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The Week of Action is led by Families for Justice as Healing (FJAH) and the Building Up People Not Prisons Coalition (PNP). 

The mission of Families for Justice as Healing is to end the incarceration of women and girls. Families for Justice as Healing is led by incarcerated women, formerly incarcerated women, and women with incarcerated loved ones. We are abolitionists; we organize to build up our communities as we work to end policing, courts, and incarceration.  

Massachusetts is trying to build a new women’s prison. 

We have blocked the process twice since January 2020. Building a new women’s prison will cause generations of women irreparable harm. We can close Framingham AND create alternatives for every single incarcerated person without even changing any laws! We need you with us - keep checking back to find out more ways you can work with us to stop the new women’s prison and support us as we create what different looks like!

The People Not Prisons Coalition meets every Saturday from 1-3pm. If you are interested in giving your time to end the incarceration of women and girls and would like more info about meetings, please contact




Contact us for more information:




Let DOC Know We Must Decarcerate

We have been hearing from our members inside MCI Framingham COVID cases are spiking that the administration’s response is only making matters worse.  

They are mixing women who have tested positive with women testing negative; women have been moved without their property; cells they are moved to do not have electricity; sick women are not getting medical attention; women are not getting their medications. The situation is chaotic and dangerous.

Please contact the Office of the Ombudsman to put on record our concerns about these conditions and call for decarceration as the only safe response to the pandemic. Women should be home, not incarcerated, especially during a pandemic. You can submit your concerns at 

Call in solidarity with our beloved brother Jordan Rice

Jordan Rice is a Black prisoner wrongfully convicted for a vicious murder he did not commit. Targeted for decades, Jordan’s recent successful lawsuit against the DOC has ramped up their retaliation. Following his punitive transfer to Walpole’s  Department Disciplinary Unit, Jordan’s life is in grave danger. Jordan is asking us, the community, to make calls on his behalf.

Please make these two calls and take 60 seconds to let us know the response to document our efforts. We are also working with Senators Rausch and Eldridge, Representatives Miranda, Dubois, and Prison Legal Services. Jordan needs you on his side!

MCI- Cedar Junction Walpole Superintendent (warden)

508-660-8000 ext 209 ext. 209 or 210

Department of Correction Commissioner Carol Mici

508-422-3330 ext. 209 or 210 


I’m calling because Jordan Rice, #W65429, is in danger. Sargent Kasperzak (Kas-per-zik) has repeatedly threatened Mr. Rice and is physically, sexually and verbally abusing him. Mr. Rice currently has an active order through the Inmate-to-Staff Conflict Policy for Sargent Kasprzak to stay away from him because of his abusive behavior.

I want to let you know that if something happens to Mr. Rice, the public will know. And we will hold Walpole and the DOC responsible for any mistreatment of him.

I expect all of Mr. Rice's claims against Sargent Kasprzak will be fully investigated, including why the guard destroyed footage of his previous assault on Mr. Rice and for Sargent Kasperzak to be suspended pending outcome. I expect that tampering with Mr. Rice's food, CorrLinks, and mail, as well as all other physical, sexual and mental abuse will stop. I am in contact with Jordan's family and will call again if his conditions do not improve.

Support our legislative priorities

We have offered testimony on our priority bills to the legislature and thank everyone who turned out to show the widespread support for these efforts led by incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. If you signed up to supply written testimony make sure to submit that ASAP to the committees. As we await action on our bills, our testimony guides can offer a good overview of the legislation and we encourage you to use them to talk to members of your community or to adapt testimony as letters to the editor for your local news.

  • Check out the guides for testimony on our bills

Join US to DEMAND Justice for David Yarde

Join US to DEMAND Justice for David Yarde. Call 617.619.4000 and ask Prosecutors to dismissThe Commonwealth v. David Yarde Case.  No forensics or ballistic evidence directly connected David to the crime. Eyewitnesses gave testimonies that pointed to someone else. New analysis of the surveillance video from the scene of the crime makes the Commonwealth’s case questionable.

#FreeDavidYarde 🙌🏽 #NotInMyName

Call the Essex County DA in Solidarity with Rafael Martinez

The Commonwealth sentenced Mr. Martinez to life imprisonment for murder in 2011 without DNA confirmation, forensics, eyewitnesses, or physical evidence. New analysis of the surveillance video and testimony by an informant add more concerns. Join his family and loved ones calling for his release.

Call the Essex County District Attorney's Office in solidarity with Mr. Martinez - (978) 745-6610  - and ask to leave a message.


My name is ___ I am calling in solidarity with Mr. Rafael Martinez and ask DA Blodgett to vacate case number 2011681, Commonwealth v. Rafael Martinez, from 2011. New evidence further emphasizes that the evidence used to incarcerate Mr. Martinez was insufficient and I ask you to ensure he is released back to the community.

Call on the Suffolk County DA's Office to Rectify the Unjust Sentence of Quincy Butler

Quincy Butler has been tried four times for the same set of charges on spotty evidence, including with witnesses paid thousands of dollars by the state for their participation who have repeatedly changed their stories. He has always maintained his innocence. The first three trials ended in mistrials. In the fourth trial, Quincy was convicted, but fifteen years later that conviction was overturned when appellate courts found the prosecution engaged in racial and gender discrimination during jury selection--particularly significant in this case which alleges that a Black man was involved in the killing of a white woman. Even though his conviction was overturned, Quincy is now facing a fifth trial by the Suffolk County DA's Office. The DA's office had offered a plea to 15 years in prison at his fourth trial--time he has now already fully served.

Call the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and ask them to file a nolle prosequi and not pursue a fifth trial! (617) 619-4000
Also sign the petition for Quincy here


I am calling to urge the DA’s office to file a nolle prosequi (pronounced nolly pross-see-quay) and drop all charges in the case of Quincy Butler. Mr. Butler has already been tried four times by this office. The first three trials ended in mistrials and the fourth was overturned on appeal for racial and gender discrimination in jury selection. During the fourth trial, this Office offered a plea to 15 years in prison -- Mr. Butler has now already served 15 years in prison before he won his appeal. Mr. Butler has always maintained his innocence. This Office should not proceed with an unprecedented fifth trial! I am asking you to drop the charges in Mr. Butler's case and file a nolle prosequi.