Position Description

Title:          Global Ministries Director

Job Statement:          Lead the Global Team in forming, sending and supporting missional leaders to make disciples in the way of Christ in partnership with the global church.


Supervised by:          President

Load:        Up to 75%



  1. Personal faith in Jesus Christ, an active commitment to a congregation in Virginia Mennonite Conference, and a passion for God’s reconciling mission.
  2. At least three years of cross-cultural mission experience with ability to work sensitively with people from a variety of cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds.
  3. A thorough acquaintance with current mission theory and practice from an Anabaptist perspective and a working knowledge of global mission trends.
  4. Whole-hearted embrace of and ability to implement the vision, mission and strategic plan of VMMissions in all ministry contexts.
  5. Strong reputation, demonstrated leadership, and proven ability to be a team player.
  6. Entrepreneurial (apostolic) gifting with ability to cast vision and mobilize persons and resources towards carrying it out.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively in personal and public venues.
  8. Experience in disciple-making and mentoring people in ministry.
  9. Competent administrator with computer skills for developing documents such as worker profiles, worker appointment letters, budgets and public presentations and holding virtual conference calls. Knowledge and skills for required programs include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype or equivalents.
  10. Physical well-being appropriate to the demands of this job.
  1. Ability to transport 50 lbs. for short distances.
  2. A current driver's license.
  1. Flexibility in working hours due to occasional evening and weekend meetings and the need for domestic and international travel of 4-6 weeks a year.
  2. Undergraduate degree required. Seminary or graduate level theological and missiological training preferred.




Global Team Leader


Serve as team leader of Global Team and, as such, serve as member of Leadership Team


Convene Global Team twice a month for missiological resourcing, collaboration in ministry, program administration and development in accordance with VMMissions’ mission, vision, strategic plan and policies.


Coach Global Team members in mission program development, administration and mobilization in their respective areas. Develop for President's approval organizational performance metrics for the mission program and oversee the reporting and monitoring of those metrics.


Submit quarterly reports to the Board of Directors (including tracking and reporting on Program and Personnel Committee metrics) and meet with the Program and Personnel Committee of the Board on behalf of Global Team and HR Director.


Along with Global Team, nurture relationships with global and domestic partners in order to work together effectively in meeting ministry objectives.


Guide the annual budget and planning process of the Global Team and monitor all mission worker and related ministry accounts.


Visit fields of involvement in coordination with the President and other members of the Global Team.


Attend Council of International Anabaptist Ministries and/or other joint mission conferences and consultations.


Regional Program and Personnel Supervisor


Serve as supervising director and budget officer for international mission personnel and programs outside the areas of ministry covered by the other members of the International Team.


Encourage and facilitate missional vision in regional partner churches and assist in the discernment of joint mission initiatives.


Provide a link between international partner churches (i.e., MCTT and JMC) and VMMissions for purposes of sharing counsel, encouragement, and reciprocal ministry.  Coordinate with VMC as needed and helpful.


Recruit, appoint, and orient long-term mission workers and work with appropriate staff for the placement of short-term personnel in the region.


Draft and implement partnership agreements pertaining to joint ministries and joint appointments in the region.


Prepare or oversee preparation of support budgets and facilitate document preparation, housing, transportation and other arrangements necessary for placement of long-term workers in the region.


Attend occasional MST meetings of long-term workers as schedule permits.


Provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to personnel you supervise through at least monthly contact via Skype or telephone.


Make regular field visits to all international workers when appropriate to keep informed, support personnel and relate to partner churches in relation to assignment.


Coordinate with the International Team to provide resourcing and retreats for workers and/or local partners in the region, and with Global Team to provide resourcing and retreats for all workers.


Assist workers you supervise in making arrangements for speaking engagements in supportive churches during home leave or when completing assignment.


Arrange re-entry events for workers you supervise upon completion of assignment.




Attend staff meetings, planning meetings and retreats.


Attend Board meetings when schedule permits and as requested.


Be available for occasional speaking engagements in VMC and other supportive congregations.


Perform other duties as needed.