Dark Ones Guild Charter

Acting Guildmaster - Margie




The Dark Ones Atmosphere Guild shall be devoted to the creation of thematic atmosphere at Dark Ones events. It includes these departments and tasks which contribute to the development of the event theme:

  1. Ambience (including decorative lighting and possible special effects)
  2. Music/Dancefloor
  3. Games & Entertainment (including performers)


It will also actively encourage mutual support and constructive feedback among its membership, so that personal satisfaction by the members and improvements in the quality of Dark Ones events can take place.


The goals of the Guild in general are:

  1. Provide a creative outlet for its members.
  2. Attempt to transport event attendees into the environment suggested by the event theme.
  3. Provide recognition for members.
  4. Provide a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere where all are welcome to get involved, and contribute to the level they are comfortable with.

The goals of the Ambience Department are to:

  1. Provide an opportunity for its members to craft separately and together.
  2. Encourage and foster creativity.
  3. Create & procure decor that promotes the event theme (including lighting).
  4. Ensure every “seating” table has lighting.
  5. Decorate the event and take it down afterwards.
  6. Give consideration to “special effects” (memorable looks).

The goals of the Entertainment Department are to:

  1. Create/develop/provide thematic participatory games for event attendees to enjoy.
  2. Consider & procure prizes, if appropriate.
  3. Arrange for at-event staffing, if needed.
  4. Arrange for location, tables, pavilion, props,etc, if needed.
  5. Develop “game rules” or procedures, as needed.
  6. Locate, coordinate & schedule performers, as desired and appropriate.

The goals for the Sub-department of Music are to:

  1. Provide an opportunity for its members to get creative with song choices, and include thematic elements.
  2. Consider & procure appropriate lighting for the dance floor.
  3. Consider & procure the means to include visuals, if desired.
  4. Arrange for equipment needed to play the music, and consider adding music outside.
  5. Ensure that the “Anthem Block” is relatively consistent and plays on time, if at all possible.




Guildmaster: This position is the administrative head of the Guild, the term of office is one year, and it can only be held by a Dark Ones member. At the end of the one-year term there will be a vote of the guild members to choose a new Guildmaster, or re-elect the previous one.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Acting as the focal point and chief contact for all guild matters.
  2. Providing both leadership and direction for all guild projects, including periodic meetings.
  3. Ensuring that events get thematic decor, lighting, music, and potentially games and/or performers.
  4. Reports to the Dark Ones Event Director.
  5. Tracking Guild membership.
  6. Providing names of “advance” and “at-event” helpers for the event spreadsheet.
  7. Creating an Annual Report due at the Oligarchy Meeting prior to the July Symposium.

Apprentice: This level of membership is for someone who is just trying out the department, to see if it fits for them. Can be a DO member, or a non-member.

Journeyman: An Apprentice that helps the guild on four events is then eligible to apply for Journeyman status. If approved by a simple majority vote of the guild members, an Apprentice may be elevated to Journeyman status. Exception: A guild can forgo the Apprentice rank for an individual that has, prior to application, worked double the requirements usually needed.

Master: A Journeyman must have been Active for five years (“Active” is defined as working at least one event per year, and non-consecutive is okay). A Journeyman must have run the departments of Ambience or Entertainment for four events within the last five years.