Bash scripts statistical analysis: The goal is pro process bash shell projects and show statistical informations about them: e.g.: histograms with number of line, length of the lines etc. The processing should be done for student’s projects & for shell scripts from the system.  

Experimental measurement of light brightness. One has to have a camera and use external program to take pictures every minute. The using TASImage ROOT class pictures can be processed to obtain average hue of this images vs. time plot.

Trivial project for max 7 points.

Visualise familly of Bessel functions. Visualise family of beta distributions.




Mouse tracer - Trace mouse positions on the webpage and visualise visualise their position on a small rectangle created with the svg tag.

Sudoku1 - generate sudoku grid on the webpage. Allow user to fill initial (known) numbers. Then switch operation mode and after each number entered anywhere on the table run crosscheck if it is allowed number in this position. I.e. not already in the collumn, row or 3x3 square. Suggestion: Use classes to group all elements of the column, row, 3x3 square.

Multiplication table generator - You know from the elementary school 10x10 table with multiplication. Write a script that will generate NxM table with N & M configured ranges. I.e. table with all multiplications of 30-40 x 60-90. - Antoine Leclercq


Validation functions - Functions that can be used to check if the data entered in the forms are reasonable. I.e. Name does not contain digits. Phone number only contains digits.

Simple calculator - i.e. has two fields to enter numbers. One choice filed for operation and “=” button which after click on it trigger result calculation.

Write the webpage that only contains empty elements with structure that are then loaded via ajax load.

Write a script that will hide (fade or whatever) every input box which looses the focus. Imagine a webpage form for sensitive data that once entered should not be seen by chance by anyone. I.e.: credit card details.