The Peacock’s Show

by Duncan Jones

They said, “Aren’t you a peacock?”

To the one wearing black

But he just looked away

Slowly turning his back

“Yes I used to be that …

There was a time that I was

But now it’s better this way

Well … just because

The laughing’s getting louder

And it hurts my ears

And it makes me afraid

And it makes me fear

That maybe they’re laughing at me

That maybe I am a clown …

And the thought of that that brings me down …”

“HA!” laughed the hyena

“HA! That’s what I do!

How flattering though

To think I’m laughing at you …

Now let my words calm you

And then set you free

You see I laugh to scare away

Those ones who scare me

So make it what you want

But just not about yourself

And don’t try to own a problem

Meant for somebody else

Because no! I’m not laughing at you

And no! I don’t think you’re a clown

The very thought of that that brings me down!”

Then spoke the gazelle

And the zebra as well

“Imagine if every day

A good friend of yours fell

Maybe you would laugh too

When the lions roared

Because we are still here

And won’t cry anymore!

We spend so much time

Looking out for the beasts

And a quick glimpse of you

Brings a moment’s peace

So no! We’re not laughing at you

Although sometimes we’d love a clown

The very thought of that brings us down!”

Came from the tall grass

And approached the King

The huge one-eyed lion

“Let me tell you something …

Of course the laughing’s getting louder

That’s part of the game

As you rise through the ranks

And they learn your name

Though I’ve fought to the top

I have learned to beware

Because the climb is dangerous

And there’s nothing up there

But view is nice, I like to see you

And though I am looking back down …

I would never say you are a clown.”

And at last the old bull

“You’re the art in this land

You’re the blue and green sunrise

Do you not understand?

That they look upon you

And they see an old friend

A reason to run

Through the dark night again

So though you hear laughter

That follows a show

It just means to them

That you’re someone to know

And they laugh because that’s how they cheer

And so what if they think you’re a clown?

You keep them from all falling down …”

And that is why the peacock puts on a show.