CSA Information

Looking for local to be delivered? Below are the two options for a vegetable or meat CSA to be delivered directly to your office. You’ll be supporting local produced in Central Oregon from the convenience of your workplace. You can sign up for a vegetable CSA, a bi-weekly meat box or both.  

Farm: Seed to Table Oregon

Length of CSA: May 30th – October 3 (19 weeks)

Cost: $475 (equals out to $25 a week)
Commitment: 19 weeks

Delivered: Weekly on Wednesdays

Audrey over at Seed to Table Oregon started her small educational farm in Sisters a few years ago. Now an official non-profit, Seed to Table Oregon offers beautiful and high quality produce produce shares, grown in the heart of Central Oregon. All proceeds from shares go to support farm based nutrition, science and art education and to provide high quality produce to local families in need. They farm using organic practices.


Ranch: Home Farm Foods
Length: Order delivered on a bi-weekly basis

Cost: $50 billed bi-weekly

Commitment: Cancel or re-start anytime- must be two weeks in advance
Includes: 8lbs mixed pork/beef & 1 dozen eggs

Cameron at Home Farm Foods has pasture raised pigs and grass-fed pastured cows. He is certified by Animal Welfare Approved, a certification given to producers who raise their animals to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards.


Workplace CSA FAQ

Q. What is a CSA? *Note Seed to Table calls their CSA a produce share.

  1. A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share is a great way for a consumer to purchase farm fresh goods directly from the farmer. You pay upfront for your farm goods and the farmer delivers a weekly box of seasonal veggies that are typically harvested that day.

Q. What are the benefits of joining a CSA (Produce Share)?

  1. For the farmers, your upfront payment helps them purchase products they need for the growing season, such as plants, seeds, soil and more. For consumers, you won’t have to worry about going to the store after work. Instead, each week you’ll receive a box of produce and/or meat and eggs to take home and make fresh meals. The box will contain a variety of vegetables and will be a fun way to experiment with new recipes.

Q. Do I have to pay everything upfront?

  1. The total amount for the CSA (Produce Share) must be paid in full before the first week of the CSA starts. You can pay in several installments if that works better for you. Once the CSA starts and you have paid in full, you will receive your share weekly, no need to go shopping for veggies! A down payment of $150 is required by March 15 if you choose to pay with several installments.

Q. Will the box be the same each week?

A. Yes and no. The boxes will have include some “staples” as well as a variety of vegetables       each week that will change throughout the growing season. You can expect between 6-8  items or approximately one grocery bag full of vegetables and one herb.

Q. Can I have half of a share?

  1. The CSA (Produce Share) only comes in one size. It is enough vegetables to feed one vegetarian or two omnivores. Some people find they can use all of the vegetables each week by themselves without leftovers while others find that they have enough to share. It depends on how often you cook and how many vegetables you eat. If you feel you will have too much, you may find a co-worker that wants to split the share with you. You will need to decide how you split the share amongst yourselves.

Q. What happens if I’m absent or out of town?

  1. You have paid for the share and will receive one box of produce a week. If you are unable to pick up, then you can “give” your share to a co-worker by letting the on-site CSA Organizer know who will be picking up their share instead of the owner.

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