2018 Parks & Rec Committee Minutes

Minutes for March 5 at 7:30 in New Borough Hall  

Next Meeting in office April 2 at 7:30

Committee Members Attending:  Tom Price, Lori Kesilman,  Andrea Antell,  Jo Schuler, Janet Moore, Kathy MacMillan,  Alex Nagy, Derek MacMillan

Guests: Sam Bryant, Kent Baird (Gilmore & Associates/Planner)

Committee Organization:

  • Chair: Andrea Antell
  • Vice Chair: Derek MacMillan
  • Treasurer: Tom Price
  • Secretary: Lori Kesilman


Minutes for tonight’s meeting:

  1. Review of February 5, 2018 minutes for approval (note: all minutes are posted on the website immediately after meeting)
  1. Approved or ammended
  1. Financials & Budget – Treasurer’s Summary
  1. See chart below
  1. Borough Manager’s P&R Update
  1. DCNR Grant - Kent Baird (from Gilmore & Associates) updated us on role of planning & what a master plan for Orchard Park would involve
  1. Original ADA-related grant awarded ~$30,000
  2. Additional $10,000 given by state but must be used for engineering
  3. First action item:  Grant requires a design consultant - this cost in included in the grant money
  1. Committee approved hiring C. Green, Gilmore & Associates
  2. Chris Green will oversee the ADA compliance which is needed for the DCNR
  • Construction;  design of bridge
  1. Comprehensive Plan - Kent shared typical structure
  1. Orchard Park Plan
  • Find a mission fo the park.  Learn what people want - Have a workshop to see what this could look like. Create conceptual plan.
  • Have a plan that aligns with Covered Bridge Park
  1. Covered Bridge Park Plan
  • TBD
  1. Plan not budgeted at this time
  1. Pending action items
  1. Approved having Halsey White put up Bat Box ($50 needed for post)
  2. Invasives Strategy meeting on 2/27/18
  1. Requested proposal from Bartlett Tree Service for ID borough-wide
  1.  Remaining ash trees in OP
  1. Decided to wait to see which trees get leaves before taking any down
  2. Will put caution tape around a branch we are concerned about that overhangs a the bench
  1. Ash Borer & Spotted Lantern Fly
  1. Public outreach
  2. SLF - Identify trees - Figure out how many to cut down and how many to keep and use as traps
  3. AB -  Identify trees - Try to map out infected trees and figure out which are hazards
  1. Boundary markers for Orchard Park
  1. Mark, Tom and Andrea - Looked for stakes at Orchard park could not find them.  
  2. Derek is volunteering to help Mark find stakes.  Brian and his metal detector will help find the stakes.
  1. A-Day
  1. Alex will work on informational handout & P&R in the borough - will share at next meeting
  1. Bees
  1. Honey Hollow -  bee presentation tomorrow night
  1. Community Garden
  1. More info to follow
  1.   Action Items
  1. Community Garden Finances & Spring meeting
  2. Boundary stakes & monuments locating
  3. A-Day P&R contribution


Parks and Recreation 2018 Budget Update                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

January 1 through February 5

Trial Balance Category

2018 Budget Total

Expenditures to Date

Payment Recipient


Orchard Park Maintenance



Pods Landscaping  

(Nov. 2017 mowing)


Tom Price

(10 boundary stakes)


Digital Reprographics Solutions

(10 boundary signs)


(Assumed based on proposal - work completed but no bill yet)

Bartlett’s Tree Experts

(Apple tree pruning -- second year)



Bucks County Recreation Council

(Membership fee)


Bartlett Tree Experts

 (2017 pruning of large ash tree)

Total spent  to date:


Remaining balance:



Est. $2,500.00

Proposal from Bair for second phase of ash tree removal


Materials to instal bat box

Est. $50.00

Remaining balance after projected/proposed expenses


Summary of 2017 Expenses:

Summary of 2016 Expenses:

Bair’s (phase 1 of ash tree removal)


All About You (tree  removal)


Pods Landscaping (mowing)


Pods Landscaping


Bartlett’s (apple tree pruning of seven trees)


Mark Hintenlang


Bartlett’s (ash tree treatment)  


Tom Price (fencing, stakes)


Tom Price (fencing, stakes, hoses)


PA Audubon (habitat restoration)


Tom Price (Xerxes Society registration  



$ 5,900.10



  • Doesn’t include $250 Borough was billed for Nov. 2017 mowing.
  • Actual 2017 mowing expenses totaled $2,080.00.
  • Actual 2017 expenses thus totaled $6,150.10