February 28, 2019

Time Start: 7:00pm

Atendees: Ryan Gonzales, Vicki Beckman, Tristan Chabot, Laurie Glenn, Shawntel Schenck, Cory Strock, Cathy Diaz, Kristin Ward, Kay Schmeed, Jackie Gustafson, Gina Harmon, Nicole Booe, Ryan Chabot, Cam Kiliany, Catrina Koleva

Introductions made

Overview of Bylaws and Proposed Bylaw Changes by Tristan

Questions and discussion for said bylaws.

Motions and Voting:

4.2 D. c. i. Wording changes – “Election Meetings must occur on a weekday with two voting windows open for at least one hour and no more than two hours. The exact voting window will be announced with the Election Meeting date, with one being close to dismissal and in the evening.”  

4.2 D. h. – strike “anonymous”

Voting for 4.2 - 13 -yes 2 no

15 Yes for show of hands voting vs paper

4.1- 14-yes 1-no

4.2- 14-yes 0-no 1-abstainee

4.3- 13-yes 0-no

4.4 C. b. Strike – 14-yes 0-no

Article 5- 14-yes 0-no

Article 6- 14-yes 0-no

Article 7- 14-yes 0-no

End Time: 8:22pm