively.

Path One: The Boyfriend

This path will keep everyone happy with you as much as possible. You will be nice to Jenn, Grace will call you her boyfriend, Laura will want to get more romantic with you and you will date Ashley respectfully so that you don’t piss her and Leah off by dating them both at the same time

Path Two: The Badass

In this path you will be mean to Jenn to put her on the submissive route, Grace will call you her enemy, Laura will want you for a fuck buddy, and you will date Ashley and Leah simultaneously.

This path is, in my opinion, more fun.

Both paths will offer different endings and both will set you up with all the available girls by default. You can still mix and match if you’d rather.

Green – Boyfriend

Red – Badass

Purple – recommended choice

Blue – skips scene

Gold – an ending

If the choice only changes dialogue and the scene slightly, you won’t see it here and I will leave it up to you.

Episode One

Being mean to Jenn

1. Do what the girls told you to

        This will put you on good terms with Laura. Grace will call you her boyfriend.

        You offend Jenn but she will be open to having a submissive relationship with you.

2. Don’t be a dick

        Laura won’t allow you into her bitchy club. Grace will call you her enemy.

        You don’t offend Jenn and she will want a more love based relationship

3. Tell a joke

        Same as choice #1. Except now you told a joke.

Phone call with Jenn

If you chose to be nice to Jenn, your options will be:

1. Sure. (Jenn girlfriend route)

2. No. Sounds like drama. (Jenn submissive route)

If you chose to be mean to Jenn:

1. Apologize (Jenn girlfriend route)

1. Talk her out of it (Jenn submissive route)

Leah: Well what do you think? Am I big enough?

1. Absolutely.

        Later in the game, Leah will be less enthusiastic to keep growing..

2. I mean…

Later in the game, Leah will want to keep going bigger.

Grace: Fuck yeah! Okay how do we do this?

1. Blow me in the bathroom

        1. Convince her

                1. Unzip your pants

Your first BJ! Congrats.

2. You’re lucky I’m a nice guy

        Let her off easy

Leah: Mind if I lay down in your bed for a bit?

1. Join me.

        1. Kiss her

                1. The pleasure was all mine

        Your first kiss with Leah. You begin dating Ashley and Leah at the same time.

You date earlier, but this gets in you some heat with them in Episode 3.

2. No, not a good idea.

        Skips the kiss and puts you on the safe (boyfriend) route with Leah and Ashley.

        If you don’t kiss Leah here your relationship with her still begins later thanks to Ashley.

Episode Two

Cory: What do you think?

1. Sure, man. Game on.

Gets you permission from Cory to go after Leah. You technically give him the go ahead to go after Ashley, but fear not. He won’t get anywhere.

2. Sorry, man. I really like the girl.

This choice will make things more difficult. Especially a threesome with Ashley and Leah. But hey, if you don’t want to share, no one will blame you.

Leah: Do you want to fuck my friend?

1. Yes, but that’s not the point.

        Honesty is good with Leah.

2. No, but that’s not the point.

Badass route: Leah: What am I supposed to say?

1. That’s exactly what you should say!

2. Boyfriend?

3. Boyfriend? Don’t say that around Grace!

Early ending. In this one you got kicked out of the house but still end up with Leah. And you knock her up, so there’s that.

Episode Three

Badass route: I could stall. But how do I do that?

1. Take out Leah

        2. Shit man. I can’t make it. Looks like you’re on your own.

Takes Leah out on a date.

2. Take out Ashley

You go on a double date with both girls. This will cause drama initially but end up bringing all three of you closer.

Either way, you will have another chance to take both girls out individually later.

3. Stall

        Same result as Option 2

Leah: Nope. So who are you taking out?

1. Lie

        Better short term

2. Truth

        Better long term

Laura: You in?

1. Tell your Daddy thanks for me.

        Laura will have a good time and want you as her boyfriend.

2. Not tonight. It's my treat.

        Laura will decide you are better as fuck buddies.

Episode Four

On the Boyfriend path you will take out Ashley on a date Sunday night and go over to hang out with Jenn on Monday. The choices will lead you to hook up with both girls automatically.

On the Badass path you will take out Leah on a date on Sunday night if you haven’t already. You will still hook up with Jenn on Monday, but you will get further with her if you push her for sex.

Badass path: On the phone with Ashley after date with Jenn

1. I can’t do that.

        Pass the girl’s stupid test.

2. Not a problem.

        Bad ending.

The girls make fun of you for having too big of a dick and hypnotize you again to try to make you small enough for them.

Episode Five

Boob size

1. Are you sure you want to stop?

        Totally up to you and your preference on how big you like ‘em.

        If you aren’t sure, the girls will ask you a few times here.

2. I think we should stop while we’re ahead.

Badass Path: Date with Ashley

1. Explain

        This option will only be available if you didn’t take out Leah for a date on Friday night.

2. Let it go

        You can still go down on Ashley but she won’t let you fuck her.

Cory: Well now we have to try it out. (If you already fucked Ashley)

1. Actually… I’m going to go check on the girls.

2. I’m in.

        It’s not real Mario Kart! Don’t do it!

  If you didn’t fuck Ashley on your date (Badass Path):

1. Should we check on her? (Encourage threesome)

2. She’ll be fine. (Fuck Ashley)

        If you are colorblind, I’m sorry.

Either way, I recommend talking to Leah until Ashley confesses to her that Ashley is in love with her.

If you do, Ashley will ask you to hypnotize Leah to be bisexual. If you don’t, Ashley will ask you to command her to not be in love with Leah any more.

You will be able to date both girls after this either way, but if you follow this step they will also hook up with each other.

Episode Six

Who do I choose?

  1. Grace

Either way you will end up at Laura’s house and have a chance to get with both girls. Choosing Grace ends up giving you a BJ from Laura in the kitchen.

  1. Laura

Choosing Laura gives you a chance to get to know Grace better and she lets you kiss her.

Laura: If Grace ever gave you a BJ, she would basically own you.

  1. She already has.

Admitting you received a BJ from Grace lets Laura feel less judged and she will agree to having a threesome with you if you don’t try to fuck one of the girls by themselves first.

  1. Why’s that?

Still gives you the option to hook up with each girl individually.

Laura: Fine. Dare. But only if it doesn’t involve me doing anything sexual with Grace!

  1. Take off your top!

This path leads to hooking up with both girls in the hot tub

  1. Let me fuck you right here

You go upstairs with Laura

  1. Watch me fuck Grace with here.

You fuck Grace in the hot tub but Laura goes upstairs

Either way you can still fuck both girls.

Episode Seven

If you want to get with every girl available in this episode without spoilers, pick the second choice in each option.


Jenn: Hey! Don’t forget about the party tonight!

  1. Go to the party early

Only do this if you want to avoid Laura’s sister Brittany

  1. Head out to the bars

Recommended choice.

Brittany: I have never seen a dick as big as yours.

  1. You should see Cory’s

Skips scene with Brittany

  1. Want to try it?

2. I can’t make it

Hook up with Brittany in the bathroom. If you cum inside her, she will become addicted to you in later episodes.

After party with Brittany and Shelby

  1. Go back with the girls
  2. Go to Jenn’s party

2. Leave for the party

2. Go to the party anyway

Jenn’s party has the majority of the content for this episode.

Rachel: Oh shit. How much did they hear?

  1. Go check on Jenn and Haley
  2. Stay with everyone

2. Watch Friends

This helps win over Rachel

Jenn: So who do you choose?

  1. Haley

If you kiss Haley, she will let you fuck her later.

Note: This question is only available if you went to the bar before going to the party.

  1. Rachel

If you choose Rachel, she will let you fuck her.

Jenn finds out, and if you are on the boyfriend path with her she will break things off with you. If you are on the submissive path she will be okay with it.

You can also choose to only kiss Rachel (and she will still let you fuck her later)

  1. Valerie
  2. No one

Rachel: They were saying it’s because you hypnotized them but that is bullshit. Right?

  1. Tell her it is from blowjobs
  2. Admit it

2. Agree with her

If you haven’t won over Rachel yet, here is another chance.

  1. Ignore her and enjoy your food

After Jenn leaves the kitchen

  1. Go find Rachel
  2. Stay with Haley

2. Sex

Telling Haley you are only interested in Jenn for the sex will make Haley not feel guilty about hooking up with you herself.

  1. Follow Jenn

After your conversation with Haley

  1. Go upstairs to find Jenn
  2. Check on Rachel

This gives you the chance to hook up with Rachel outside on the lawn chair provided you won her over.

Rachel: You have that rum on you?

  1. Offer her some
  2. Tell her no

If you give her more rum, she will throw up before you finish.

Surprise sex with Haley

  1. Wait
  2. Push forward

This is when you hook up with Haley

Sex scenes available in Episode Seven:

Leah, Ashley, Brittany, Jenn, Rachel and Haley

Episode Eight

Laura: Come on (when you first get to Laura’s house).

  1. Follow Laura

1. Ask her to make you bigger

  1. Ask her to hypnotize you

Laura’s first ending.

It has a decent amount of content, especially if you hooked up with (and came inside) Brittany in Episode 7.

  1. Stay with Brittany

Continues main story

Grace: I’m big enough. Don’t you think?

  1. Agree

Choose this option if you would rather the girl’s boobs stay close to their current size

  1. Disagree

Choose this if you would rather see them keep growing

Laura: Fine. Let’s go. (End of Episode Eight)

  1. Only hypnotize Grace

Boyfriend path. This option will continue the main character’s “Aww, shucks!” mentality towards hypnotizing the girls where he only plans on using it to help those around him.

  1. Also hypnotize Laura and control both of them

Badass path. The main character decides to start using hypnosis to control the girls to his will.

Save here.

This choice will play a big part with the multiple endings.

Episode 8 ends with someone stealing the watch as part of the story across every path.

Sex scenes available in Episode Eight:

Except Daphne.
Oh, and Ashley’s mom.
And that girl Cory is banging.

Episode Nine

Laura: Put me in my place?

  1. Fuck no.

Laura thinks you don’t like her anymore

  1. Bend over.

Laura think you still like her, at least sexually

Daphne: Do you think you’re up for the challenge? Just for fun.

  1. Yes

Incorporates Daphne romantically into future episodes

  1. No

Ends anything romantic with Daphne

Is this what I think it is?

  1. Kiss her

Continues Daphne path

  1. Play it safe

Ends Daphne path

Sex scenes available in Episode Nine:

Threesome with Laura and Grace (only available if you convinced them to both hook up with you in Episode 6, otherwise you still hook up with them one at a time), hookup with Brittany in the backyard after.

At this point, you will have had the option to hook up with Haley, Brittany, Rachel and (make out with) Daphne in addition to the main 5.

If you are missing any of them, check out the guide for Episode 7.

Episode Ten

Unlike previous episodes, this one has six different possible paths.
Five of them will continue the main storyline.
Each path offers a different way to handle the situation.
This walkthrough will guide you on the longest path with the most content for Episode Eleven.
Below is a rundown of each path.

Who do I call next?

  1. Call Laura gives you the option to go visit Laura first.

    If you ask her to be your girlfriend you will begin the
    Laura/Grace Cruise Ending.
    If you are interested in it, I recommend playing this ending first before continuing Episode Ten.
    Find the walkthrough at the end of this document.
  2. Call Grace begins the larger storyline.

Brittany: I can be there in twenty.

  1. Meet up with Brittany

Continue your investigation.

  1. Avoid Brittany

This option sets you up for the most content for Episode Eleven.

(Continue this path in Episode Eleven Walkthrough)

Brittany: I saved it. Here.

  1. Watch the video

Verify who has the watch, but at a cost.

  1. Decline

        This option allows you to bypass being hypnotized by the video, but skips about half the content for Episode 11, including possible scenes with Grace, Daphne, Laura, Brittany, Rachel and others.

Grace: Either way, we need to get the watch back.

  1. Confront Laura

This option leads to a different shorter ending, but still gives you the majority of content for Episode 11.

  1. Avoid her

Choose this option if you want to confront Laura by yourself.

Potential paths:

  1. st path, go to Laura’s house and ask her to be your girlfriend for the Laura Cruise Ending
  2. nd path, go to Laura’s house. (Shortest path)
  3. rd path, Call Grace without going to Laura’s house and then avoid Brittany.
  4. th path, meet up with Brittany and confront Laura.
  5. th path, avoid Laura instead of confronting her. (Longest path for Ep 11, short for Ep 12)
  6. th path, don’t watch Brittany’s video and avoid Laura’s influence.

Bartender: When you hypnotize the bartender to let the girls drink without IDs (in either of the last two paths), if you chose the Badass/evil path at the end of Episode 8 with the choice Also hypnotize Laura and control both of them, you will tell the bartender to give you the drinks free and to go out with you on a date sometime.

You will still have the option to ask out the bartender in Episode 12 on the badass/evil path.

Sex scenes available in Episode Ten:

Laura if you go to her house first
Jenn when you interview her friends, Rachel soon after
Brittany in the bathroom

Episode Eleven

The first half will differ greatly depending on which path you took for Episode 10.
After events are resolved in the first half, the second half becomes more linear.

First Path:

This path continues the recommended path from Episode 10, offering the most content.
Paths 2-4 in Episode 10 merge into this one, with some variations.

Laura: Now, how do you feel about me?

  1. I love you

Choose this option to have a more civilized confrontation

  1. I’m not sure

The neutral option - gives you the most options with the other girls

  1. I hate you

This option allows you to confront Laura physically, if you really hate her.

Daphne: Who are you going to call first?

  1. Call Rachel

Rachel will come for you if you are hooking up with her.
Otherwise she will avoid the situation because she is afraid of Laura.

Choose this if you want to hook up with Rachel.

  1. Call Brittany

Brittany will try to help you if you are hooking up and have her addicted.
Otherwise she chooses family loyalty.

This choice is recommended to catch the most content.

Otherwise, if you would rather escape as soon as possible, choose Cory or Rachel.

  1. Call Cory

Cory will come if you are bros and if you brought him to Laura’s house, otherwise he won’t know how to get there and is unfamiliar with the floorplan of the house and will be unable to help you.

Daphne: Hurry up before I lose my nerve.

  1. Warm her up

It’s her first time. Be a gentleman!
To get to this point, you simply need to have not turned down Daphne at any point.

  1. Skip right to it

This is probably an unneeded explanation, right?
If not… come on, guys. Don’t skip the foreplay! Thank me later.

After sex scene with Grace:

  1. Cum on both girls
  2. Fuck Laura’s face

Available on evil route (choice at end of Episode 10) or if you told Laura you hate her:

  1. Pull out
  2. Keep choking her

Fancy suffocating Laura with your dick? This option is for you!
If you choose this, you will leave without hypnotizing Laura.

This is the recommended choice for the badass/evil path because you also have the option to be an asshole to Ashley and Leah.

If you don’t choke out Laura or get rescued by Rachel, at this point Cory will come to help if you called him to rescue you. He will take your choice on whether or not to use violence literally.

If you chose Brittany, she will come for you the next day.

If you refuse Brittany’s help (or she isn’t your cumslut), three days will pass and someone else will attempt to rescue you. If you refuse to be rescued, this puts you on the Cruise Ending.

From here, skip ahead to the second half.

Second Path:

This continues the fifth path of Episode 10 where you looked at Brittany’s video and ended up at Laura’s house alone.
If you avoided looking at Brittany’s video, skip to the second half

Laura: Do you have feelings for me?

  1. Yes

Allows for a more civilized confrontation

  1. I don’t know

Gives the option to invite over Grace and Daphne to add some fun to your kidnapping
(See option three in the first path)

  1. No

This option lets you hate fuck Laura.

Sex with Laura:

  1. Make love to her

In this option you will continue on until the next day. Brittany will offer to help you if she is your cumslut. If not, Leah will come to your rescue.

  1. Hate fuck her

This option will be available if you are on the badass path (choice at the end of Episode 10) or if you told her that you didn’t have feelings for her.

If you confront her, you will hypnotize her to not use the watch again.

Otherwise if you try to leave, Cory will be there to help you with your escape, assuming he is your bro and you brought him to Laura’s house so he knows where she lives and the floorplan.

If Cory doesn’t come, Laura will make you come back to her in the bathroom, but you will have the option to hypnotize her and leave.

Whether you hypnotize her or not, we still haven’t seen the last of her.

Dating her in the future, however, will be entirely optional.

Second half of the episode

This path continues the 5th path from Episode 10

Hypnotizing Leah and Ashley:

  1. Go along with Ashley’s plan
  2. Take advantage of the situation

This choice is only available if you got out of Laura’s grasp on the first night and if you are on the evil path. It will affect future episodes by making both girls unconsciously desire to please you (you know, more than they already do).

Ashley: It’s fine, I can hear her snoring. You coming?

  1. Fuck Ashley

Necessary to seduce Beth in future episodes.

  1. Honor Beth’s wishes

Sex scenes available in Episode 11:

Laura, Grace, Daphne and possibly Rachel on the first path
Laura on the second path
Leah and Ashley in the second half

Episode Twelve

This episode allows you to begin dating Haley, Brittany and Rachel if you weren’t already.


Ashley: What are you going to do?

  1. Take the watch

Allows you to hypnotize Brittany and Hottie Bartender.

  1. Leave it

Bartender: Keep in mind, you got a hot girl out back waiting for you.

  1. Use the watch

This option is only available on the badass path and if you didn’t hypnotize the bartender already. It sets you up on a date with her for the next episode.

  1. Go fuck Brittany

This option gives you some dirty back alley sex and clears your schedule to be able to go on a date with Tiffany, the neighbor at the apartment you will meet later instead.

Leah: Wanna fuck me in your bed one last time?

  1. Yes

Leah rides you, but her mom walks in on you.

  1. No

Titty fuck her in that sports bra. You avoid being caught.

Beth: Come here.

  1. Obey her

Necessary to start Beth storyline. Only available if you fucked Ashley the night after escaping Laura’s house and Beth walked in on you.

  1. Walk past her

Sex scenes available in Episode 12:

Jenn, Haley, Leah, Brittany, Ashley, handjob from Beth.

Episode Thirteen

Part One

This episode allows you to begin dating Rachel (if you weren’t already) and either Hottie Bartender or Tiffany.

Grace: How are you going to use your power?

  1. I’m going to start using the watch selfishly

Sets things up for the badass path.

  1. I’m going to use the watch for good

Sets up future events for the boyfriend/good path.

  1. I’m done with the watch

Focuses on solving problems without needing the watch. Similar to boyfriend path.

Who should I make plans with?

You can go on a date with Rachel and still have enough time to meet up with Hottie Bartender or Tiffany.

On the boyfriend path, you meet your neighbor Tiffany at the apartment while on a date with Haley after talking on the phone with Rachel. This happens back in Episode 12.

If you are on the phone with Hottie Bartender, Tiffany walks by and you are never introduced. The only way to date Hottie Bartender is to hypnotize her on the badass path. If you don’t hypnotize her, you still have the chance to meet Tiffany back in Episode 12.

Beth: Would you mind filling this up for me?

  1. Accept
  2. Decline

Best to decline. This way she will become more desperate and sets up things nicely for the next update. Accepting delays everything with Beth and possibly ends them. Turn her down again when she asks Ashley to convince you.

Also, if she didn’t jerk you off in Episode 12, she will offer to give you a BJ here.

Ashley: If you fucked her, I’d kill you.

  1. Tell her

Honesty for the win! Plus you get angry sex later.

  1. Don’t tell her

Rachel: Want to come spend the night?

  1. Stay with Rachel

Offers a nice scene where you get to know Rachel better, but comes at the expense of going on a date with Hottie Bartender or Tiffany.

  1. Leave

Offers the chance to meet up with Hottie Bartender or Tiffany.

On date with Hottie Bartender:

How well the date goes is based on Hottie Bartender trusting the judgment of her friend, the Girl in Green. Being nice to her is how to get Hottie Bartender’s name which gives you the chance to continue the date.

You will have two chances to be nice to her.
First, you can play it off. Second, you can pay her $20 and choose “laugh it off”.

On date with Tiffany:

Tiffany: I appreciate you coming over. But I should probably go pump now.

  1. Leave
  2. Tell her you want to stay

Tiffany: You can wait out here and watch TV or something.

  1. Sounds good

Choose this option to skip right to Tiffany in a see thru top.

  1. Actually...

Choose this option if you happen to find lactation attractive.

Sex scenes available in Episode 13 Part One:

Grace in her house
Beth BJ (only available if it didn’t already happen in Episode 12)
Rachel at the park and at her house
Hottie Bartender at your apartment
Tiffany at her place

Part Two

Big Titty Goth Girl: I bet.

  1. Invite her to check out the apartment sometime

Sets up the option for future scenes

  1. Leave

Choose this if you aren’t into her

Beth: You are still sleeping with other girls, aren’t you?

  1. Yes.

Telling her yes makes her feel less worried about coming between you and Ashley.

  1. No.

Still gives you a shot with her, but she won’t have sex with you. Unless, you know, you do the ol’ hypnotize your girlfriend’s mom cliche.

Beth: I’m asking if you’re attracted to me.

  1. I’m attracted to you

Even if you weren’t on Beth’s path, this will put you on it.

  1. I’m not attracted to you

You don’t neg a woman like Beth.

If you decide not to go meet up with Brittany, you have the opportunity to creep on Beth. If you ask if she needs help she takes this surprisingly well, probably because you just chatted about how attracted you are to each other.

Depending on how you did on the above actions, she will either offer to blow you or let you have sex with her. Either way, she tells you that she won’t have sex with you again unless you get Ashley’s permission.

Ashley: So, let’s make you less addictive!

  1. Lower my addiction level

Probably the safer choice

  1. Keep turning everyone I know into a crackhead

Party on, Wayne! Not recommended, but you do you.

Other things to mention: If you never recovered the watch from Laura, this will be where the Tig Ol Bitty ending will take place. It will be available in the next update.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go all the way back to Episode 11 to reach it, I’ll link to it in the next update.

Sex scenes available in Part Two:
Rachel in her shower in the morning if you spent the night with her
Phone sex with Daphne (does that count?)
Brittany at a real estate showing
Beth with sex or BJ in her room or the bathroom
Ashley at the locker room

Episode Fourteen

You: If I were to break bad, this would be that moment.

Definitely save here.

This will probably be the biggest choice of the game.

  1. Listen to your heart

Choose the girl’s happiness

  1. Listen to your dick

Choose your own happiness.

To get with Beth, all you should really need to do is go to her room after you send Ashley to bed,

Sex scenes available in Episode 14 so far:
Grace, Haley, or Grace in the locker room
Ashley in her living room
Beth in her room

Laura/Grace Cruise Ending

The two main paths are determined by whether or not you hooked up with both Grace and Laura in Episode Six.

If you have hints on, once you complete the ending you will be asked if you want to play it again with the other path, whether you played with the Grace/Laura threesome path or not.

The threesome path allows for the Kassie content.

The other paths include:

Hooking up with Grace in the lifeboat causes you to lose Laura’s trust when she finds out and she refuses to take you to her graduation party. But if you do hook up with Grace she will decide she loves you.

Hooking up with Grace at the end gives more sex scenes, but it wears you out and you will not be able to perform in the next scene with Haley..

As usual, being able to hook up with all the girls is dependent on hooking up with them previously.

Sex scenes available:
Grace constantly
Laura constantly
Kassie (kind of) on threesome path
Leah when you get back
Brittany when you get back
Haley at the end

Broken Watch Branch

Originally started as a quick ending, this branch has now spanned 4 updates and has become a significant part of the game.

It’s not easy to find this branch without looking for it, so you can find a link to it at the end of the main branch after the credits..

The original point of this branch was to answer the question, “what would happen to the girls if they were unable to stop growing?”

Sure, it’s something the Main Character could do even if he had the watch, but I wanted to give the option to the players who wouldn’t want to be the ones responsible. So, this ending solves that by destroying the watch before the MC can stop the girls from growing.

It takes place in the timeline where Laura steals back the watch and the MC never recovers it. The girls reach the point where they all have bigger breasts than they ever wanted, so the MC tries to find other ways of stopping them.

Once the watch is broken, the girls start to find other ways of slowing down. The simplest is with diet and exercise. Their growth is based on the fact that all of their excess weight goes directly to their breasts (and, in some cases, their asses), so all they need to do is adopt good habits, despite their constant hunger.

This branch evolved to have three different endings.

The first is when you do nothing, allowing the girls to diet and exercise and get things back in control.

The second is when you have help from one of the girls to convince them to keep eating and growing bigger.

The third ending is when you get help from two girls to convince everyone to keep growing larger.

If you aren’t a huge titty lover, the first ending will probably be more than enough for you. Still, there is enough content where I imagine playing this branch would still be worth it for you.

To find the second and third endings, push the girls a bit and do your best to make them feel supported. But don’t push them too hard. Let Haley do that for you.

This guide assumes you want the girls to get bigger.

If not, feel free to disregard the pink.

You: Alright. Which direction to go?

  1. Chicken sausage
  2. Bacon

Always bacon. That’s what Grace really wants.

Haley: Not just big. Huge.

  1. Admit it

You’re going to need Haley on your side to pull this off. She’s surprisingly devious.

  1. Deny it

Ashley: What about you?

  1. Burgers

Burgers are too far. The girls start to suspect that you are up to something.

  1. Tacos

Tacos or taco salad are less suspicious.

  1. Taco salad

Don’t worry, Haley will still bring the calories.

Ashley: Are you going to be loyal to your girls sitting right here?

  1. Of course

You don’t really have a choice here. For this ending, the girls are worried about who will take care of them and will require you to commit to them so they know they can rely on you.

  1. I can’t promise that

Hooking up with any girls outside of your main 5 in this ending can result in missing the harem ending, as they will be pissed off to find you hooking up with other girls.

That being said…

You can hook up with Tiffany and Beth, but doing so will knock them up and the other girls will break things off with you.

You can hook up with Lydia (the girl at the front desk) by letting her blow you, but if you fuck her you will get caught. She won’t want to be with you, but you’ll have the option to run off with Brittany.

Hooking up with Brittany on the side is fine because she is removed enough from the main group and knows how to be subtle.

Hooking up with Laura is required for the third ending. Don’t worry, without the watch she behaves herself and becomes an ally.

Grace: I used to go insane after a few hours away from you but it’s been four days and I’ve been fine.

  1. Tell her about Laura’s command

Next, she will ask you if you hooked up with her. If you did, tell her the truth and she will have your back in the future, advocating for the group to give Laura the chance to be allowed back into the group. This gives the option for the third ending.

  1. Keep it to yourself

Grace: I think we should give Laura a chance.
Leah: What do you think?

  1. We should abandon her
  2. We should include her

Again, this option is to reach ending number 3, the huge ending. You will see this option during the graduation scene assuming you hooked up with Laura (and continued to) and told Grace about it.

Laura: So, how big are we going?
Haley: As big as possible.
Laura: That’s what you want?

  1. Yes

This option splits up the second and third paths. Save here to play both endings for the next update.

  1. No

Laura: Like a Buy Me A Donut Account!
Leah: Yeah, I don’t know about that…

  1. Dismiss the idea - Second Epilogue
  2. Encourage it - Third Epilogue

This splits the two endings. Both have a decent amount of content.

Rachel: I need your cum really, really bad.

  1. Let her continue
  2. Stop her

Haley: Is this what you want?

  1. Yes

Turning down Rachel’s BJ wakes up Haley and encourages competition between them, ending with a threesome that brings Rachel and Haley together.

  1. No

Sex scenes available:

That’s it for the Broken Watch Branch!

If you missed the third epilogue, I left the option at the end of the second epilogue when you choose not to free the nips to be taken to play it with the right variables.

Upcoming on future episode themes and what to expect in the future:

We will start to see the multiple endings. So far I plan on roughly 20 different conclusions.

The main story will be the harem path and I plan for that to continue for several more episodes, with the individual paths branching off each episode starting in Episode 9.

Individual paths will become a major focus, as well as these group paths:

Kinks that have been hinted at but will make a bigger appearance will be:

Note on pregnancy:

        This will be optional with the exception of the girl that snuck into your room and had sex with you without asking, being as how this is part of the main storyline. But even with her you will have the option to avoid her once she becomes pregnant.

        To avoid pregnancy with the girls, simply tell them you don’t want them to get pregnant and they won’t, regardless of how many times you cum inside them. This works because… hypnosis?

Thanks for playing!

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