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Mona Badamchizadeh • [PROFILE]

Clive Barrett • [PROFILE]

Lishka Blodgett  • [PROFILE]

Kathleen Cogan • [PROFILE]

Lucy Colback • [PROFILE]

Lonnie Franks • [PROFILE]

Joyremba Haobam • [PROFILE]

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Joyce Apsel • [PROFILE]

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Mona Badamchizadeh (IRAN)

AFFILIATION: Tehran Peace Museum

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I have a master's degree in museum studies. My research interest includes analyzing narratives in museums for peace. I have been volunteering at the Tehran Peace Museum (TPM) since 2013. Moreover, I have availed internships at esteemed organizations such as the Gernika Peace Museum, and the research center Gernika Gogoratuz in Spain, the Mayor for Peace Office in Hiroshima, and Alpha Education in Toronto. These experiences have provided me with an international perspective on narratives of museums for peace.

As a member of the Executive Board of INMP, I have made contributions to the network by coordinating a hybrid webinar on the 30th anniversary of the INMP at TPM; within the activity working group, I had the honor to collaborate with other dedicated members to initiate the peace heritage project. This project culminated in an exhibition launched at the Uppsala conference in 2023. We aim to take this project to the next level by publishing a book, which will serve as a valuable resource for peace advocates and museum professionals.

Furthermore, I have also taken the initiative to promote museums for peace through social media, by launching the 'silk Rise' project which was funded by the INMP in 2022.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Finance, Banking, and Membership Support Team, New Initiatives and Development Team

In addition to my involvement in the New Initiatives and Development Team and the dedication to the Peace Heritage project, I am eager to contribute to the Finance, Banking, and Membership Support Team. I believe I can actively contribute to securing necessary funds for the INMP's projects and initiatives. I would also like to contribute to this team by assisting in the growth of the INMP members.


Clive Barrett (UK)

AFFILIATION: The Peace Museum, Bradford, UK

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I am passionate about museums for peace. As a hands-on Chair of Trustees of The Peace Museum in Bradford, UK, I experience the day-to-day operation of peace museums, and the practical challenges and opportunities that brings. I believe museums for peace can support each other in solidarity.

I want to spread the word about the existence and importance of museums for peace. I co-edited Museums for Peace; Transforming Cultures, a previous conference volume. Now, with Joyce Apsel and Roy Tamashiro, I am co-editor of a major publication, Museums for Peace: In Search of History, Memory and Change, which we hope will bring museums for peace to a new, wider audience.

I have attended 9 INMP conferences, including the first one in 1992 and two in person in Kyoto, valuing relationships with Japanese colleagues. I have long been a committed and active team member on the Advisory Committee or the Executive Board.

I ask your support, please, so I may continue on the INMP Executive Board, where I work with colleagues on governance, elections and the general oversight and running of INMP.

I know the INMP past; I can help to build the INMP future. Thank you for your support.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Publications Working Group
As co-editor of Museums for Peace: In Search of History, Memory and Change.
As a regular contributor to the INMP Newsletter


Lishka Blodgett (USA)

AFFILIATION: Peace Museums

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I have travelled the world extensively and speak 7 languages. With this I have learned how we are all the same and all have rights and compassion for people and that we must strive to make Peace and Peace Education more of a priority in our everyday work. Our Peace Museums in Vienna, and Colorado try to show Iconic and non Iconic Peace Heroes. Our museum tries to shine a guiding light on what is happening with Peace Heroes around the world

I first went to Caen, France and saw a Peace Museum and realized that is something I would like to do. Not only like to do but, had to do.

I have an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau France, and a Master in Gallery and Museum Management for Colorado University. My goal would be to use marketing and business and social Media skills to promote the International Network to help us grow the organization, and grow more museums

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: New Initiatives and Development Team

I would use my international networks through business, and my International Business School to help us promote the concept of Peace Museum and Grow not only INMP, but also encourage our team to build future museums

So far, our interns have created museums in Romania, Mt Elgon Kenya, and Nepal. We are proud of them and would like to continue in this tradition by hard work and dedicating one member of our team to INMP 20 hours per week.


Kathleen Cogan (USA)


NOMINATION STATEMENT: As a trauma informed counselor I know the importance of advocating for peace and non-violence, and supporting institutions working towards peace. I specialize in high conflict couples and families, and relational trauma such as childhood abuse. This work gives me a unique perspective within peace education, advocacy, memory and remembrance. Additionally, I bring to INMP my experience of peace pilgrimages. I’ve spoken at conferences on panels about this experience- as it relates to collective trauma and healing.

Before coming to mental health, I worked in issue based and electoral politics. My expertise included, event planning, leadership development and public affairs. Program fundraising was included in this work. I’ve served as an advisory member for the past 3 years, mainly working in the Conference committee. I am ready to continue working within INMP, collaborating and learning from others, and hopefully, growing the network, and resources for member organizations to do even more.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: New Initiatives and Development Team

I would bring my expertise in event planning, leadership development, and my previous experience as an advisory member and conference speaker and participate.


Lucy Colback (UK/USA)

AFFILIATION: None        
NOMINATION STATEMENT: I have been a member of the advisory board for one term. During that time I was a member of the newsletter editorial team and led the website committee. I am enthusiastic to continue working on the endeavour to reach audiences and members with new board and committee members.         

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Website Development and E-Communications Team        
Happy to continue with editing support both for the newsletter and website.


Lonnie D. Franks (USA)

AFFILIATION: Dayton International Peace Museum; International Cities of Peace

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I have been the INMP Treasurer in the past and have been very active in the Dayton International Peace Museum. I'm currently working on two innovative climate change solutions.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Finance, Banking, and Membership Support Team

I've worked in both the finance and membership teams in the past.


Joyremba Haobam (INDIA)

AFFILIATION: Imphal Peace Museum

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I was born and brought up in a small town in the extreme corner of India called Manipur which was once ravaged in the Second world war where the British Army Museum declared the Battle of Imphal and Kohima as the Fiercest Battle of the 2nd World War. I am a Computer Engineer by profession but my passion for health sector has brought me to establish one of the largest IT company in my state and also started venturing in Health Care. My passion into Tourism and Peace building culminated in the establishment of the Imphal Peace Museum, which has become a mecca of Peace and reconciliation. From the idea stage to the present stage, I have put in my everything in making this museum one of the best. With the museum being awarded as one of the best public spaces by the Society of British Interiors and Designs amongst any other awards and accolades.

War and Peace is something I have seen and witness in front of my very eyes, I would put in all my efforts in peace building and especially how museum can play a critical role in Peace building and Peace education.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS:Website Development and E-Communications Team, Publications Working Group, New Initiatives and Development Team

With my experience of more than 18 years in professional and philantropic activities and Non Profit and Non- Government Organization, I believe, I would be able to play a role especially with my deep understanding in Peace Building and Peace Education where I was born and brought up in a turmoil state of affairs.


Junko Kanekiyo (JAPAN)

AFFILIATION: Ritsumeikan University

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I have an experience working as a curator of peace museum for over 15 years and have a strong connection with various museums for peace and scholars of related fields in Japan, such as Peace Studies, History, Anthropology, and Museum Studies. Ikuro Anzai (Honorary General Coordinator of INMP), Satoko Oka Norimatsu (INMP Coordinator), Kazuyo Yamane (INMP Senior Adviser), and Hitomi Katayama (Treasurer of INMP Japan Chapter)are endorsing me for the Executive Board member.

I hope to enhancing communications of member museums through involving Japanese and other members in INMP’s projects, such as webinars and exhibitions for the Peace Heritage Research Project. I have been an active INMP member for the last 10 years, delivering presentations in the past 4 conferences, and being a member of INMP"s Peace Heritage Resaerch Project. I am a graduate of University of Toronto and currently working as an administrator of Ritsumeikan University, Japan. With my background and experience incombined, I believe I can also contribute to the development of next INMP conference at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Peace Heritage Research Project

As a curator, I can develop an exhibition and organize webinars and symposiums in short period of time. I am good at team work and also working on my own. I will be happy to join other work groups as well, if needed. I am not strong in Website and E-Communications.


Isha Khan (CANADA)

AFFILIATION: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I am interested in being considered for the Executive Board. I am a human rights lawyer and educator and can provide valuable perspectives to support the network. I hold the Chief Executive Officer position at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights which has provided me with executive leadership experience in navigating complex issues and dynamics and teams. I have more than a decade experience in media and government relations, and public speaking which will also be an asset. I have sat on many Boards and committees and am recognized as a collaborative team member. I believe a Canadian representative will be useful as the network continues to grow. Please see my bio here: Other information can be provided should you so wish.


As a representative of the host venue for the upcoming conference and a national museum of Canada, I believe I can provide valuable insight and experience that would support the network in maintaining and growing its global reach. I would be largely focused on streamlining conference planning and have experience planning national human rights conferences in Canada and hosting large-scale events and programs along with my Museum team.


Tanya Maus (USA)

AFFILIATION: Wilmington College

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I am seeking nomination because I find so much value in INMP and its work. I have a PhD in modern Japanese history from the University of Chicago, and have taught at the University and College level since 2003. I found my way to archival and museums work through my current position as director of the Peace Resource Center (an archives devoted to understanding the human experience of nuclear war vis a vis the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and director of the Quaker Heritage Center (a museum based upon Quaker heritage, social justice, and peace at Wilmington College. I plan to contribute to the INMP by sharing my exhibit, programming, and collaboration experience with the organization and community. I am excited to participate in a global organization that works to build a network of peace.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Publications Working Group, New Initiatives and Development Team

I am comfortable with writing, promotion, layout and design, and creative problem solving.



Joyce Apsel (USA) 
AFFILIATION: New York University
NOMINATION STATEMENT: I have been a member of INMP for over two decades and been on the Executive Board a number of times and helped direct the Publications Committee. I am committed to the INMP  as a network and have been greatly enriched by the work of its members professionally and personally. My volume Introducing Peace Museums is a result of the associations with INMP members and visits to sites; I also teach peace studies and human rights at NYU and have served as DPI NGO representative of INMP for a number of years. I would like to continue working on committees and supporting the work of INMP and believe my background will contribute to my doing so.        

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Publications Working Group, New Initiatives and Development Team        
I have a long history of contributing to publications for INMP and would like to continue to do so. The new initiatives of the last years have been exciting; and I would like to work with others in continuing that work and add new initiatives.


Sofia Busch (Myanmar) 
AFFILIATION: U Thant House        
NOMINATION STATEMENT: I am the Executive Director of U Thant House, a dialogue and learning centre inspired by the life and work of the United Nations third Secretary-General, and situated at his former residence in Yangon. As such I am part of a team working to inspire people in Myanmar to be peacemakers in their own communities, upholding human dignity, challenging prejudice, promoting nonviolence, and caring for our planet.

I would love to contribute to the development of INMP through a role on the advisory council and would bring over 20 years of experience as a peace practitioner, having held senior positions with the United Nations and the World Bank, in mediation efforts and peace processes in South and Southeast Asia. I would also bring to the role, a solid academic background in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies (Uppsala University and Columbia University).
I am particularly interested in exploring how INMP can grow stronger and benefit from global partnerships. I would also like to promote a more active approach to the sharing of ideas and practice notes across our network on issues ranging from results and impact, fundraising, and educational activities in museums.
I am passionate about finding creative ways of engaging visitors in learning experiences. I have curated several exhibitions, led museum design and content development, and thrive working in diverse teams and in environments where creativity can flow. As an experienced program manager who has led the successful implementation of initiatives of varying scope and budgets I would also bring to the advisory council an expertise in monitoring and evaluation of impact, communication strategy and in the forging of multilateral partnerships.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: New Initiatives and Development Team
I am particularly interested in exploring how INMP can grow stronger and benefit from global partnerships. I would also like to promote a more active approach to the sharing of ideas and practice notes across our network on issues ranging from results and impact, fundraising, and educational activities in museums.


Philippe Hansch (France)

AFFILIATION: World Center for Peace, liberties and human rights  (france)        I could present 3 qualities to help our network : high experience in communication  to help our network , specialist of the official gifts exchanged by international leader s(items really important to present diplomacy) , already linked with other networks which I could share in benefit of our network, able to develop our network in French language (already in contact with kazumo Yamane to translate the book catalog of our network)

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Website Development and E-Communications Team, Publications Working Group, New Initiatives and Development Team

Already engaged to study and realize the translation of the book/catalog of our network in French language to contribute to its communication in the French language countries

As all our museums and centers need to find support and money I am convinced in the ability of common work to progress and let our museums having more and more audience : for that I will use my personal network and my high experience in communication


Francis Hutchinson (Australia)

AFFILIATIONS: (current and/or  former) University of Sydney, University of New England,  and the following networks: the International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons(ICAN) and the Australian Network of Museums for Peace(ANMP)        

NOMINATION STATEMENT: Currently serving as an elected member of the Advisory Council of the International Network of Museums for Peace(INMP)

Former Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies, University of New England, Australia

Former Peace Education consultant, Kindergarten to Year 12, New South Wales

Former Consulting Editor, Journal of Futures Studies

A founding and current member of the international editorial board, Journal of Peace Education

Founding and current member of the international editorial board, Journal of Peace Education

Current member of the working party, Australian Network of Museums for Peace(ANMP)

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: New Initiatives and Development Team

Contribution relating to my experience and background as a peace, environmental, human rights and futures educator


Balkrishna Kurvey (India)

AFFILIATION: No More Hiroshima: No More Nagasaki: Peace Museum         After teaching 21 years in graduate and post graduate department of modern history as Associate Professor took voluntary retirement to devote myself for peace and disarmament. Formed Indian Institute for Peace Disarmament & Environmental Protection as well as in 2001 established No More Hiroshima: No More Nagasaki: Peace Museum in Nagpur city in India. Arranging the exhibition in many cities in India as public education and awareness tor nuclear weapon free world. I am   working full time as Voluntary basis.        

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Publications Working Group
I am ready to work as per the advice of INMP on any issue.


Jesper Magnusson (Sweden)

AFFILIATION: Fredens Hus        "I am the director of Fredens Hus (Peace House) since more than 15 years. We have grown to become a gathering place for peace, human rights and opportunities. Through exhibitions, projects and educational activities with a focus on children and young people, we work for social sustainability. It is about grassroots peace work to promote gender equality, combat racism and intolerance and to train conflict management and active citizenship.

I have been involved in the INMP network since 2011 and a member of the executive board since 2014. During my years in the board I´ve been actively involved in the work of the organisation in several ways. When I chaired our board meetings during the conference in Belfast we decided to start the transition of INMP. My latest contribution was organizing the 11th INMP conference, Uppsala August 2023.

INMP needs to continue to grow and involve people and organisations from many countries in the world. In the mixture of new and old members we can turn INMP into a strong and vivid network with a mixture of activists, academics and museum personnel. Where the INMP network become the catalyst for museums to share expertise and to learn from each other.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: New Initiatives and Development Team        I will also continue to be involved in working groups for new activities.


Jordi Pardo (Spain)

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I will share my passion and experience with the INMP team and project. General Director of the Pablo Casals Foundation
President of  “Cercle de Cultura”.  Barcelona
Director of museums and cultural institutions: Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB) , the Barcelona Museum of Design Project, and previously the Archaeological Park and Museum of Empuries (Ancient Greek and Roman city of Emporion-Emporiae, Costa Brava), and the Neolithic Mines in Gavà (Barcelona)
Expert of the European Commission for the selection and monitoring panel for the European Capitals of Culture (2012-2016)
Member of the pool of International Experts of UNESCO for the 2011-2015. Programme for Culture, Development and Governance.
Director and consultant on heritage and cultural projects in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
EMPA. Executive Master in Public Administration. ESADE Business School) 2004. Advanced Studies Degree.  University of Barcelona. (1999). Degree in Geography and History (Archaeology) University of Barcelona, 1982.
Invited lecturer  at University of Barcelona and Universidad Complutense de Madrid).  I  lectured conferences and seminars in many countries in Europe and in United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine, Vietnam and Australia.

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Strategy for a more sustainable growth and funding        Open to the suggestions of the INMP team. Perhaps sharing my time, passion and my contacts.


Miomir Rajcevic (Serbia)

AFFILIATION: Media Education Centre, Belgrade, Serbia        
NOMINATION STATEMENT: Founder and President of the Media Education Centre, World Summit on Media for Youth Executive Director, General Manager of the Danube Peace Boat E.U.R.O.P.E, Head of the Delegation to the UN Economy and Social Council… Organized-participated in many Summits, Conferences and Workshops in Serbia, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia and USA with a focus on media, film, animation and multimedia as strong artistic tools for social change, promoting diversity and intercultural and peaceful communication and cooperation… Founder of the Serbian Institute for Peace through Tourism and Leader on Europe for International Cities of Peace Movement.

The Media Education Centre is founded on the 21st of December 2001 as a non-profit civil society organization. Our goal is to promote the role of the Media, Digital, Visual, Social, Health, Peace, Economic, and Information Literacy in the transition to sustainable ways of living and a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, new media-digital-augmented pedagogy, ecological integrity, universal human rights, health equity, respect for art and cultural diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace.

Today, Media Education Centre has five departments:  Media Laboratory, Digital Laboratory, Health Laboratory, Economic Laboratory and Peace Laboratory - Danube Peace Boat E.U.R.O.P.E. - International Cities of Peace - Peace Building and all activities of our Peace Laboratory will be our contribution to the INMP, especially Peace Building, what is a gathering space for peace, human rights and peacemaking opportunities. Through workshops, exhibitions, projects and educational activities with a focus on children and young people, we will work for social sustainability promoting Peace between People, Peace between Countries and Peace with Nature. It is about peace work at the grassroots level to promote equality, counter racism and intolerance and train conflict management, active citizenship and peace leadership."        

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: Website Development and E-Communications Team, New Initiatives and Development Team        

Our ""Peace Building"" will be the twins project in partnership with Fredens Hus, Uppsala, Sweden that has been working in the spirit of Dag Hammarskjöld since 2006 and we are both (we will be soon) part of the International Network of the Museums for Peace. At the opening and after, we will use a sentence from Dag Hammarskjöld (Peace Building will work in his spirit also): ""The pursuit of peace and progress cannot end in a few years in either victory or defeat. The pursuit of peace and progress, with its trials and its errors, its successes and its setbacks, can never be relaxed and never abandoned.""

Peace-builders have to have the knowledge and skills to build the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities with transformative frameworks and tools that increase social connection, and resilience to bring peace across the world.

    * StandUp4Peace: Media Education Centre with Danube Peace Boat E.U.R.O.P.E, International Cities of Peace and Peace Building will join forces to promote all connections with Peace between people, Peace between Countries and Peace with Nature. Without peace, it will not be possible to achieve the levels of trust, cooperation and inclusiveness needed for societies to be resilient to amazement, manage disputes and adapt to changes in their environments. Replicating these and other factors in all countries is vital, but to do so means being able to identify the factors that create and sustain peaceful societies, to begin with. Without this, it will not be possible to develop the programs, create the policies or understand the resources required to build peaceful societies facing unprecedented global change.

    * Be The Change: Multiple points are simultaneously affecting our global society including COVID-19, climate change, wars... Leaders and organizations are being challenged to simultaneously confront the inherent chaos and transform the unprecedented limitations into opportunities and solutions that will create positive change. Our intention is to build the capacity of leaders and peace builders-change makers to improve their well-being and to re-calibrate their intention and impact.

    * Peace Leadership and their Goals: Our education will become a tool for a new understanding of Peace as it is not just a word and desirable, it’s essential in the 21st century as the challenges we face and what requires cooperation on a scale unprecedented in human history. The number of people killed in armed conflict is 10 times greater than in 2005 and the number of countries with violent conflicts is the highest at any point in the last 30 years. Those living in fragile and conflict-affected states are the furthest from achieving the SDGs and by 2030, could account for 80 percent of the extremely poor population."


Eva Rodriguez Riestra (Australia)

AFFILIATION: Australian Network of Museums for Peace (ANMP)  and Architects for Peace
NOMINATION STATEMENT: I’m a public art curator and peace activist with a background in architecture, urban design and art history, and an ongoing involvement in research and education. For the last fifteen years, as Public Art Collections and Cultural Heritage Manager at the City of Sydney, I have been part of the team contributing to the cultural transformation of the city through commissioning temporary and permanent public art works and managing an important collection.

I believe that culture, creativity and education are important in practicing and communicating peace and social justice, and in presenting ways to make and live in a peaceful world.  

I’m a founding member of Architects for Peace and a member of IPRA. Since 2020 I’ve been part of a group working to establish a Peace Museum in Sydney. I have been an active member of INMP, contributing (remotely) to conferences and seminars, and part of the great team working on the Peace Heritage project.

I have curated a number of exhibitions (including co-curating Peace on Earth: Treasures of INMP Members for the INMP conference in Uppsala), presented at national and international conferences, and taught and lectured in public art, critical social practice, architecture, and landscape architecture. My current research areas include curating and exhibiting architecture, practices of care in urban settings, and social justice and activism in architecture.

I am working on the Peace Heritage project        I am committed to continuing to work on the Peace Heritage research project. Once that is complete I would be happy to work on similar curatorial, research and/or editorial roles.


Erik Somers (The Netherlands)

AFFILIATION: NIOD Institute for War Holocaust and Genocide Studies

NOMINATION STATEMENT: I am a cultural historian and senior researcher at the NIOD in Amsterdam. My focus is on the history of memory culture; dealing with the past in relation to future.  I am author of several book publications relating to the history of World War2 and the after effects, representation and culture of memory. In 2014 I finished my PhD about how WW2 memorial museums have interpreted their tasks and roles over the years in a changing society and their role in the future, seen from the perspectives of the dynamics of memory (Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam).

I curated several permanent presentations for renowned Dutch museums about the history Second World War and was curator of several temporary (international) exhibitions. Recently about how does memory about the painful colonial history (and process of de-colonization)  live on to this day. (Colonial War 1945-1949. Desired Images – Undesired Images. 2017) and the significance of image-making through historical photographs (Persecution of the Jews in Photographs, 2019-2023).

INMP WORKING GROUPS/TEAMS: New Initiatives and Development Team,

My focus is on how we deal with the past in relation to making meaning in the present and future. Museums play an important role in ‘true-telling’ and reconciliation, and how they can contribute to a (more) peaceful future from this perspective. INMP is the network of excellence to bring together ideas on peace in relation to museum presentations in any form.  I would like to contribute to strengthening INMP into a stronger Platform, a real network with plenty of room for exchanging experiences and forming new perspectives and ideas; a network of solidarity, of supporting each other and working together. I am thinking, for example, of a very useful and practical aspect: promoting the exchange of temporary exhibitions.

I want to contribute concretely to this by sharing my extensive (museum) experience, and dedicating myself to new cohesive initiatives, and - even though I am now a nestor myself - to renewal and rejuvenation.