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Welcome Aboard!
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New Member’s Guide to the USS Narragansett

Welcome aboard the USS Narragansett! We are a group of Star Trek and science fiction fans that work together to have fun and promote the dream of a better future for humanity inspired by Gene Roddenberry.

We give every member the opportunity to choose their level of participation. Some of us are very dedicated to making this ship run smoothly and creating opportunities for fun. Some members may choose a lower level of participation, and that’s fine. But if you volunteer for a position of authority, there is work that goes along with it, and you will be expected to complete it.

We also give every member the opportunity to select their department and allow them to request to change their department in the future. We want everyone to have a good experience here.

Ship’s Structure:

Our ship has 3 divisions. Command, Sciences and Services. Those divisions are divided into departments with leaders assigned to each department, and sub-structure is put in place as needed to support the mission of the department. Specialist positions are also created to support the ship and create engagement for the crew. The command division officers, the department heads, and some specialists make up the ship’s senior staff, who work collaboratively to make the Narragansett a fun place to be.

In the Command Division you will find:

The Commanding Officer (CO), who is responsible for the running of the chapter and has the final say on what happens on board the ship. The CO is responsible for all communication to parent organizations, and represents the ship at the fleet level.

The Executive Officer (XO), who assists the Commanding Officer in running the chapter and takes over in their absence. The XO also handles overseeing RPG style missions.

The Second Officer (SO), who handles day to day administrative tasks of the chapter. The SO oversees all reporting done by the crew.

The MACO Division Leader. MACOs are an elite force of special operations officers from throughout the ship. In addition to their duties in their respective departments, they also train to handle special operations as needed to further the mission of the Narragansett.

The Navigation Department (NAV), lead by the Chief Navigational Officer (CNO). The Navigation department handles plotting courses, avoiding navigational hazards and controlling the helm of the Narragansett as well as piloting shuttles and auxiliary craft.

In the Sciences Division you will find:

The Medical Department (MED), lead by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO). The Medical department is often tasked with solving medical mysteries or reporting on the alien species that we interact with during the course of our missions.

The Science Department (SCI), lead by the Chief Science Officer (CSCO). The Science department runs scans and provides analysis in support of our mission. They also handle many educational tasks related to cadet studies.

In the Services Division you will find:

The Communications Department (COM), lead by the Chief Communications Officer (CCO). The Communications department oversees the USS Narragansett newsletter and the COO serves as the liaison officer to other organizations that we work with, like the organizers of our local ComiCon.

The Engineering Department (ENG), lead by the Chief Engineering Officer (CEO). The Engineering department is often met with challenges relating to keeping the ship operational and making it do what we need it to do to complete our missions.

The Operations Department (OPS), lead by the Chief Operations Officer (COO). The Operations department handles day to day operations of the ship. They are responsible for our website, ensuring that we have a space to hold our monthly meetings, and handling preparations for away missions.

The Security Department (SEC), lead by the Chief Security Officer (CSEO). The Security department is responsible for the security of the captain, the crew, and the ship. Security Officers train to prepare for any situation the ship encounters.

The Tactical Department (TAC), lead by the Chief Tactical Officer (CTO). The Tactical department handles tactical preparations for missions and advises the Captain on tactical matters.

Some of the Specialist positions we have:

The Ship’s Counselor facilitates understanding and communication between members of the ship.

The Chief Purser handles the duties of the Treasurer of the organization, collecting dues and appropriating funds for expenses.

The Ship’s Quartermaster can assist members in finding uniforms, insignia and accessories.

Specialist positions are created as needed and work within their assigned department but also report directly to and advise the CO on matters related to their specialty.

What we do:

Although we utilize email for official communications, the USS Narragansett makes extensive use of Facebook for general communications. We have a private group where we post news for the crew, events, and cool Star Trek stuff. We have an extensive network of chatrooms on Facebook Messenger that we use for ship business, and just to hangout. This is also where we run RPG style missions.

The USS Narragansett holds meetings on a regular basis. Our current meeting location is the Exeter-West Greenwich Jr/Sr High School Library, and meetings are normally held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 3:00pm.

The USS Narragansett does occasional do away missions. These might be to attend a movie together, attend or work at a convention, or go on an exploratory mission to a museum or other educational venue, or attend a public event. Some of this is for fun, some is for recruitment, some is in support of our mission of Knowledge through Exploration, some is in support of fandom, some is to support non-profit organizations around the state that are trying to do good works in the community, and often we can accomplish multiple goals with the same mission.


In order to keep this ship flying, we a set some expectations that everyone needs to meet.

Rank Structure:

Enlisted Officers

E-1 Crewman (CMN)

E-2 Crewman First Class (C1C)

E-3 Able Crewman (AC)

E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class (PO3)

E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2)

E-6 Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1)

E-7 Chief Petty Officer (CPO)

E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)

E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)

Commissioned Officers

W-1 Warrant Officer (WO)

W-2-W5 Chief Warrant Officer (CWOx)

O-0 Midshipman (MID)

O-1 Ensign (ENS)

O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)

O-3 Lieutenant (LT)

O-4 Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)

O-5 Commander (CMDR)

O-6 Captain (CAPT)

Flag Officers

O-7 Fleet Captain (FCPT)

O-8 Commodore (CDRE)

O-9 Rear Admiral (RADM)

O-10 Vice Admiral (VADM)

O-11 Admiral (ADM)

O-12 Fleet Admiral (FADM)

O-13 Fleet Admiral (Emeritus) (FADME)

Promotions and Tracks:

You will start your adventure on the USS Narragansett as an E-1 Crewman. There are advancement criteria you will need to meet. If you want to earn your first promotion, take the exam based on this document. If you pass the exam, you will earn the rank of E-2 Crewman 1st Class. Your next steps will depend on what track you want to take on the USS Narragansett.

If you wish to remain an enlisted officer, there are several things you can do to earn your next promotion. Earning credits at any of our related organizations’ Starfleet Academy, participation in events and attending meetings, participation in RPG style missions, coming up with great ideas and helping to execute them, providing service to the ship or the crew, mentoring cadets, and volunteering to help organize or staff events will all earn you points toward your next promotion. Crew evaluations happen regularly, and if you put in the effort you will find yourself moving up the ladder in no time. Keep in mind, the higher your current rank, the harder it is to gain your next promotion. There are also time-in-grade requirements, but those have been waived in the past for members who go the extra mile to help the ship.

If you decide you want to be a commissioned officer, you need to show us your leadership qualities. Leaders on the Narragansett sacrifice their time and energy to make the experience of the rest of the crew better. They organize, they plan, and they work to solve problems.

To earn the rank of O-1 Ensign you must currently hold the rank of E-2 Crewman 1st class and complete the Officer Training School at Starfleet Academy and be an active participant in ship activities. Promotions beyond Ensign require hard work and dedication to the ship, as well as academic achievements. Some leadership roles will come with probationary promotions that become official once you have proved that you are up to the task you have volunteered for. Earning credits at any of our related organizations’ Starfleet Academy, participation in events and attending meetings, active participation in RPG style missions, coming up with great ideas and helping to execute them, providing service to the ship or the crew, mentoring cadets, and volunteering to help organize or staff events are all great ways to get yourself noticed and earn promotions up the officer ranks. Crew evaluations for officers are normally performed quarterly. Keep in mind that only the work you have put in since your last promotion is considered for your next promotion. It can be hard to work your way up the officer rank structure and there are time-in-grade requirements. But rest assured, hard work and dedication will be recognised.

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