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Odyssey HS Progress Update #4 Due June 18, 2021
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CSI High School Progress Updates                        

Progress Update #4 (Progress, Barriers, Next Steps)

School Performance Plan Implementation: Using data from your spring interim assessment(s) please provide a short narrative(100 words or less) to capture your progress in the implementation of your School Performance Plan thus far.

Professional Development



Next Steps

A book study focused on critical thinking (Think Like a Lawyer!) began June 1st, as part of the accreditation plan. This book study will carry into next year.

Professional development department staff continue working with teachers directly in the classroom to provide one-to-one instructional planning support and coaching.

Teacher burnout.

Staff continue to develop an individualized professional development plan to help teachers implement learned skills and practices into instructional planning for the 2021-2022 school year.

Family Engagement



Next Steps

A very successful drive-through prom (MORP) was held on April 17th. About 130 students participated. Parents and students were very receptive and staff went above and beyond.

Virtual Information Nights have been held for new students and a virtual job fair was held with a variety of vendors.

In-person graduation (90%+) was a success.  The event was held at Orleans Arena and over 1200 families were allowed to attend the graduation of 400 seniors. 150 students opted for live-stream.

None at this time.

A livestream of the graduation ceremony will continue to be offered. This allows family members to celebrate their students even if they cannot attend in person.

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment



Next Steps

Over 300 juniors (about 88%) participated in on-campus ACT testing. We have a plan for next year to test all non-tested seniors. Administration is proud of the staff and the testing coordinator for the efforts involved during the administration of the ACT, WIDA, NV Science Exam, and AP Exams.

Over 300 students (25% increase from last year) have enrolled for summer school.  We have also increased our incoming 9th grader enrollment to bridge the gap of at-risk students. We have lowered teacher-to-student ratios to ensure all students have the best opportunity to make up credits and get back on track to graduate.

Staff are continuing to work on a proposal to present to the board to be able to provide Saturday sessions.

Enrolling students for summer school.  Summer school engagement is a continual struggle to engage learners.

Transitioning to more in-person instruction for next year and slowly bringing students and staff back to campus.

Next year will focus on using CERT assessments and providing a focused Moodle class on ACT prep. Class sizes will be reduced in algebra and pre-algebra.

Night classes have been very successful and we hope to run two sessions next year.

Staff are planning a CTE program to be implemented over the next couple of years. A focus will be on identifying students in ninth grade who can be enrolled in CTE courses in 10th grade.

Progress Update #4 (Data)

High School Data: Credit Deficiency

Report number/percent of 9th grade students who are credit-deficient (Datalab 06-01-2021)


Class of 2024

Number Off-Track


Percent Off-Track


Unsuccessful Transfers # (%)

8 (2.7%)

High School Data: Off-Track

Report number/percent of 10th-12th grade students who are off-track for graduation 

(Datalab 06-01-2021)


Class of 2023


Class of 2022


Class of 2021



Number Off-Track





Percent Off-Track





Unsuccessful Transfers # (%)

10 (2.9%)

37 (9.2%)

36 (7.4%)

83 (6.7%)

Progress Update #4 (Targets)

  1. Did you meet the targets you established in progress update #3 (February 26, 2021)?

Although targets were not met, the number and percentage of students who are off-track in grades 11 and 12 decreased significantly (from 351 students (39.2%) after Semester 1 to 199 students (22.4%) after Semester 2). This data shows that our instructional program successfully helps students catch up and meet requirements for graduation.                  

  1. Based on this data, list the adjustments (if any) you will be making to the 2021-2022 School Performance Plan?

What adjustments will you make to your 2021-2022 School Performance Plan?

For the 2021-2022 school year, Odyssey Charter High School will be returning to a modified version of our original hybrid model. Students will have the option to either come in person one (1) day a week for three (3) hours, or remain fully online. When students come to school they will be in a classroom with licensed teachers to check in and review coursework in all classes and offer any remediation necessary for the student.

School Improvement Department          August 2020

Assessment, Accountability, Research, and School Improvement (AARSI) Division