Commission Terms and Conditions

What you get: Colourful artwork in the style of this classically trained animation artist. Visit for my portfolio.

Will do:

Portraits / Full body / Fan Art /  Boudoir / pin-up / Horror

Will not:

Explicit Pornography / Anthro / Manga style / Heavy Mech

Pricing :

* Acceptable payment - Paypal CAD or USD only.  

* Pricing may differ from advertised depending on complexity of artwork

* Pricing is subject to change
* Availability will be at my discretion

* 100% payment to be made before work begins

In Brief:


Don’t let the terms below intimidate you. I’m very easy to work with, I do not get offended by constructive criticism, and I just want you to be happy with the piece I create. The terms are for your protection, as well as mine.

Full Terms and Conditions

Getting started

  1. Once the commission begins,  I will be corresponding to [ you ] at your email address only.  No other party will be able to make any inquiries or requests on this commission unless expressly permitted by you.  
  2. Before you send payment, please let me know what your subject is, and send over as many references as you feel is necessary. At this point, I can tell you whether or not I can reasonably complete this artwork and provide alternate quotes and terms depending on work involved.
  1. The artwork will be done in my style. Please see my gallery for examples.
  2. Original Characters with established image reference only. Character design services are not available at this point.
  1. If I approve the commission, artwork is started after terms are agreed to and payment is received. The commission is suspended if no communication is made from the client within a reasonable timeframe  and no refund will be offered.   Work may  be continued with a new deadline 30 days from last contact.  Commission closes with no refund after 3 months of no contact.  

Acceptable means of contact



Less prefered but accepted:

Twitter/instagram/tumblr : @blackdaisies

Work In Progress/Revisions

  1. You may request a review of the rough sketch and coloured sketch for composition and concept. You will be refunded if neither of us approve the rough work after reasonable revisions.
  2. Work in progress may occasionally be posted on social media or livestreamed. Please indicate if you would prefer work to be private.
  3. Please allow 30 days from payment for completion of the artwork. If I cannot deliver the artwork under this schedule, you may request a refund.  Please let me know if work needs to be delivered before a certain date, i.e. gift for birthday or holiday.
  4. You may request a review of the watermarked final piece.  You may request minor revisions at this point within reason.
  5. Additional costs may apply for any significant changes/additions at any point in the drawing process, including but not limited to pose changes, colour palette changes, additions of wardrobe, props or characters. Extra time will be added to the schedule for changes to be completed, depending on what needs to be changed.
  6. Please respond to review requests in a timely manner.  If I’m unable to get timely feedback from you, I cannot guarantee the 30 day schedule.

Delivery and Rights

  1. You will receive a web optimized digital copy of the artwork when completed.  Prints are available at an additional cost for printing and shipping. I do not provide print-ready copies.  Large formats are not available at this time.
  2. I retain all rights to the artwork and to use artwork to promote my work, display it on my website(s), DeviantArt, Artstation  and other social media networks.
  1.  I will not sell the artwork in any format or use it in any other commissioned work without permission from you.
  2. I do not own any rights to your original concepts
  3. I do not own any rights to third party concepts and intellectual property.  
  1. You may display artwork for personal use.
  1. You may not incorporate any part of the artwork in another work, significantly alter the work, or claim the artwork as yours.
  2. You may not sell digital downloads or reproductions of the artwork. You may not use for commercial purposes (i.e. album/book covers, greeting cards, show posters, commercial website banners, brochures or other marketing materials)  Please contact me if you need a commercial licence to the artwork.



  1. You may request a refund if the initial sketches are not approved.  
  2. You may request a partial refund if the artwork is completed and delivered  past the expected deadline agreed upon.
  3. If I cancel the commission at any stage of the work, you will receive a complete refund.
  4. You may stop work at any time. If work is stopped after the sketch is approved,  50% of initial cost will be refunded to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these terms *before* you agree, I am happy to discuss any of these points with you.  If you agree, simply send me some kind of correspondence that you’re okay with these terms.

 I’m very much looking forward to hearing your ideas and working with you to get you a piece you’re happy with. Thank you!