Title:                                                                 Name:

What are you going to call the game that grabs attention and reflects the nature of your game?


Game Story

Write a paragraph or so long story that provides a context for the game to get players excited and to provide an overall perspective on the game.

Player Objectives

  1. Explain the role players are taking on.
  1. Explain what players will do during the game. This should cover the main actions and events of the game.
  1. Explain how the player wins in general.



List the different pieces (with exact quantities of each) used in playing the game.  


Component Name



Component Name



List the steps in order to set up the game.  Be sure to explain what to do with each kind of component. These steps need to match the order that components are listed above.


Game Play

Game Play Overview

Explain briefly what happens in each round, phase, and/or player turn.

Game Rules

Explain the game play on each turn with a short list of actions players may take.

Explain the game play in depth.

End Game Conditions

Explain clearly how the game ends.


Victory Conditions

Explain clearly how the game is won and lost. Use game language here, be specific in terns of quantities.

Include tiebreakers as needed.