2019-20 HONOR CODE

“COUNT ON ME” “Team63”

 These are the rules that your coaching staff feels will benefit your success this season.  You may not agree with one or more of these rules, but part of being a part of something is making sacrifices.  These are the rules that we thought should be addressed before the season got underway.  There are some very general rules and some very specific.  At any time after this we see that we need to add new rules, we reserve that right.  That is really up to you though; we want to be as open as possible, so please use common sense in anything that this does not cover!

Wrestling for Jeff High is a privilege not a right!


  1. Anyone deemed as a negative distraction to the team will immediately be dismissed. You are in and out of season behaviors will be evaluated.
  2. If you respect the coaching staff and put forth effort, you make the team.
  3. To be eligible for 1st meet, you must have not have had any discipline problems, as well as meet one or more of the following:
  1. COMPLETE 10 full practices if not in fall sport
  2. COMPETE in a fall sport – 5 practices
  3. COMPLETED the pre-season challenge
  4. Returning wrestlers not in a fall sport must have conditioning sessions.
  5. Be in good standing and communication with coaching staff.


  1. Always give 100%, always hustle.  Philosophy: outwork your opponent.  Failure to hustle, results in failure to wrestle.
  2. Coach is always right. Back talk will not be accepted.  The coaching staff reserves the right for immediate dismissal for disrespect.
  3. Swearing will not be tolerated. 1 mile per swear word.  
  4. Bad reports from administrators or teachers will result in disciplinary action (extra conditioning) by the coaching staff.  When the coaches feel that discipline problems become a problem, meet suspension will be applied. You’re a wrestler, therefore you are held to a higher standard.
  5. All school rules apply in the wrestling room.
  6. Negative comments towards teammates, or any hazing of any kind will result in punishment, expulsion, or even termination from the team.
  7. You will not wear any other high school attire in our wrestling room.  We are the Red Devils, be proud of our school or do not wrestle for us.
  8. If you tell a coach you quit, YOUR NOT ALLOWED.  Review of the manner in which this action took place will be reviewed if you choose to come back.  Saying this more than once there will be no review.
  9. No food or drink allowed in the wrestling room, or weight room.


GOAL: Academic All-State--- minimum requirement 3.25 GPA for career, and senior yr.  

  You have 21 hours a day to do school work and 3 hours a day for wrestling – take care of homework on your time – OR WE WILL INTERVENE.  Students with a 60% or lower in a class will be put on mandatory study table on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This is not a reward, just something we must do. Nobody should want to be on study table, time management is to occur outside of practice.

ATTENDANCE---all practices start at 2:45 unless otherwise specified – you will be early

You need to always do your best to be at practice.  Missing not only hurts you, but the whole team.  To be a champion you must practice like one.  The only way to do this is to be there.  To be an excused practice YOU must tell a coach BEFORE practice begins.  Telling another wrestler IS NOT EXCUSED.

  1. Excused practices will be made up with a mile.  This is not a punishment.  It is to help make up for the lost conditioning.  For every day you miss conditioning, it takes three more for your body to catch back up to where it was.  Excused practice: a practice that you will have missed, but contacted Coach Struck about first.
  2. In the event of an unexcused missed practice, you must immediately make it up with miles around the top of the gym. Detentions do not count as excused practices.   Missing practices for another sport will be considered unexcused. Unexcused practices may lead to dismissal.
  3. If you must be late or miss a practice you must contact a coach before hand, missing to stay with a teacher, doctor’s appointments etc… will require a signed note.
  4. Get to practice early.  15 minutes is plenty of time to dress and weigh-in.  
  6. Saturday and holiday practices start at 8am.  
  7. Snow day practices are scheduled for 10am, if there is a deviation you will be notified.
  8. Injured wrestlers must attend all practices and matches


        We follow all school policies on Drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

  1. Unless otherwise stated in the athletic handbook – alcohol and tobacco will result in the immediate suspension of 20% of games, followed by a full season, followed by dismissal from wrestling for good.
  2. Be home before curfew each night of the wrestling season.  Curfew hours are: 9:30pm Sunday through Friday evenings; eleven on Saturdays.  See the coaches beforehand if a problem arises. (sleep is when we recover – 10pm to 6am is a suggested MINIMUM sleep pattern – more is better.)


  1. Showers will be taken after EVERY practice and EVERY meet.  MUST HAVE A IHSAA

You must be checked DAILY for skin infections and report any suspected problems immediately.  If you have ringworm or any other infection, you will not be allowed to practice unless you are presently applying a prescription medication.  You must also have a “Communicable Skin Disease Form” completed by your doctor in order for you to compete in dual meets or tournaments. These forms are available in the training room or can be downloaded from the IHSAA website ( Ihsaa.org )

  1. You locker should be cleaned out and disinfected weekly.
  2. Wear CLEAN workout gear for EVERY practice.  Wash knee pads regularly (use some bleach).


  1. Injured wrestlers must attend all practices and matches
  2. Please report any injury to the coaching staff FIRST, we will go with you to the athletic trainer – the athletic trainer will direct you to the appropriate physican or specialist.
  3. Treatments will be finished before or after practice, unless otherwise specified by the athletic trainer.


  1. Coaches set the lineup. Period. Coaches use many factors to determine this – attendance, work ethic, reliability, attitude, and who is best for the TEAM.  
  2. In most cases there is no wrestle off.  In the case we need one  - Wrestling off is one factor used in how we judge who the varsity wrestler in each weight class will be each meet.  Wrestle-offs occur upon the request of the coaching staff.   Ultimately, who wrestles is up to the COACHING STAFF

3) If in the case of a varsity wrestle off requested by the coaches -Towin a wrestle off you must defeat the varsity wrestler best 2 out of three matches.  If “V” defeats “challenger” in the first match the wrestle off is over.  

--Failure to make vacation practices will result in the loss of a varsity position.

WEIGHT CONTROL  - Your weight class is your position.  Coaches reserve the right to substitute in wrestlers as needed, just as any other coach would, in any other sport.

  1. Weigh in before and after practice everyday.
  2. You will choose your own weight class; a coach must first okay this before you may wrestle that weight.
  3. Two days before a meet you must be within 3 pounds, and on the day before a meet you must be within 2 pounds.  You must leave practice the night before on weight..  It is suggested that you learn to practice at the weight you compete at.
  4. On the day before weigh ins you must leave on weight or you do not wrestle the next day. Again, this is to help keep your weight under control and is there to keep you from losing too much weight too rapidly.
  5. As we leave for a meet, you must be on weight.
  6. Once you declare a weight class at the beginning of the season, that is your weight.  
  7. The use of plastic suits and trash bag’s, laxatives’s and heat rooms to aid in the loss of weight is against IHSAA rules, which we will follow.
  8. Healthy eating habits will be followed at all times.  Absolutely no SODAS will be consumed throughout the season, or it will be confiscated, no questions asked. Please help your child eat healthy (example – a cold cut subway vs. a big mac and fries)
  9. Practice takes place in shorts and t-shirts, until day prior to meet. NO PLASTIC SUITS.

--More information on healthy eating practices will be passed out throughout the season.  Parents and athletes are invited to ask any questions. We are here to help you.  

MEET CONDUCT AND EXPECTATIONS “There is no mat space for malcontents or dissenters.  One must neither celebrate insanely when he wins, nor sulk when he loses.  He accepts victory professionally and humbly; he hates defeat, but makes no poor display of it.” Dan Gable

  1. Ties will be worn to school on the day of a Home meet, unless we say otherwise.  We will wear our team shirts at times.  If you need a tie come and see a coach, and we will get you one. No jeans.
  2. You will always ride to and from the meet with the team, and nobody leaves the meet until everyone is finished wrestling.  THIS IS A GCCS POLICY – you must fill out the GCCS FORM AND HAVE AN ADMINISTRATOR SIGN IT.
  3. Cell phones are not to be out in the locker room.
  4. You will be shaved and nails cut BEFORE YOU ARRIVE TO SCHOOL.
  5. While wrestling a wrestler will adhere to requests by the coach in his corner – nobody else.
  6. Warm-up as a team, sit with the team, be ON THE TEAM!  Captains/upperclassmen should organize the warm-ups.
  7. We do NOT call time out during a match!
  8. A word on Tattoos -   As a coaching staff we would rather your kids invest money into an education, rather than something they might regret. We do not exclude kids, but want you to know we do not support it, nor encourage it – please have your kids wait!
  9. All “un-natural” hairstyles will be first approved by the coaching staff.


  1. Come to the coach on the mat before you report into the scoring table
  2. Shake hands with the wrestler before and after the match.  
  3. Shake hands with the opposing coach after the match.  See if the coach has instruction.
  4. Come shake the hand of the coach in our corner.
  5. You must do a 2 minute cool down after every match (jump rope for 1 period)
  6. Get your water, say hi to mom or dad, and be back sitting this the team within 5 minutes of your match.
  7. Cell phones (calls and texting) should be used for necessary (i.e., emergency) communications only and not when in uniform or on the bench.  Cell phones may be collected for away competitions.  If there is an emergency, parents should call Coach Struck.
  8. During competitions, only clothing which has been approved by the coaching staff (i.e., t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, etc.) will be allowed. Everyone must wear the same singlet (dual meets and tournaments) so be prepared.
  9. During overnight trips, only team personnel (i.e., team members on the trip, coaches, and athletic trainers) are permitted in your room.  Anyone else must have approval in advance.  In addition, team members are allowed only in the rooms of the above-mentioned team personnel.
  10. Wrestlers who have been eliminated from competition on the first day of a two-day tournament will be expected to participate in a workout prior to the beginning of competition on the second day. Make certain you check with the coaching staff for the starting time of that workout.
  11. All team members must be continuously involved in the preparation for home wrestling events until its completion. When coaches indicate all tasks are finished, be prepared to meet briefly in the wrestling room.  At the conclusion of all competitions, all team members will meet together with the coaching staff.

---All punishments and conditionings are to be made up before or after practice, not during.  You must have them made up before the next meet if you are going to compete.  All punishment is immediate.  Take care of it that day.


Clothing that advertises alcohol, drugs or tobacco products, contains vulgarities, profanity or would otherwise be considered inappropriate or does not project a positive or wholesome image is prohibited. Please wear Jeff  Wrestling apparel whenever possible.

Bring a lock and secure your belongings during practice and matches (home and away). You may keep a lock permanently on a locker in the lower locker room for the entire season.  NEVER leave jewelry, money and other valuables unsecured in the locker room.


To earn a varsity letter in wrestling, you must meet one or more of the following requirements: