ICS Calendar Title: Beauty: Theology, Ethics, or Aesthetics?

ICS Course Code: ICS 220105 F19; ICH3757HF L0101 / ICH6757HF L0101

Instructor: Dr. Rebekah Smick

Term and Year: Thursdays, 5:30-8:30 pm, Fall 2019

Location: Classroom 2, Knox College

Last Updated: August 21, 2019. Note: This is not the final version.


1. Course Description

2. Reading Schedule

3. Course Learning Objectives

4. Description and Weighting of Elements to be Evaluated

5. Required Readings

6. Some Recommended Readings

1. Course Description

Is beauty simply “in the eye of the beholder” or is it something more? Is it a way to God, a moral precept, or the specific locus for a unique kind of pleasure? This course examines a variety of subjective and objective views of beauty in the history of Western philosophy and theology from antiquity to the present (e.g. in the thought of Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, Kant, Hegel, Dewey, Scarry and Von Balthasar). It will also consider the implications of these views of beauty for the production of the visual arts, music, and literary culture in Western religion and society.

2. Reading Schedule




Plato’s Beauty

  • Hippias Major
  • Phaedrus, 250b-257b


Symmetry Plus

  • Vitruvius, Ten Books on Architecture, Book III, chapter 1
  • Plotinus, “On Beauty,” Ennead 1.6; 6.7.22


Early Christian Beauty

  • Augustine, De natura boni, Chapter 3; De musica liber VI
  • Pseudo-Dionysius, The Divine Names, Chapter 4, 1-11


Scholastic Beauty

  • Aquinas, Summa Theologiae (see above)
  • Dante , Divina Commedia, Convivio (see above)


Renaissance Beauty

  • Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Plato’s Symposium, Speech I, 4; Speech V, 3-7
  • Baldessare Castiglione, The Book of the Courtier (see above)
  • Lodovico Dolce, Aretino (see above)

Reading Week – no class


The Standard of Taste

  • Hume, Of the Standard of Taste; An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals (see above)


Enlightenment Beauty

  • Kant, Critique of Judgment, Book I, 1-22; Book II, 59


Romantic Beauty

  • Hegel, Aesthetics. Lectures on Fine Art. Part I, Chapters 1 and 2
  • Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation, I, 38 and 39


The Abuse of Beauty: the Twentieth Century

  • Clement Greenberg, Review of Exhibitions (see above)


Beauty Retrieved

  • Elaine Scarry, On Beauty and Being Just


Theologies of Beauty

  • Von Balthasar, The Glory of the Lord, Ch. 1, para. 7, 117-127
  • Viladesau, Theological Aesthetics, Ch. 1, 23-4; Ch. 2, 70-1; Ch. 4, 138-9; Ch. 6, 210-3


Beauty in the Reformational Tradition

  • Dooyeweerd, New Critique, Vol. II, pp. 128-139
  • Seerveld, Rainbows for a Fallen World, pp. 116-125; A Christian Critique of Art and Literature, pp. 32-45

3. Course Learning Objectives

4. Description and Weighting of Elements to be Evaluated

5. Required Readings

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6. Some Recommended Readings

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