Ok Chef - are you up for a real challenge?

How about cooking the highest quality food for 8 guests and 10 crew?  Too easy?

How about doing it while the yacht moves to Hawaii?  Still too easy?

How about while she heads off to Tahiti?  And then up towards the Philippines and Japan?

Yes - you will be responsible for the menu / galley and provisioning.

Still not feeling challenged?  We will put on more parameters - your food should reflect healthy food - not boring - healthy.  The family is a very long term yachting family and expect proper variety and presentation.  That means you will be stretching your creativity and skills like never before.

The guests have no dietary restrictions, but the crew does have one gluten-free and one vegan so you will account for them too!

As a well qualified candidate you will have strong experience on yachts - and you will either have great longevity or you will have very strong experience on VERY long passages.  You do not have to already provisioned in the Far East, but you do have experience in provisioning in some very hard places.  Creativity, flexibility, problem solving ...all in a day's work in yachting.

This is a shared cabin so only female candidates can be considered.

The Chef works hand in hand with the Chief Stewardess to present the perfect environment aboard and she has asked us to focus on the "calm, chilled" personality of somebody who is truly happy and enjoys their job.

The last Chef had been with them for about 18 months and would still be there had she not returned home for family reasons.

Candidates will need STCW Basic Training, ENG1 and if not US, then B1/B2 as their first stop will be in Hawaii.

The position is open and the search is active.

As with all of our positions, we do not share wages in either direction - but will only bring you positions where we believe both sides can come to an agreement.

If you are interested send your interest to Job1889@preferredcrew.com

To be considered for this position, you must meet all of the requirements in the post above.  

If we have not yet had the pleasure of being introduced to you, please be aware that:

90% of our clients have yachts that are:

- Motor Yachts

- Moving (without a home base)

- Seeking Full Time Crew (not freelance or seasonal)

- Between 30 meters and 90 meters

- Require us to only consider candidates with a proven history of making commitments.

- Commercially registered (and require licenses for the Minimum Manning Document).

- Are unable to consider teams.

100% of our clients require:

- STCW Basic Training including Security

- ENG1 or other Medical Fit For Duty

- Passport that is valid and in hand.