It is the responsibility of parents and ski team supervisors to ensure that adequate public liability insurance is in place for pupils participating in SSSA events.

Having no cover in place means that participating pupils can be held personally liable should they, for any reason (like skiing out of the course and into a bystander) cause any injury or damage to a third party. For this reason insurance cover is mandatory for the protection of competitors (and their families) and parents and ski team supervisors must ensure cover is in place.


If parents or ski team supervisors are in any doubt as to whether pupils are covered by their school (or another) insurance policy they can purchase insurance cover on the day of the event from the SSSA as part of an annual SSSA membership for just £3.50 per head. This membership and provides the pupil with a SSSA sticker and public liability insurance cover valid for the full academic year up to 31st July.

When checking-in please make sure you notify the event organiser if you require to purchase this insurance, by completing the boxes on the check-in sheet.


Insurance is provided through Snowsport Scotland. Policy details are available at