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iPhone/iPad - Google Calendar Subscription to Application Steps
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  1. Download Google Calendar Application for iPhone/iPad via iPhone Apps Store.


Install Google Calendar App from Apple App Store

  1. Next, on a desktop browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firebox, etc.) please go to this website:  Please look to the bottom right corner of calendar and select “+GoogleCalendar”.

  1. You will be prompted to enter your Gmail account information if you have not already logged onto your Gmail account.  After doing so, you will be taken directly to the Google Calendar website where you will be prompted to “Add Calendar”, please select “Add.”

  1. You will now see the “Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang” automatically appear on your Google Calendars.  If not, please select the checkbox for “Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang.”

  1. If you would like to configure your notification settings on the desktop computer, you may do it by going to the “Other calendars” section where the checkbox for “Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang” calendar is and hovering your mouse over this area.  Please select the three veritical dots as seen below. (Note: Notifications can be configured on the APP instead.)

From there you will be prompted to the next section displayed below, please select “Settings.”


From here you will be sent to the section displayed below.  Please select your preference for event notifications in the section labeled “Event notifications.”

  1. Next on your Apple iPhone/iPad device, please open the Google Calendar Application.

  1. Your “Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang” calendar should automatically populate on your Google Calendar as seen below.

  1. If your “Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang” calendar has not auto populated, please select the three vertical lines at the top of the calendar as seen below.

From here, you will see the below section, please make sure the check box for “Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang” is marked.  This will then populate your Google Calendar.

  1. If you would like to modify your notification settings from your Google Calendar Application, please go to the “Settings” section in the account section of the Application as seen below.

On this Settings menu, please select “Dada Bhagwan-North America Satsang”

In this section you will be able to select the color you’d like your events displayed on your calendar as well as updating/adding/deleting notifications in the “Display Notifications” section.