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Actor Wrangler

Japes “Brewster Bonesaw” Palles

Lost Souls Haunted House Bus Tours





Japes Palles has been haunting since 2000. He has acted for over a dozen haunted houses from Las Vegas to New Orleans, including almost every major haunted house in the Chicagoland area. His character, Brewster Bonesaw, has been found performing every conceivable job available in a haunted house. From line acting to pop outs to running water to the actors, Brewster has done it all.

Japes has been managing and training actors since 2001. Starting at Eleventh Hour, Japes has managed some of the biggest haunts in Chicago, including: Dream Reapers, The Asylum Xperiment, and (most recently) Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare. He has managed teams of 140 actors and developed infrastructure to record staff attendance, room assignments,  and other employee info. His actor training program has helped thousands of actors to learn the dos and don’ts of haunting.

He is also the owner/operator of Lost Souls Haunted House Bus Tours.

7:15 Bus Hosts

Allen “Carl Cleaver” Hopps

Dark Hour Haunted House

Plano, TX





Allen Hopps has been a haunted house actor for over 30 years. He has performed at many haunts including acting year round for 7 years at Terror on Church street and then Skull Kingdom in Orlando.

He has never taken a season off, and in 30 years his passion for haunting and scaring has not diminished.

Tyler “Linus” Fermanich

Evil Intentions Haunted House

Elgin, IL


Tyler is an integral member of the crew over at Evil Intentions Haunted House. Building, fixing, plumbing, acting... Tyler does it all.

7:30 Bus Hosts

Jason “Chuckles” Olsen

Evil Intentions Haunted House

Elgin, IL



Jason Olsen was first bitten by the haunt bug in 2002 at Eleventh Hour Haunted House and in 2003, Jason’s character, Chuckles T. Clown, was born.

Jason spent his off seasons guest acting at several Chicagoland haunted attractions and haunted events until 2006 when we was welcomed into a new haunt family at Evil Intentions Haunted House in Elgin, Illinois. While acting has been his main role at Evil Intentions, Jason has been able to grow with the haunt as an actor trainer/manager, part of the build/design crew and has been a member of the security team. At Evil Intentions Haunted House, Jason was able to build his character into something he had never imagined.

More often than not, you will find Jason playing around in the waiting line, but he has also been known to wander through the halls and scenes of Evil Intentions acting/assisting where needed.

Ashley “Daisy” Martin

Midnight Terror Haunted House

Oak Lawn, IL






Ashley Martin has been a lifelong horror enthusiast since she was a little girl. Dreams of being a scream queen "an actress who has become associated with horror, either through an appearance in a notable entry in the genre or recurring roles in the genre." came true just 3 year ago when she became an actress at Midnight Terror Haunted House, located in Oak Lawn, IL.

Since then, Ashley has made quite the impression inside and outside the haunted house industry. In 2017, Just one year after her haunt journey began, Ashley was awarded the "2017 Jim Warfield Actress Of The Year Award" by Haunted House Chicago Review Team for her character role as "Daisy". Daisy is a 1950's based cannibal diner gal, who feeds the town a "special" kind of meat without them knowing it. Daisy is a strong advocate for GIRL POWER, and you will often see her preaching so. Daisy has also been featured on FOX NEWS CHICAGO, has a strong social media following (@daisydevours on Instagram), with supporting fans from all over the country.

Aside from haunting, Ashley has a background in marketing and promotional modeling, working for companies such as "Bud Light" "Budweiser" "Nike" "Jordan" "UFC" "Shudder" "Progressive Insurance" "Zenescope Entertainment" and many more. She also was a contestant to become the next worldwide 2018 MAXIM MAGAZINE Cover Girl and finished as one of the top 5 finalists. Her dream is to continue haunting and pursue an acting career in the TV / Film industry, and continue being a positive influence on spreading mental health awareness and support.


7:45 Bus Hosts

Bill “Moist” Shannahan

Massacre Haunted House

Montgomery, IL




Bill started his haunt career in 2011 at Dream Reapers Haunted House. Started mainly because it looked fun, but after one season was hooked. After the closing of Dream Reapers, he spent 1 year at CarnEvil, and then went freelance for a year. Bill found a new home at Massacre Haunted House in it's first year at it's current location. He mainly does acting, but helps assist keeping an eye on the house actors and helping train and develop people in his haunt

Derek “Pedo the Clown” Seltzer

Massacre Haunted House

Montgomery, IL






Derek Seltzer has been involved in the haunted house industry for 15 years. Started as an actor at the Realm of Terror, and X-Treme Hauntings, worked his way to Dream Reapers In Chicago and now is managing The Massacre Haunted House. Acting, training, makeup artist, and managing all wrapped up in one creative person! Also, during all of that he started up his company, Night Terror Creations, making custom one of a kind dark art, props, and costumes. You may also know him as Pedo The Clown. Derek continues to push further in this industry to keep improving his performance as a haunter.

8:00 Bus Hosts

Kevin “Zom B.” Biksacky




Haunt enthusiast turned actor and SFX makeup artist, Kevin Biksacky has spent nearly two decades researching and immersing himself into the haunted attraction culture. Recently he has turned to journalism to feed his haunt hunger.

As an SFX artist, he lent his talents on two independent projects 'All's Fair' and 'Dead of Night'. Kevin likes to create zombie prosthetics and keeps practicing to hone his skills. He would like to try his hand at mask making in the next few years. He has a YouTube channel (Golgotha FX) where he reviews and tests products. Tutorials will also be added. Videos are made as time permits.

No stranger around tools, an avid DIYer and an artist with an electronics degree. He loves to create and come up with new prop concepts. Kevin, has always noticed the trends in the haunt industry and keeps up on these ever so changing trends. Each year he works on making his yard display larger than the last. Hoping to have the time to design a home haunt in future years to come, a proud and active member of the Chicago Haunt Builders and Chicago Zombie March.

His wife Bonny accompanies him at various haunt themed events and conventions schedule permitting, billed as the "Creeper Couple" is when they adorn their zombie persona. They recently formed an escape room review team called Hour Review.

As a journalist Kevin has written about conventions, gatherings, and related special events / shows. He has written for Designing Fear, Haunted Illinois, and Count Gregula's Crypt. As an actor he has been watching the door with his wife at Abyss Haunted House for the last five years of it's existence and has been a model for Fables Studios on a couple of projects. Kevin also lends his talents and haunt knowledge for conventions and trade shows and is most always available for hire. He was a speaker for both years at Chicago Frights and has been given the opportunity to help promote in character for Asylum / Dead World Zombie Soda at retail stores and fairs.

His most recent persona is a correspondent for Count Gregula, lovingly referred to as Cousin Zom B. His schedule is difficult to balance during the Haunt season going to events, guest acting, and as management in the latest Halloween retail outlet. An avid gamer he also created an Xbox Live club titled HauntLife

Jamie “Havok” Warren

D.E.A.D. Rising Haunted House

Crestwood, IL



Jamie Warren has been acting in haunted houses since 2001. He has acted and guest acted in over 10 haunted houses. To name a few: Dream Reapers, Asylum Xperiment, Haunted Hollow, and his permanent home, D.e.a.d. Rising. You can find him in the queue line at D.e.a.d. Rising.

8:15 Bus Hosts

Robert “Jebediah” Groth

Abandoned Haunted House Complex

Mt. Pleasant, WI




A 2018 Jim Warfield Acting Award winner, Robert can be found roaming the midway at Abandoned Haunted House Complex.

Jared “Arnie” Howell

The Haunted Hotel

Louisville, KY





Jared is the current Actor Trainer/Actor Manager at Haunted Hotel Ky. 2019 will be his 13th season in the haunt industry and 20th year involved in the theater arts. Jared recently started the Scare Actor Training / Haunt Focused Pod/Vlogcast Code Yellow with his best friend Teddy Summers. Their goal is to help actors/entertainers raise the bar and better their performance across the industry.

Teddy Summers





Teddy has been gearing up to scare the masses since 2004. Heading into his 15th season, with his partner in crime Jared Howell, he co-hosts the Scare Actor Training / Haunt Focused Pod/Vlogcast Code Yellow, where they provide in person Actor Training to many Kentuckiana Haunts, and cover need-to-know Scare Actor Development tips, and more to help raise the bar for actors across the industry.

8:30 Bus Hosts

Amanda “Dusty” Reevenge

Amanda Reevenge Haunting





Amanda Reevenge has been in the Haunted Attraction Industry since 2008 and Escape Room world since 2014! She has taught and acted at multiple big name attractions all over the USA. She also has designed and built elaborate sets, costumes, and characters.

Amanda is hardworking and has dedicated her life to helping others reach their full potential in the world of haunting and escape rooms! She works with each individual case and spends hours, days, even WEEKS to make sure everything is perfect, and that all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted!

Amanda has up to 30 characters to bring out and they are all very different! Her biggest passion has always been acting and entertaining. You might recognize her from her teaching on Haunter's Hangout or maybe that school girl video that went viral! When she's in character, she's in character and often won't respond to her first name.

Some haunts she has acted at includes:

Dream Reapers Haunted House

The Dent Schoolhouse

Dark Hour Haunted House

Fright Kingdom

Nightmare New England/SpookyWorld

Brighton Asylum

etc. etc.

She also lives the Haunt Life 24/7

EriCHA “Gloria Holes” Shankel

Midnight Terror Haunted House

Oak Lawn, IL




Ericha is a 15 year haunt "veteran" (originally hailing from the once well known Chicago based haunt, Dream Reapers). Over her time in the industry, she has helped to train and stage manage multiple haunt crews- with names such as Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare, to the newer up-and-coming Chicago based haunt, Midnight Terror (which she currently calls her "home haunt"). You can usually find her behind the scenes, working hard with her team of actors to ensure Chicago "Experiences Fear!" On the side, she enjoys creating new character concepts, and occasionally you might get a peak at a new costume she's been working on (either for herself, or for Midnight Terror's costume department).

Terry “Bobo” Mannix

Massacre Haunted House

Montgomery, IL




Terry has been haunting for 19 years. He currently does makeup and acting at Massacre Haunted House. In the past, Terry worked at Brookfield Jaycees, Asylum Xperiment and Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare (Chicago). Terry is also the Entertainment coordinator for Lost Souls Bus Tours.

Ethan “Stikky Mouse” Kamperman

Massacre Haunted House

Montgomery, IL





Ethan Kamperman started acting in 2012 at a small community haunt. After funding was swept out from the show he decided the world was his oyster when it came to haunting. He had a LOT to learn though. He has spent the past seven years honing in his acting, building, management, and costuming skills, and he still strives to do better everyday. Ethan has built everything from an arena sized Haunt, to the wooden rabbit from Spamalot. He has acted everywhere from the stage and camera, to haunts and escape rooms. Employed by the amazing companies, Fables Studios and Hallucinations Creations, he has met wonderful people around the world and learned valuable skills that he can apply to any aspect of a show! He now runs his own company as well, Candy Corn Creation, striving to bring haunters and normies alike, wonderful costumes, masks, sets, and much more, from one haunter to another. You can find his work on Facebook or at candycormcreation.com. He love what He does, and will do it for years to come!