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February 2020

New: Launch your virtual meeting from Lead Honestly

Managers and employees now have the ability to launch their virtual meetings directly from Lead Honestly. Since you’re already working within the platform, we wanted to make it quick and easy for you to get started. Available for most major web conference platforms, including:

November 2020

New: Custom Pulse Survey questions

Upon popular request—you may add your own custom Pulse Survey questions as well as use our recommend Pulse Survey questions. As with your existing Pulse Surveys, these questions will be asked on a scale from 1 to 10 and included in all of your team reporting.

October 2020

New: Threaded conversations

Whether you want to take notes or add commentary before, during, or after your 1-on-1 meetings, or if you want to run a 1-on-1 meeting asynchronously, you can now leave comments and have threaded conversations directly within each Agenda Topic and Playbook Question.

New: Rich-text editor

At times, words alone aren’t enough to adequately convey or communicate the message you’d like. Sometimes you want to bold or italicize your text, add a link, quote another source, or organize a bulleted and ordered list, and now you can with our new rich-text editor (also known as a what you see is what you get or WYSIWYG editor).

Improvement: Extended our library of special characters

While lead Honestly has always supported special characters, we received requests to extend our library of special characters to be more inclusive of cross-cultural names where different characters are used. Happy to help, you can now use æ, ć, ë, î, õ, or the like without worry.

September 2020

New: Login without a password

Sounds like magic, and it is! We want Lead Honestly to be the easiest product you’ll ever use, and one hurdle we wanted to remove was having to remember a password to log in. From the sign in page managers and employees alike have the option to have a magic code emailed to them, which upon clicking will automatically log them in without a password. ✨

New: Manager Engagement Scores

From the Organization Managers page, organization owners have access to an Engagement Score per manager on their account. The Engagement Score is calculated by how engaged a manager’s employees are, factoring in how often 1-on-1 meetings have Agenda Topics, Playbook Question responses, Action Items, and general engagement. The higher the score the better.

Why an Engagement Score? We want to offer organization owners a way to ensure their management team is having meaningful 1-on-1 meetings without sharing their conversations or specific data from each meeting. 1-on-1 meetings are between an employee and manager, and the trust and engagement within that relationship is key, which is only possible when their conversations are kept private, between the two of them.

New: Remove a 1-on-1 meeting

Life happens, and sometimes you’ll need to skip a 1-on-1 meeting. In these cases, we want allow you to remove a 1-on-1 meeting. On the meeting page, you now have access to a “Manage meeting” dropdown menu, which includes the ability to remove a meeting.

Improvement: Pulse Survey usability improvements

Quickly and easily view and add team members or email participants to Pulse Surveys (you can add anyone by their email, not just your employees).

August 2020

New: Recommended Agenda Topics for employees

1-on-1 meetings should be a two-way conversation where employees move past status updates and a rich discussion takes place. With recommended Agenda Topics, employees have the option to add one or more recommended topics to drive discussion and help them grow in their roles. Potential recommendations include:

New: Profile photos

Pulling from Gravatar, all users have the ability to add a profile photo. This allows each individual to express themselves, put a face to a name, and adds a personal touch to each profile.

July 2020

Improvement: Cancel pending employee transfers

Before, when an employee transfer between managers was started the transfer had to either be accepted or declined by the new manager. No longer, today the manager initiating the transfer can cancel the transfer, as teams and needs change.

Improvement: Print styles for meetings

For those moments you want to go offline, we’ve added specific print styles for meeting agendas, questions, and action items. These new styles also include additional space to take written notes during your meeting.

Improvement: Easily manage Google Calendar invites

Now you can quickly access Google Calendar invites for your 1-on-1 meetings directly from the employee profile by editing an employee’s profile or by hovering over the “Meeting Schedule” or “Next Meeting” sections. No need to search your calendar for your 1-on-1 meetings, Lead Honestly will link you directly to your recurring meeting invites.

Improvement: Performance improvements

Improved the overall platform load time with a number of miscellaneous improvements, allowing you to quickly access your 1-on-1 meetings.

June 2020

New: Transfer an employee between managers

Organizations evolve and as your organization changes so may your team, be it transferring employees from one manager to another. Now you can seamlessly transfer employees between managers and teams within Lead Honestly, where we’re happy to evolve with you and your team.

Improvement: Updated interface for identifying “Paused” employees

Following an improvement last month, employees who’s meetings are paused will not be displayed on the Dashboard, as to not lose track of employees who are not presently having 1-on-1 meetings.

May 2020

New: Private Agenda Topics

Sometimes there are sensitive topics or topics that require context you want to discuss in a one-on-one. In this case, you want to add the Agenda Topic to your meeting and want to do so without your team member or your manager seeing the topic. Private Agenda Topics allow for exactly this—you can create an Agenda Topic, and even add comments to it, privately without anyone else ever seeing it.

New:  Move Agenda Topics & Add New Agenda Topics to future meetings

1-on-1s don’t—and shouldn’t—stick to a script. When you’re having a meaningful conversation, the initial questions can lead to other topics, and at times somethings don’t get addressed. Just because an agenda topic doesn’t get addressed right now doesn’t mean it’s not important, which is why we now provide the ability to move an existing agenda topic, or create a new agenda topic for a  1-on-1 in the future. Let the conversation flow naturally without the need to force a topic change, trying to cram everything in, or worrying about remembering to bring it up in the next meeting.

New: Previous meeting statistics

Identify your most engaged managers and employees.  If you're the Organizational Manager, view a list of quick statistics from an employee’s previous meeting. This includes the date of the most recent meeting, number questions answered, total Agenda Topics discussed, and the number of Action Items created. Be proactive in learning who may need a little more attention and motivation to get managers more out of their 1-on-1s.

New: Pulse Surveys

Automate employee check-ins outside your 1-on-1s by establishing a regular Pulse Survey cadence. Establishing this cadence allows you to identify employee trends and areas for improvement, or where to double down to maintain happiness. Select from our list of questions, set the frequency and start date, and we will take it from there! This is the easiest and most convenient way to maintain mindfulness when it comes to your team.

Improvement: New interface for pausing and removing employees

We've made it even more straightforward to manage your team members. From the manager dashboard, click an employee and edit their profile to quickly pause the meetings or remove the employee from your team entirely.

Improvement: Autosave employee responses

As your employee is answering questions, we are now autosaving. This means that if an employee were to get distracted and not finish their answers, they can pick up right where they left off when they return to Lead Honestly.

Improvement: Employee welcome email & preview

We recognized that employee engagement with a new tool isn’t solely dependent on you, which is why we improved our welcome emails to give the new employee more context about what Lead Honestly is and what to expect.

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