Quarter 3 Elective Offerings

Grade 7

Engineering Quest

Mr. Lopez

Curricular Connections: Science, Math, Art

Description:  Students will work in pairs to solve weekly challenges that require them to use scrap materials to accomplish the assigned task. For example, students will be asked to create a tower that is the tallest and can hold the most weight. We will then test the two towers and see who was more successful. After the testing round, we will discuss what techniques were used to build and work as a team. The goal for this elective is for students to explore in a tactile way while also using some of their science knowledge.


Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course students will be able to

Creativity with Words and Images

Ms. Coffey

Curricular Connection: Creative Writing, Art, Graphic Design, Poetry

Description: This elective will give you the opportunity to explore creative writing. If you were inspired by Laurie Halse Anderson’s visit and you want to try telling stories in new ways, consider this elective option. You will have time to develop longer pieces, several shorter pieces, or poems. You can also think about how images tell stories if you would like to create a graphic novel or another combination of words and text. This elective will be your time to be open-minded and take risks with your writing!

Learning outcomes:

Students will be able to:

Solution Revolution

Mr. Gioffi

Curricular Connection: Humanities, all subject areas

Description: Every day, in the news, on social media, and in the classroom we are bombarded with many problems, locally, regionally, and globally. Global warming, women’s rights, world hunger, high taxes, plastic pollution, food waste –the list goes on and on. Creating and recognizing problems is easy. However, we hardly ever hear enough about solutions. Would you like to be part of the solution?  That is what this elective is for.  Students will recognize the problems they are most concerned about.  Then, select one to investigate, finding out the causes and culprits, what has already been done, and successes and failure. Students are also encouraged to contact real people who are involved in the problem.  But –the most important part will be to create and enact a real and original solution. Ultimately, you will offer a presentation to the audience showcasing all of the above –particularly your original solution and why people should act now. Too much time is spent talking about problems; now it is time to start thinking about solutions.

Learning Outcomes:

Coding Combat

Ms. Cushman

Curricular Connection: Technology, Problem Solving

Description: We are all users and consumers on our devices. But do you understand how your devices work? How do they communicate with us and with one another? What language(s) do they speak? Understanding how to code is now seen as an essential skill for many jobs, and this is likely to increase in the future. Whether you think your career might be in software development, medicine, law, gaming, fashion design, engineering, banking, or just about anything, learning the basics of coding can help quite a lot. In this elective, you will play an online game called Coding Combat, which will teach you step-by-step how to build elements of a game with the language Python.


Learning Outcomes: