Volunteer Role Description


Job Title/Role:   Driver Coordinator

Overview:  Toronto Cat Rescue is a volunteer driven organization. The majority of the cats in our program originate from the 3 Toronto Animal Services shelters. Our cats are located in foster homes, at our Volunteer Center facility, at Veterinary clinics in the GTA, or at our retail adoption centres. The transportation of cats between locations is covered by volunteer drivers, who are a vital part of Toronto Cat Rescue operations.

The main role of the Driver Coordinator is to coordinate transportation requests for cats and manage all logistics to ensure pick up and drop offs are complete.


Ensure that the transportation of cats between various TCR locations is promptly arranged and to communicate arrangements made with volunteer drivers and other relevant parties at the pick up and destination locations.  




General Role Information:


Reports to:

Operations Manager

Operations Lead:

Operations Manager


Parisa Mazloumi



Hours per week:

Minimum 6 hour per week depending on number of requests



Work Location:

Volunteer’s home

Required Experience or Education:

Data Entry,


Google Docs, group emailing,

Staff or volunteer management

System Access Required:

Google Docs



Other Job Requirements:

Access to a computer is mandatory


 Core Responsibilities:


●     Receiving, reviewing and responding to driver requests from TCR Volunteers

●     Sending transportation requests to drivers via email and managing all logistics

●     Ensuring cats are transported between pick-up and drop-off locations on time

●     Keeping accurate record of the driver requests

●     Ensuring candidates are trained according to TCR policies

●     Maintain driver volunteer schedule of pick-ups and drop offs

●     Communicate information to the volunteer drivers, program coordinators, and fosters

●     Act as central point of contact for all volunteer driver related inquiries

●     Maintain current volunteer contact list and liaise with volunteer driver recruitment

       Coordinator to keep driver database accurate and up to date.

●     Monitor volunteer performance and provide additional training or mentorship when required

●     Assist in organizing and running the large rescue driver requests




Customer service experience


Compassionate, patient, pleasant and positive nature


Highly organized


Excellent communication skills


Able to multi-task and juggle many requests at a time


Able to retain information and take detailed notes


Proficiency with Gmail and Google Docs


Proficiency with spreadsheets


Able to achieve results and meet deadlines with little to no supervision


Able to troubleshoot problems quickly and professionally



Training new members of the intake driver coordinator team takes time.  As such, we ask that applicants be available to commit to at least 6 months of their time.


Please apply today and join our amazing team: online application here!  Thank you!