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Family & Community Engagement

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Note to Parents/Guardian and Parent Center                                  1

PG School District Commitment to Parent Involvement                  2

Prairie Grove Elementary Mission Statement                                  3

Prairie Grove Elementary – Bullying                                                  4

Chain of Command                                                                          5

Drop-off and Pick-up Plan                                                          6

School District Calendar 2019-20                                                  7

Websites for Families                                                                8

Ways for Families to get Involved                                            9-10

Prairie Grove Elementary Staff                                               11

Prairie Grove Elementary Telephone and Web Address               12

Dear Families,

This handbook has been put together for your convenience.  We hope this will help you to learn more about our school.

Family Center

We invite parents to learn and share the fun of learning with their children.  Our family center contains family resources, brochures, booklets, magazines, and videos that may be loaned to you.  It is specifically designed to give families resources that will be helpful in raising their children.  The Family Center will be open from 7:45 am to 3:30pm.  We encourage you to get involved with your child’s education by reading with them each night, check their homework, look over the work they bring home weekly and volunteer as your work schedule will permit.  We have an active PTO that meets the second Tuesday of each month at 3:30pm.  Come and get to know the families and teachers in your child’s building here at Prairie Grove Elementary.

Prairie Grove School District

Commitment to Family and Community Engagement


A child's education is a responsibility shared by the district and family during the entire time a child attends one of its schools.  To support the goal of the district to educate all students effectively, the district and families must work as knowledgeable partners.


Families in the Prairie Grove School District are diverse in culture, language and needs, and they are an integral component of the district's ability to provide for the educational success of the children attending its various campuses.


The Prairie Grove School District believes that engaging families in their children's education is essential to improving student achievement.  The district does foster and support family and community involvement in all of its educational endeavors.

Prairie Grove Elementary Core Values:

At Prairie Grove Elementary, we believe in

Our significance as individuals

Our value as a group

Our purpose to learn

Our expectations to do our best

Our trustworthiness to help our school be a safe and friendly place

Our potential to achieve

Our intentions to strive for excellence

Prairie Grove Elementary Vision:  

Prairie Grove Elementary, with relentless intent and perseverance, will champion a PK-4 learning environment that is committed to ensuring that all students leave on grade level and prepared for the next step.  

Prairie Grove Elementary Mission: 

Prairie Grove Elementary School fosters a nurturing environment that challenges students to become problem solvers who positively impact their world.  




Harassment and “bullying” will not be tolerated on school property, at school sponsored activities, and on school buses.  (Act 671 of 2003).


Bullying can be pushing, shoving, hitting, and spitting, as well as name calling, picking on, making fun of, laughing at, excluding someone, or anything similar that exhibits a lack of respect for others.


Consequences for engaging in the prohibited conduct may vary depending on the age or grade of the student involved and may be one or more of the following or other consequences appropriate for the particular incident:




As much as we strive to work together to make our elementary building a place for our students to learn, there may be times that problems will arise. The way to solve the problem is for the person who is offended to ask for a conference with the person to whom the offense regards, ie. classroom environment, classroom teacher; special area teaching, special area teacher; special education related, special education teacher; teacher aide, teacher aide and classroom teacher; health related, school nurse; etc.


If the problem continues, the offended party would ask for a conference with the principal and the person to whom the offense regards.


If the problem continues, the offended party would then ask for a conference with the superintendent, principal, and the person to whom the offense regards.


Finally, if the problem still persists the offended party would ask for time during the next school board meeting to discuss the problem. 

Prairie Grove Public Schools

                Academic School Calendar – 2019-2020        

August 14 Begin 1st Quarter/Begin 1st Semester

September 2-3 No School– Labor Day Break

September        17 & 19 MS         and HS P/T Conferences (3:30– 6:30)

October 11 End of 1st Quarter (41        days)

October 14        & 15 No School – Fall Break

October 16 Begin        2nd Quarter

October 22 & 24 Elementary P/T Conferences        (3:30        – 6:30)

November 25–29 No School – Thanksgiving        Break

December 20  End of 2nd Quarter        (43        days)        

Dec.        23 – Jan. 3 No School – Christmas        Break

January 6 Begin 3rd Quarter/        Begin 2nd Semester

January 20 No School– MLK Day Break or        Make-up Snow Day

February 11 & 13 MS and HS P/T Conferences        (3:30        – 6:30)

February 17 & 18 No School – Presidents’ Day Break or Make-up Snow Days

March 13 End of 3rd Quarter (47        days)

March 16 Begin 4th Quarter

March 17 &        19 Elementary P/T Conferences (3:30– 6:30)

March 23 – 27 No School – Spring Break

April 20 & 21 No        School - Testing        Break        or Make-up        Snow        Days

May 16 Graduation        

May 25 No        School– Memorial Day Break

May 29 End of 4th Quarter        (47 days)        

Websites for Families



Getting To Know You

 Make time to get to know your child’s teacher.  Let the teacher know that you appreciate feedback on your child’s progress-both positive and negative.  Alert the teacher to anything out of the ordinary that’s going on with your child or family.  Make a point of meeting other school staff members: the principal, school secretary, school counselor, nurse, bus driver, cafeteria staff and others who work at the school.  The better you know the school and how it operates, the more likely your child will be to have a productive and positive school experience.


A Place Of Their Own

 Whether it’s a bedroom desk of a kitchen table, every child needs a regular

Place to study and complete homework.  This area should be well lighted and equipped with school supplies like paper, pencils and a dictionary.  Siblings should respect the time set aside for studying and not distract the child who is doing homework.


Kids (and Parents) Love Routines

 Set aside a specific time for studying every night.  Discuss with your child what time of day would work best.  Right after school?  Just before dinner?  Immediately following dinner?  If your child attends an after-school program, find out if students will be expected to do homework there.  If your child completes homework assignments away from home, plan to review the work at a set time every night.  If homework has already been completed, have the child use study time for reading or reviewing problems areas.



Create High Expectations

 To learn, children must believe that they can learn.  As a parent, you are the most important adult in your child’s life.  The feedback you give your child- What you say and do about his or her abilities- will have a lasting impact on your child’s self-confidence.  Be encouraging and praise your child for the amount of effort that he puts into a project.  Let them know that doing their best is what counts.


Reading Can Be Contagious

 Research shows that children who are read to in their early years do better in school.  Make reading a habit in your home, for both you and your child.  Each night before bed, read to your child for at least 20 minutes.  If the child is learning to read, ask him or her to read to you.  For older children, set 30 minutes aside each night for family reading time when everyone reads together silently.  Keep plenty of reading materials available-book, magazines and newspapers.  Let your kids see you reading and they’re more likely to pick up the habit.


Be Prepared for Your Next Parent-Teacher Conference

 Talk with your child beforehand about what they think are their best subjects or what they like least.  Find out if your child has anything that they would like you to ask.  Write down your own list of questions.  Feel free to ask about your child’s progress or about anything you don’t understand about the school program.  Expect the teacher to show you samples of your child’s work and discuss how student progress is measured.  Ask how your child interacts with other students.  Most importantly, talk to the teacher about ways you can work together to help your child.

 School + Communities = Success

 To be effective, schools need the support of parents and the community.  Find out key dates during the year when there will be opportunities for you to participate in school events.  Mark your family calendar and your personal date book now to hold those dates.  Join the PTO to ensure that you have a voice in the work of the school.



KINDERGARTEN                                    1ST GRADE                                               2ND GRADE

Tonya Curtsinger                                  Suzanne Ezell                                         Haley Palarino

Kathy Gray                                              Kim Pinkley                                             Kelsey Tibbit                          

Tonya Shepard                                      Vanessa Orr                                           Mandy Creech

April Pruett                                             Amber Dickey                                         Kristal Clark

Megan Tuck                                           Deana Box                                              Carly Marx

Suzanne Dougan                                      Andrea Landrum                                 Callie Newman

Sarah Pounds                        Amanda Ogle                        NIcole Miner

 Jamie Higgins


3rd GRADE                                               4TH GRADE                                                   OFFICE                      

Katie Hollowell                                         Stephanie Arivett                                Becky Ramsey - Principal

Brooke Snyder                                      Rebecca Vinzant                                   Brenda Clark - Principal

Jennifer Carter                                          Vicki Barker                                            Melissa Parrish – Registrar

Barbara Edmiston                                Ben Marcom                                         Kara Hays – Admin. Assistant            

Melissa Hix                                              Addison Scroggins                                      Jennifer Weyl - Counselor

Lauren Tyree                                         Lois Brown                                              Riley Franklin - Counselor

                                                                                                                                    Danielle Randolph, RN - Nurse

                                                                Kelli Myers - Nurse

ENCORE                                                                                   OTHER                                      

Derek Dougan – Health                                                     Maria Ball - OT  

Jamie Tice – PE                                                                      Sheri Davis - PT

Kristi Hassell – Librarian                                                     Karen Oelrich - Aide

Jason Turner – GT                                                             Danielle Huff - Aide

Jessica Hardy– Music                                                          Sharon Truax – Lit. Intervention

Leslie Cogburn– Art                                                                Janice Stonesifer – Lit. Intervention

Heather Maddan - Computer Lab                        Missy Shrum – Speech                                                                                                                                                            Robyn Smith - Pre-K Teacher  

Olivia Skelton- Pre-K Teacher

Samantha Adams - Pre-K Aide

 Sara Catherine Davis- Pre-K Aide                                                    

Deb Hester – Aide

Carmel Perry – CSH

Brandy Carte – SPED

Jennifer Rose -SPED

Mari Wetzel– SPED

Nikki Rochier – Aide

Rebecca Bowling – Aide

Danyiell Stewart - Aide

Lacey Oxford - Aide

Beth Coyle – Aide

Sam Wilkins – Aide

Brittany Huffaker - Aide

Tracey Wilkerson – Library Aide

Kristin Taylor - ESL


Prairie Grove Elementary

Address:  801 Viney Grove Rd

               Prairie Grove, AR  72753

Phone number:  479-846-4210

Fax Number:  479-846-4206

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