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Lewisham Arthouse Project Space Hire
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Lewisham Arthouse Project Space Hire

Terms and Conditions

  1. Fees

  1. Hire Fee - rates from October 2018 as follows:

1 week = £250  

2 weeks = £400 (making it £200 per week)

3 weeks = £550 (making it £183 per week)

4 weeks = £680 (making it £170 per week)

Fees are to be paid in full 4 weeks before a booking begins or the Arthouse retains the right to cancel the booking and withhold the deposit. Pls Note: charities, schools and non profit organisations are entitled to 25% discount.

b) Maintenance Deposit - There is a returnable deposit of £100 to be paid at the point when a booking is confirmed and the hire contract is signed. This deposit is separate to the hire fees and is returned  within 10 days of the end of the hire period subject to the condition of the space (ie fixtures, fittings and decoration). All walls, floors and ceiling must be returned to the condition it was in when the hire began. Any damage must be paid for, this includes any items borrowed by or used by the artists/organisers throughout the hire period.

c) Invigilation - it is essential that the front entrance is covered by an invigilator whenever the Arthouse doors are open. This is a mandatory requirement of all exhibitions and events and it is the responsibility of the exhibitors/organisers to ensure that an invigilator is provided. If an exhibitor is unable to provide enough cover then the Arthouse can provide support to cover the shortfall on behalf of the exhibitor. If this is a case then the invigilators must be paid at a reasonable hourly rate (currently £8p/hour) with payment details being finalised directly between the exhibitor and invigilator.

2. Transport, Hanging and Removal of Work

  1. Transport, installation and all exhibition logistics are the responsibility of the exhibitor/event organiser.
  2. Access for installation starts at 12:00 on Monday
  3. All work/items etc. must be removed by 11:00 on the final Monday and the space must be returned to its original condition or the deposit will be withheld. If you need additional time or your exhibition does not fall within regular hours this must be negotiated before the exhibitions ends. The Arthouse will always try to accomodate exhibitors needs and support any specific requirements however this must be agreed in advance as exhibitions are booked back to back and any delay will affect the hire of the incoming exhibitor.
  4. Health and Safety - All exhibitors are required to complete our event and exhibitions risk assessment at two weeks before their hire begins. All exhibits must be firmly secured. Health and safety protocols must be observed throughout the installation and all electrical equipment must be PAT tested where relevant. Any artwork or equipment considered to be a danger or health hazard will be removed immediately and if necessary the hire will be terminated or exhibition closed without notice.

3. Insurance

  1. Insurance of the exhibits and public liability with respect to the show is the responsibility of the exhibitors/event organiser.

4. Invitations and publicity

  1. The Arthouse uses Mailchimp to send out a press release to our mailing list and posts all exhibitions on our website. We also advertise all exhibitions with NECA although a print listing cannot be guaranteed and depends on all of the information being supplied well in advance.
  2. Exhibitors are required to provide the following press material at least 4 weeks before their exhibition opens:
  1. A word document containing; title, dates, opening times, private view date, a description of the event (press release), an event summary (50-100 words) and any relevant URLs or links to projects or artists.
  2. One jpeg at 72dpi, minimum size 420 x 595 pixels, no more than 1mb.
  3. Square version of the jpeg for the thumbnail 300 x 300 pixels (optional)
  1. Exhibitors are encouraged to do as much of their own publicity as possible.

5. Exhibitions: Opening times and access

  1. Our standard public opening times are 12 - 6pm, Wednesday - Sunday. If you wish to open at different times to this then you must make it clear in your exhibition proposal.
  2. Access times for installation must be agreed in advance but are provisionally set for 12-6pm/10-6pm on the Monday/Tuesday before the exhibition opens. Exhibitors are not given keys and all access times must be agreed in advance to ensure an Arthouse member is on-site to unlock and lock the building.
  3. The project space cannot be locked independently of the building and access must be kept clear for public use of the disabled toilet and electrical cupboard at the rear of the space.
  4. The Arthouse retains the right where reasonable to use the project space for activities such as meetings and council surgeries during and exhibition but at times when the exhibition would not otherwise be open. In the event of such an activity the exhibitors/organisers will be notified in advance and the Arthouse will provide invigilators to ensure the safety and security of the exhibits.

5. Exhibitions: Private View

  1. Each exhibition is entitled to one private view event with a late opening until 9pm.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed the Arthouse will provide, stock and staff a donation bar.
  3. The Arthouse encourages exhibitors to include further events such as talks and performances although where possible we suggest that they take place within the standard opening times as additional late openings cannot always be facilitated.