18216450_464258157243443_8659260329684093679_o.jpg DARCY MALONE BOYE-LAGNIAPPE DIRECTOR

In addition to being our Aftercare Director and Office assistant, Darcy is also a professional musician! She is a Lusher Lifer and no stranger to the NOLA music world, being the daughter of Dave Malone of the legendary New Orleans Radiators.  She fronts New Orleans Rock/Soul band Darcy Malone and The Tangle as well as performs with many local bands such as Bonerama, Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes, Leo Nocentelli of The Meters, and many more!

18814929_10213618503036729_2799951033703338012_o.jpgJP CARMODY- KINDERCARDIO & SING SANG SUNG

JP is one of NOLA’s hardest working and most sought-after musicians. Fronting his own band South Jones, he also lends guitar and vocal duties to several other bands like Darcy Malone & The Tangle, Marshland, and many more!

12741866_1208589359153197_1539111993194809320_n.jpgMERYL HAHNE- DRAMA, BROADWAY REVIEW, MATH CENTERS

Meryl is a Lusher Lifer who graduated from Lafayette College in PA with a double major in theatre and biology. She has starred in dozens of productions and has extensive theatre, dance and vocal training.  She is directing Lusher’s Drama Company this year!

18268302_10213403926196410_785342330567496957_n.jpgALEXIS MARCEAUX-SONGBIRDS, SING,SANG,SUNG & SHOW CHOIR

Alexis is an incredible singer and percussionist! After making it to round two of NBC’s THE VOICE, Alexis went on to have major success fronting her two bands Alexis and the Samurai and Sweet Crude.  

12002185_872131016205682_1522274248913074596_n.jpgDIMITRI PAPADOPOULOS- KARATE

Dimitri began martial arts at the age of five in an after-school program in Milan, Italy.  He now owns his studio in NOLA, NOSA Karate.  We are very grateful to have Dimitri along with Alyssa Bartochevich and Ike Chapeton in the Lagniappe program!

20046816_1542229775847646_4810482518451284114_n.jpgSOPHIA RABINOVITZ- CREATIVE DANCE & MOVEMENT

Sophia has performed in London, Rome, New York City, and Philadelphia and is trained in a variety of different dance styles. She strongly believes in the power of movement to express ideas, educate, and encourage growth. Coinciding with her love of dance is her love of all things physical! She has also worked with local art camp Upturn Arts!

18920174_1753405941352707_5286493535256569487_n.jpgCOLLIN AND SAM MCCABE- GUITAR & SPORTS

We are so happy to have these twin rockers in our program every year! The Mccabes are originally from St. Louis and now front local Indie Rock band Bantam Foxes, with Sam on guitar and Collin on Bass while sharing vocal duties.  

18920901_10100737378958655_19760677430437253_o.jpgJAMES HAUSMAN- VIOLIN & ORCHESTRA

When James is not busy teaching our Lusher students, you can find him jamming with his band Dave Jordan & The NIA, and many other musical acts as well!! We are very lucky to have our very own Mr. Hausman along with incredible violinist John Noel assisting in the Lagniappe program!

12802973_10205923696107906_2266787169537145119_n.jpgSHEERI BORNSTEIN- VISUAL ARTS

Ms. Sheeri has spent the last year traveling the world and we are so grateful to have her back in the Lagniappe program! She is a Loyola graduate and has been teaching Art to children for years not only at Lusher but also at the JCC!!

14543837_10101694993616429_6079026846762289902_o.jpgMAGGIE DOUSSAN- NEWSPAPER & COOKING

Maggie is not only a Lagniappe teacher, but also a new Lusher parent! She is a local journalist having worked for many NOLA publications such as Offbeat Magazine and a radio DJ for local station WHIV 102.3.  In addition to being a writer and radio host, she is highly involved in the music community, being the wife of local guitarist Mike Doussan.  

15036201_10211633258326006_6526609403110077981_n.jpg GUILLERMO DEL BOSQUE-GREEN THUMB CLUB & PLANET EARTH

We aren’t sure there is anything Mr. Memo CANNOT do! A natural born artist, he applies art to everything he does! He is highly skilled in gardening as well as passionate about recycling and keeping our planet clean! He has recently started a business making jewelry and instruments out of recycled materials.  His goal is to help fresh eyes discover nature’s abundant inspiration as well as how to sustain it.

20799313_10156634669074478_1768938650127671359_n.jpgKELLY BOND OSORIO- CREATIVE PERFORMANCE & YOGA

Kelly is also a Lusher Parent as well as a Lagniappe teacher! She is a choreographer and performer of experimental dance and theatre. In addition to teaching at Lusher, she also teaches yoga at the JCC!!

11836795_10205635704265534_5164602241199814486_n.jpgBRYAN SPITZFADDEN- PUPPETRY

Mr. Spitz is also a Lusher parent.  He has been working in the fields of Drama and Arts with children for over 5 years.  He has worked in the Newman and Lusher aftercare programs. We are grateful to have him back making puppets with our kids!

11959960_10206337575131564_6265709569705963135_n.jpgSARAH DEVLIN - MEDIA ARTS

Sarah is an experimental filmmaker whose work has been screened at Carnegie Hall and Parson's School Gallery. She has received several awards, including Gambit's 40 under 40, Louisiana Film Fest's Best of Festival, Scholastic Portfolio Gold Medal, and more. 

416242_10150771733121583_1491854697_o.jpgERIN CROWLEY- YOGA

Before coming to New Orleans, Erin was on the faculty at the Chicago High School for the Arts where she taught yoga and movement. She also collaborated on a book, Cooling Down the Classroom: Using Yoga to Help Students Learn to Keep Their Cool, based on exercises she and a couple of other teachers developed while teaching yoga and dance in after-school programs in multiple Chicago public schools.  

18195168_10211226816539702_7808533267107107202_n.jpgNICK MATTA- CHESS

We are so lucky to have Nick in our program teaching Chess to our kids and helping us have a successful Chess Team!! Nick is a National Chess Master with years of coaching experience at the local, state and national levels!!

299179_2073043345571_1749536212_n.jpgDANA REED- HIP HOP & MODERN DANCE

Dana is the Executive Director of Upturn Arts and Hope Stone Kids; a free arts education program for New Orleans youth. She is the artistic director of her dance company, Alternative Collaborations Dance and was awarded performance residencies at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans, Chen Dance Center in New York City and an artistic residency at the Bali Purnati Center for the Arts in Indonesia. Dana has also performed with many dance companies in New York City and is currently performing with Artist Inc and Gris Gris Strut in New Orleans.