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Copy of Tamale Party Bike Catering Agreement
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Tamale Party Bike Catering Agreement

Client Name:_____________________________________________ Phone (          )______________

Organization name, if applicable __________________________ Email _________________________

Address ________________________________________________ City ________________________

Event Date ________________ Time of Event _________ to ________ Est number of guests: ________  

Event Location, if different from above _____________________________________________________

Event Description ________________________________________________       ⃞  Inside or   ⃞  outside

If outside, where will the event relocate in case of rain? ________________________________________

If the event is to be held outside after dark, is additional lighting needed?   ⃞  No    ⃞  If yes, describe _____


Describe access for tamale bike __________________________________________________________

Describe parking location provided for catering van  ___________________________________________

Staff set-up begins at ________________  Service begins at ____________  Service ends at __________

If the serving time is delayed by client, additional charges may be incurred @ $50 per 30 minutes.

  Menu                                              Quantity                                            Notes            

Chicken Verde

Chipotle Pork

Picadillo Beef

Chile and Cheese

Six Vegetable Vegan

Spicy Black Bean Vegan

Pint Salsa Verde (green)

Pint Chipotle Salsa (red)

Quart Escabeche

Quart Escamocha

Price Proposal

The tamale party bike is provided free with a minimum purchase of

100 or more tamales. Travel costs for the tamale party bike are included

 in the proposal. (See ** below).

                                        Description                                                              Quantity                Amount

Tamales @ $3.90 each


Salsa Verde @ $10 per pint

Chipotle Salsa @ $10 per pint

Escabeche salad @ $9.00 per quart

Escamocha fruit cup @ $9.00 per quart

Eco-friendly plates, cups, napkins, and forks @ 50¢ pp

Staff (2) to set up bike and serve tamales: $75.00 per hour  

Travel outside service area, if applicable.



             Sales Tax        


Deposit: A 50% deposit ($                   ) to secure the date is due upon acceptance
of this agreement, with the balance due one week before the event. We accept payment
by bank card or check. If paying by bank card, the client permits the caterer to use the
following card for payments due by initialing here:___________.

Card number:_____________________________ Exp ____/____  Security Code:______  
Cancellation: The deposit will be refunded in full if the event is cancelled 30 days or more
in advance, and 50% will be refunded if cancelled less than 30 days before the event.

Unserved Food: The client will be provided any unserved food items at the conclusion of
the event. Tamales will be packaged and prepared for freezer storage by the catering staff.

Additional Food: If any menu items are fully consumed by guests before the event concludes,
the client may approve serving additional food by initialing here: __________ . The cost of the
additional food and will be itemized in a final invoice to be paid by the client at the conclusion of
the event.

**Travel: If the proposed event is beyond our normal service area between Carpinteria and
Goleta, an additional travel fee may apply.
Gratuity: If our service staff performs well, and you wish to offer a gratuity, you may pay them
directly at the conclusion of our service. Thank you for your business.

 Client Signature ______________________________  Date ____________________

 Santa Barbara Tamales-To-Go ___________________ Date ____________________

Santa Barbara Tamales-To-Go  ⧫  (559) 586-1734  ⧫

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