ASB 1st SEMESTER PLANNING August 8th, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 9:00

A motion was made by Ryan


Back to School Dance

Discussion on title troglo vs troglo 2.0

Necessity for publicity

Sophomore council enlisted to manage the food and drinks

        Importance of food that have no nuts to avoid allergic reactions

Plans to create feedback form for the student body to request music

Plans to sell merchandise prior to the dance

Pep Rally on 8/24, utilize for advertising troglo

Walk the Talk Week

Intent to be more community service orientated

Event planned for December 4th-8th

PB&J Day to provide sandwiches for the homeless

Possibility of sending care packages and cards for veterans

Speaker Series with an effective speaker

Blood Drive planned for Tuesday the 5th

Service Showcase on the 8th

Separating the days of the week by pillars of character w/council involvement

Pins displaying the trojan pillars of character that can be given throughout the week

Importance of staff understanding the significance, of which Service Chairs [Natalie and Sonia] and Staff and Parent Liaisons [Clare and Mariam] will work on

Spotlight Week

Highlighting our visual arts

Plans for Scavenger hunt

Colorguard Performance

TIe-Dye day with BYOT (bring your own t shirt)

Communication with footnotes/undertones so we can have music throughout the week

Advertising for the Fall Play emphasized

Possibility of introducing individual artists not affiliated with the school (KPop Groups, Poets)

Speaker series with a panel of artists

Yarn Wall

Office Hours interactive events proposed by Student Activities Coordinator [Navid]

Spirit Week

Top 5:

Board Games

Monopoly, Candyland, Game of Life, additional option of video games

Board games, mobile games, sports games

Possibly not enough things to fill up space

Allows for creativity of individuals beyond the obvious

Smaller time frame, depending on creativity puts a large burden on artists


Expands students knowledge on history (educational aspects)

Not as Excitable/possible lack of student interest

Increases faculty involvement

Possible confusion in theme

Structure ideas- flappers/suits, old cars

Adventure (Franchises)

Magic excitement

Easy to recreate, better product

We have had previous years similar themes/lacks diversity

More universal, applies to ELD students and international students


Ancient civilizations (Egypt,Rome ect.), Medieval/Renaissance (Castles, Architecture) Modern (

More distinct differences in themes

Expands students knowledge on history



Seniors- 80s

Star Wars, Rubiks Cube, Pac Man, Michael Jackson, MTV, Jordans, workout videos, rock bands, neon, game boy, ET,Madonna, AC/DC, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Sesame Street

Juniors- 50s

Disneyland opened, greasers, poodle skirts, age of rock and roll, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, peanut cartoons, color tv, Mcdonalds, Space race

Sophomores- 90s

Berlin War, Hubble Telescope, Full House, Friends, Spice Girls, Harry Potter, Rugrats, Friends, Beanie Babies, Tupac, DVDs

Freshman- 20s

Great Gatsby, Bubble Gum, Women's rights, WInnie the Pooh,

The meeting was adjourned at 1:21 pm

Respectfully Submitted,



Kiara Dias, ASB Secretary 2017-18