Illinois High School Esports Association Fortnite Rules

Dalton McGhiey & Andy Mendez

January 9, 2019 (Revised March 2nd, 2020)

Article I: Fortnite Battle Royale Code of Conduct[1]

  1. Respect other players. Be graceful in victory and defeat. Discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, spam, and other forms of harassment or illegal behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Play fairly and within the rules of the game. Don’t cheat, AFK, grief, exploit bugs or glitches, team up in groups larger than the game mode allows (e.g. in solo matches do not work with other players, respectfully eliminate them instead) or impersonate others.
  3. Keep account information safe and private. Giving access to your account puts you at risk. Do not share your account information or the account information of others.

Article II: League Regulations

  1. Coaching Requirements
  1. A school must have a valid Esports coach, team sponsor, or position of similar responsibility to participate in the Illinois High School Esports Association Fortnite League.
  2. This coach, sponsor, or position of similar responsibility is responsible for being the liaison between the league administration and their teams.
  3. This coach, sponsor, or position of similar responsibility is responsible for choosing who shall be on their team and which individuals will play together in duos.
  4. This coach, sponsor, or position of similar responsibility is responsible for collecting team registration fees and giving these to league administration.
  1. Roster Regulations
  1. A school may have one varsity team with up to twelve individuals (six duos) on the team.
  2. All individuals on the team must be high school students throughout the course of the entire preseason, regular season, and playoffs.
  3. All individuals on the team must adhere to the Illinois High School Esports Association’s academic eligibility policy.
  1. The coach, sponsor, or position of similar responsibility must adhere to the minimum Illinois High School Esports Association eligibility requirements, but they may enforce stricter eligibility requirements on their team.
  1. Once roster forms have been submitted, players may not change their epic name throughout the entire season without the expressed written consent of IHSEA staff.
  1. Registration Fees
  1. A team will be charged $10 for each duo they register.
  2. Teams who registered JV duos prior to the season changing to be varsity only will have their $5 duo fee honored and will not be charged $5 more to make up the difference.

Article III: Season Schedule

  1. Preseason
  1. The Fortnite regular season shall be preceded by an optional four week preseason each Tuesday starting the first full week of January (January 7, 2020).
  2. Matches during the preseason shall take place following the same schedule used during the regular season.
  3. The preseason shall be used by players in the league to test out the effectiveness of their duo partners.
  4. Players may keep track of how many points they score in each preseason match, but these will not be documented by the Illinois High School Esports Association staff. These matches are strictly to test out getting as many points as possible using our point system.
  5. Both Varsity and Junior Varsity players are welcome to participate in these preseason matches.
  1. Regular Season
  1. The Fortnite regular season shall begin the first full week of February (February 3, 2020) and last ten weeks.
  2. There shall be one match each week.
  1. One “match” shall be defined as three consecutive games of Fortnite.
  2. Matches shall take place Tuesday each week.
  1. Match Times
  1. The early match will begin at 5:00PM.
  2. The late match will begin at 7:00PM.
  3. Players are able to check which match they play in by looking at the standings and schedule document.
  4. To change which time slot players play in, the players must trade with another duo in the opposing time slot. This trade must occur no later than 5:00PM on the Monday preceding each match. All four players involved must send a direct message to [SPS] Coach McGhiey for this to take effect.
  1. Playoffs
  1. The Fortnite playoff tournament shall take place the Tuesday and Saturday following the conclusion of the regular season (April 14 & 18, 2020).
  1. The round of sixteen shall take place Tuesday (April 14, 2020) of playoff week. This round shall take place remotely.
  2. The quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals shall take place Saturday (April 18, 2020) of playoff week. These rounds shall take place in person.
  3. Note: If necessary due to playoff space constraints, the round of sixteen and quarterfinals may both take place on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020.

Article IV: Playoff Structure

  1. Playoff Qualification
  1. The top sixteen duos in the state will qualify for the state playoffs, according to the season standings.
  2. The playoffs shall follow the figure shown in the appendix of this document.

Article V: Scoring System and Matches

  1. Regular Season
  1. All Illinois High School Esports Association Fortnite League regular season matches shall be arena duos matches.
  2. The Illinois High School Esports Association Fortnite League has a custom code to allow for participants in the league to experience an authentic, professional feel to Fortnite competition. To join a match, players shall get into a duos lobby and click “custom matchmaking” in the bottom right of the screen. They will then input the code provided by league administration.
  1. Codes will be released ten minutes prior to each game beginning and there will be a different code for each of the three games within a match.
  2. A ten minute, five minute, and one minute warning will be given for the match starting.
  3. Players may occasionally disconnect if their internet connection is not reliable or some other issue occurs. Unfortunately, these players must wait for the next game and take a score of zero for that game. To avoid this, ensure your internet connection is secure, consistent, not being used by other devices, and any other necessary precautions are taken to maximize internet performance.
  1. The scoring system shall be the same scoring system used in the 2019 Fortnite Duos World Cup. This scoring system is outlined in the appendix of this document.
  2. To upload scores, each individual must upload a screenshot of their statistics screen at the end of each game to the fnscores channel of the IHSEA Discord.
  1. This picture must be uploaded before the beginning of the next game and within ten minutes of the final game ending.
  2. This picture must clearly show both placement and eliminations.
  3. Example of correct posting format in the fnscores channel:

  1. Example of bad posting format in the fnscores channel:

  1. If a score is not legible, it will not be counted.

  1. Playoffs
  1. Playoff matches will place two opposing duos in a squads game together. These duos will work in pairs in an effort to get more eliminations than the opposing duo in their game.
  2. Playoff matches will be a best-of-three contest. If one team gets more eliminations in each of the first two games than their opponent, the match will be over. If a decisive third game is necessary, it will be played. If the teams get the same number of eliminations in game three, the highest individual game elimination total shall be the tie breaking scenario. If both teams had the same highest individual game elimination total, the total time spent alive throughout the entire match shall be the tie breaking scenario.
  3. During the championship match, there shall be no tiebreaker scenarios. If the two competing duos are tied after three games, they shall play another game to decide the winner. This shall continue for as many subsequent games as is necessary to determine the state champion.

Article VI: Conduct

  1. Players will abide by their school’s codes of conduct at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, matches, practices, team meetings, team functions, streams, and other team activities.
  2. Players behaving in a toxic or inappropriate manner will face tiered punishment based on number of incidents and severity of incident. Punishments will be dispensed in order unless the egregious nature of an action warrants skipping steps. These steps can be found in the appendix of this document.
  1. “Toxic behavior” can constitute a number of behaviors including, but not limited to, inappropriate messages sent between players, verbal harassment between players, or gameplay sabotage.
  2. (Playoffs Only) Gameplay sabotage may include, but is not limited to: breaking or weakening opponent's built or non built structures or cover by any means, causing opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way shape or form, building in front of your opponent, or boogie bombing your opponent.[2]
  1. The use of boogie bombs on your opponent at any time during a playoff match shall result in disqualification.
  1. (Playoffs Only) Players may choose to reboot their opponents, but their opponents may continue to earn eliminations if they are rebooted.
  1. Offenses should be reported to the league commissioner within one week of the incident. The commissioner will choose two coaches not associated with either player/team involved to be unbiased parties. The commissioner and unbiased coaches will decide if punishment is warranted.
  1. If punishment tiers are to be skipped in the case of serious offenses, this action must be approved by a unanimous vote between the league commissioner and two coaches not associated with either team in the incident.
  2. Any evidence that a player is cheating during a match will result in an immediate removal from the league. If there is evidence that a second player, whether it be simultaneous or subsequent violations, from the same program is also cheating, the entire school shall be removed from the league.
  3. In the event a school is removed from the league, they main return the following season. In the event a school is removed again, the league commissioner will have discretion in allowing them to return in future seasons.

Article VII: Streaming

1. Players should prioritize quality of gameplay over streaming. If a player’s internet or computer is not strong enough to support both Fortnite and a streaming service simultaneously and they choose to stream anyway, they do so at their own risk.

2. Players with strong enough internet or computer performance strength to play and stream at the same time with no disruption to gameplay are welcome to stream. This allows coaches to watch their games live and allows the sport to include spectators.

a. If streaming during practices, matches, or other league gameplay, a player is consenting that a league administrator may use clips of their stream for promotional materials or other league uses. The administrator shall credit the streamer when doing so.

3. Players are to follow the Article VI conduct rules while streaming.

4. Each game will have its own custom code. Players are not to input the custom code until an administrator has posted the ten minute warning for the match beginning. A five minute and one minute warning will also be given before each match starting.

5. “The Peely Rule”

        a. The administrator running each match shall be wearing the Peely skin.

b. No players in the IHSEA are permitted to wear the Peely skin or any Peely variants. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in disqualification from that match on the first offense and removal from the league on any subsequent offense.

c. No players are permitted to harm the Peely skin. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in disqualification from that match on the first offense and removal from the league on any subsequent offense.

d. Any player who places under the Peely skin in placement shall be bumped up on position in placement.


Figure 1 - Playoff Bracket

Table One - Illinois High School Fortnite League Scoring System

Victory Royale

10 points


7 points


5 points


3 points


1 point each

Table Two - Punishments for Inappropriate Conduct

First Offense

Written and verbal warning

Second Offense

Disqualification from current match

Third Offense

Suspension for one week

Fourth Offense

Removal from league

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