Google Chromebook

How to Sign-in to the Chromebook the First Time

If another user’s account is visible on the sign-in page, hover your mouse cursor over the top right-hand corner of the profile tile, then click Remove account.

Click the red button to Remove account.

Enter your TSC email address (, then click Next.

On the next page enter your TSC password, then click Next.

Once you have signed in click Get Started.

The Chromebook comes pre-loaded with various Google Apps and Extensions. You can view other available Apps and Extensions by going to the Chrome “Web Store.”

TSC students can only install Apps/Extensions listed in the “TSC Recommended Apps” area. For a full listing of available Apps/Extensions, visit the 1:1 webpage and go to the Chrome Apps and Extensions page. If you find an App or Extension you feel would be useful but it isn’t available, you can submit it for review (doesn’t mean it will be added).