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covid positive
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Please note…If the ‘at home’ rapid antigen test is POSITIVE, there is no reason to confirm the result with a PCR test. The positive test result of the ‘at home’ test should be considered a confirmation of positivity

The CDC has recently modified its isolation and quarantine recommendations. These changes decrease the isolation and quarantine time if infected or exposed, however there is still risk of transmission and a 10 day isolation/quarantine provides greater protection against the spread of COVID.

If your child tests positive they must now “isolate” x 5 days followed by 5 more days of wearing a well fitted mask when around others. The test date (if asymptomatic) or the date of first symptoms is considered “day 0”.

Children younger than 2 years or those who are unable to consistently wear a well fitted mask are not eligible for a shortened quarantine but must complete a 10 day quarantine.

Please be aware that some schools and institutions still require a 10 day isolation when covid positive.

As of 12/27/21, the CDC guidelines are as follows:

COVID positive people, REGARDLESS of vaccine status, can return to work/school after 5 days of isolation provided they are asymptomatic or symptoms are “resolving”. A well fitting mask must be worn around other people for another 5 days after that. All extracurricular, community and after- school activities should not be attended until the completion of 10 days from positive test or beginning of symptoms.


COVID is a virus and treatment in children is similar to the management of other pediatric viral illnesses. We are seeing mostly mild illness that self resolves with “supportive care”

If your child is asymptomatic, no intervention is necessary (except isolation)

If symptomatic, treat the symptom:

Some reasons to schedule an appointment in our office include but are not limited to: