Measurement Topic(s): Ratios and Unit Rates


7.RP.1 Compute unit rates associated with ratios of fractions, including ratios of lengths, areas and other quantities measured in like or different units. For example, if a person walks 1/2 mile in each 1/4 hour, compute the unit rate as the complex fraction 1/2/1/4 miles per hour, equivalently 2 miles per hour.

6.RP.2 Understand the concept of a unit rate a/b associated with a ratio a:b with b ≠ 0, and use rate language in the context of a ratio relationship.

6.RP.1 Understand the concept of a ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities.

Assessment rubric

Mastery Level



4 Extended Thinking

3 Mastery

Given a real world situation, I can compute/calculate unit rates when the measurements are given as fractions.

I can simplify complex fractions.

I can convert quantities to units of the same measure and determine a reasonable solution.

Use division to compute unit rate.

Explain how the two units are related in a unit rate.

Compute unit rates using fractions in real life situations.

Convert different unit measures relating to length, time and other quantities.

2 Foundational

I can understand the difference between a rate and a ratio.

I can calculate the unit rate when given a ratio.

I can say and write a unit rate and ratio.

I can use correct labels after finding a unit rate.

Calculate a unit rate.

Solve one-step problems converting a ratio to a unit rate.

Compare and contrast ratios and rates.

1 Emerging

I can write and explain a ratio describing the relationship between two quantities. For example if I am given 3 red chips and 2 blue chips, I will be able to give the ratio of red chips to blue chips as 3 to 2, 3:2, or 3/2

I can define the term ratio and give various examples.

Write and model a ratio using two quantities.

Describe and compare two numbers using ratios including appropriate notation.

Simplify ratios.

Identify a ratio in a real life context.

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