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1.        Purpose

The Board shall consider the approval of a course of independent study for a properly qualified student, as recommended by the Superintendent, on the condition that the student will demonstrate achievement of established academic standards as a result of participation in the independent study.

The purposes of independent study shall be to:

  1. Extend the learning experience of the classroom.

  1. Develop a student's judgment and self-reliance in the conduct of the learning experience.

  1. Relate academic knowledge to the world of work and learning beyond the school.

  1. Draw upon community resources as well as school resources for a student's educational program.

  1. Include a greater variety of learning experiences within the educational program.

  1. Identify and explore an area of particular interest.

  1. Set personal learning goals and work toward achieving them, with appropriate staff guidance.

  1. Learn to utilize various research tools and methods.

2.        Authority

        Title 22

        Sec. 4.4

The Board shall approve each course of independent study and may designate the number of credits toward graduation to be awarded upon successful completion of each course, except that the Board reserves the right to assign no credit for an approved course.

Each course of independent study must meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures for implementing independent study which:

  1. Counsel students who apply for independent study.

  1. Develop specified, measurable instructional objectives and standards for each planned course of independent study.

  1. Assure that each student conducts study under appropriate staff guidance and supervision.

  1. Monitor the progress of each student.

  1. Certify the completion of each course of independent study based upon the original specified objectives.

  1. Prepare recommendations for Board approval of courses of independent study.

4.        Guidelines

Recommendations for approval may include the qualifications of the student, objectives established for the course, description of the method of study and research to be undertaken, staff members assigned to advise the project, manner in which the project will be evaluated, and proposal for the number of credits to be awarded for the course.

The Board directs that only those students shall be admitted to courses of independent study who provide evidence of academic proficiency, maturity of judgment, and staff recommendations.

Courses of independent study may not be limited to participation by a single student but may involve a group of students, subject to Board approval.

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