Chapter 1: A New

        A tragic world of smoke and flames is where we begin. From the shells of a nearby egg of blue crystal is that of a boy. This boy was quite small for the species he was, as he the Tachyean. Tachyeans being the race of a highly advanced civilization of hardened crystalized dragonoids. He was a blue variant of his species, with a slight transparency, darkened interior, and about two and a half meters tall. He was able to walk after about a few minutes of crawling up a large hillside of ash. As he approached the top, he could see a glow of green from the fiery landscape ahead. The boy hoped for protection from the scattered climate that he was in, thus he was able to bring forth his small wings of rather largely exposed bone structures to start flying. He did stumble a bit down the hillside, still adapting to the abilities he had. Where am I, what even is this place. Maybe more answers are at the location of the green glow yander.

He continued his flight to about a kilometer of the entrance to what now appeared to be a thriving town in the midst of such a destructive planet. He wasn’t entirely sure why any of the citizens inside the blocked off city would want to be there in the first place, as it seemed that if they could protect themselves from the conditions, why bother being there. The entrance now in sight, the boy run towards it to discover two massive guards similar to himself, but of more green hues. {Who goes there!} The boy was confused as to how he was able to hear his, when he didn’t mutter a sound from his being, outside of the shift of his body to draw his spear toward the child. The other guard wasn’t as concerned as it seemed, mainly do to the fact he didn’t draw his weapon. {Calm yourself, it’s just a child, of your own race. Sorry for my friend Udgenray here, he has been a bit on edge do to the recent attacks at this town. Um, where are your folks by the way, you seem to be a bit misplaced to be out here of all areas?} The a loud roar was uttered from a short distance south of there location, where the boy originated from. The creature was about ten meters in height, and with a reddish orange fur on some of his surface, the rest being pitch black charred skin, was about to charge the guards. It began to open its mouth that could swallow one of the guards whole, much less himself. The second guard drew forth his trident, ready to fend off the monstrosity before them. The first guard went for one of the creature’s dozen eyes, only to be swatted into the barrier by it’s linear body. The other guard through his weapon toward the center of its body to be reflected by some of the legs that would be at least double his width. The boy was the creatures next target as it started to run directly at him. The boy was able to throw himself at the barrier to land on top of the beast. He then ran up its spine to reach the head, then with all the energy he had, he generated a dagger that he drove into the beast head. The creature wailed in pain, bucking him off onto a nearby rock, them it falling onto its back. The boy the slams his whole mass into the beast neck region to send it flying about twenty kilometers away.

The guards ran to him, as he fell on his face directly into the ground. {What were you thinking kid, you could’ve gotten killed.} {Well Suundaika, you were the one that wanted to help him, so don’t be mad that he was able to help us. You know that wouldn’t have ended well.} The boy got up and generated a staff that he used as a crutch, from his weakened state. The guards were still arguing, but then saw the boy’s staff, and stop. {Um, Suundaika, why does the kid have that?} {Not sure Udgenray, but I think that might explain how he was able to beat that creature at this age. What is your name boy?} The boy wasn’t sure how to answer then, he didn’t directly know his own name, nor did he even know how to properly communicate with them. He tried his best efforts to mutter what he could, only to get whines from his mouth. No that’s no right… {Maybe if I do it like this? Can you understand me sir?} {Yes child, I understand you, now that we know that you can talk, do you have a name?} The thought of not having a true name bothered him, but then he thought of something.

 It was more of a memory, but he didn’t think he had really experienced anything before that point, now only being more confused. He was able to see an egg, similar to the one he came from only a couple of hours ago. He was in the midst of complete darkness, nothing was near him, but that of a bright light coming towards him and the egg. {My child, I’m sorry for all my mistakes, you will be able to save this universe, but now Neoum, you must wait for the perfect time before you can arise. With great confidence, I know you will be able to do better than I.} He then made a protection capsule, setting the egg inside, and blasted it off extreme force, to escape his coming destruction.

{Sir, my name is Neoum.} {Well Neoum, you definitely need to come inside, we have been waiting for you.} They went to enter the city, going to the desk next to the gate with a Tachyean woman waiting for them. {What would you like?} Before allowing them to answer, she was able to see the staff of blue crystal, almost screaming from the shock of seeing it, she had to wait a moment to process. {I can’t believe it’s really you, my parents thought you would never arrive, but I had hope. You are always welcomed here, just give me a second to open the gates.} She ran over to the terminal to display the controls, then the gate started to slide open. {Thank you madam. You have been very kind.} {No you are the one to be thanked, I would never deserve you gratitude.} The three entered the city to have Neoum see the green and orange lights of the crystal buildings, similar to that of his own. There were people of many different species in this town, most of which weren’t that of his own race, oddly enough. The few he did see were receiving hostile looks from the other citizens of the town. A group of citizens walked towards the three, the guards drawing there weapons in response. {Why are you getting your weapons ready? They seem to be unarmed.} {That’s just what they want you to think} thought Udgenray. {I’m going to be completely honest with you Neoum, we aren’t very respected here by most of the citizens. They want us to not be anywhere near them, but this being our home world that we help protect to allow them to even live here. It’s an irritating issue that you will not be able to complete understand yet. I suggest to stay behind us.} Neoum listened to them, then watched the group that was advancing towards them.

They were now surrounding the guards. The leader of the gang, a purplish guy with grey hair. He seemed to have a few scars from possible battles from before, but Neoum hoped otherwise. “Hey, why are you two in our city, you should know your place, lizard brains.” {We have a task to accomplish currently, now if you could let us move along with our day.} “Why do you to have a kid with you, I don’t think we just allow anyone into this find town, and now there’s another one of you in here. I’d hate to see that small welp to get hurt, right?” He then pulled out a sort of blaster that was also made of the crystal that they were made up of. {If you darn even to aim that weapon at the child, I’ll make sure of it that…} “That what, you will kill me. I hope you are willing to destroy the last bit of trust that this poor universe has left for you.” The blaster, now aimed at the child, caused Suundaika to get very wide eye, almost about to attack. Neoum then stepped forward, in front of the guards. He prepared to use his energy again. “Oh, the welp wants to protect you, how adorable. Let’s see if he can protect you from this!” The leader pulled the trigger, launching the bolt of energy directly at them. Before it could hit them, Neoum was able to deflect it with a shield of noble blue transparent crystal that flung the bolt upwards. It hit the barrier, cracking it slightly, causing a commotion from the town’s folk.

The guards then grabbed Neoum and started to fly to the station up ahead. The shuttle was aimed toward the sky, with a giant arm of sort about to connect the pieces. Neoum was able to see the excitement of the Tachyeans in the crowd, at least before the townspeople started to attack them. {Sorry my guardians, but was it wrong of me to protect you?} {No, you did great, but to everyone else's eyes, you were a bit extreme to protect people. Now we need you to go with one of our most trusted leaders, the mighty Trearomm and Yusryway. They will be able to escort you to safety, as we need to remain here to help calm the situation. WIsh you best luck my lor…} {Don’t say that Suundaika, that won’t help anyone to hear that.} {Okay then, remember to show them your Tachyium Neoum!} {My what?} {The crystals that we generate. Until next we meet.} (Thank you for your help. I wont forget to come back} With that, he was on his way to find out who and what he was, and why he was there.


        (So, do you think this child really is the one?) Yusryway was sitting next to the now sleeping Neoum at a stall on the galactic bridge. As the trip would take approximately a week, he was told to get some rest. Trearomm and Yusryway had been a bit confused to the situation when they were first informed by Udgenray and Suundaika, but after seeing the staff that Neoum had from before, they were a bit more interested. (I think this one might simply be the next generation of Tachyean. While he seems great, I’m not really sure that he truly has all the traits of a lord of Tachyon.) (Why you doubt his authenticity. If he does turn out to be the Lord of Tachyon, I’m going to need you to do that adventure you always wanted. You really deserve it you know.) (I’m fine, I need to just figure this out, and you just want my position over Destructoryous, which you can kiss goodbye. I will be getting all the attention of having him found, and you will have to leave and never return!) She stared at the desperate man, knowing that he would have everlasting protection in that regard. She knew what it was going to end up, but decided to play his game. (Fine, but if I’m right, your vacation will be a permanent one. Do we have a deal?) She offered her hand to Trearomm. He lunged at the opportunity, thus sealing their fate.

(Why does it matter?) Neoum asked them as they were shaking on it. Trearomm jumped a bit, and Yusryway was more confused than anything. (Oh, it really doesn’t too much matter as to who wins, what matters is that you get your rest, okay Neoum.) Neoum looked at him with a bit of concern, and both of them could tell that something was bothering him. (Is there something wrong little guy?) Yusryway went over to him for a hug, but he started to generate shielding around himself. (I rather you just stay away. I can’t live to think of seeing another person hurt by my hands.) (But you’re a mere infant, that from the report at most hurt a dangerou creature, why would you feel that you did something bad?) Trearomm was now as confused as Yusryway. {I was on a battlefield, people being killed left and right, I was leading the attack. Some many casualties, so many poor lives wasted, and I was leading that waste of lives. The creatures of five to ten meters high with four arms using our weapons in combat, ripping us limb to limb. I can’t handle doing this.}

They were simply astonished by what Neoum was describing that they had to leave the room momentarily. {He is a Lord of Tachyon} Trearomm thought over to Yusryway. {I can’t believe that he really is the Lord of Tachyon. How is this possible, Legalacy wouldn’t have just had a child for no reason, and he died off at least ten thousand years ago. This child was just born now, and I can’t believe he has any of the abilities that he possesses.) Yusryway was looking at him, and he then realised why. (You know what, I can’t have this right now, the deal’s off!) (But you’re a man of your word, are you not. It would look really bad to the Elders when we see them that you have simply disagreed to your word. I would think they might have you lose your authority of any world if you thought of such a thing.) Trearomm was defeated justly, but wasn’t going to go down without a fight. (Well then, gracious leader of Destructoryous, you will have to start heading back once we arrive, because that’s all I was assigned to do, so you might not be recognized in Neoum’s discovery after all.) She then realised that he has won the long game after all. (I’m impressed Trearomm, I would aim to have your kids with that kind of innovation, but you won’t be able to return to Destructoryous, so sadly you will continue to be alone.) (Oh, that’s nice of you, but I rather not have any offspring with a demon like yourself.) They then heard knocking at the door.

(Yes Neoum?) He was a bit silent, then opened the door. (So am I that important, because you two being so concerned about me is kinda off setting. Also what is a lord of Tachyon, and why would I be it?) (Wait, you can hear over private conversations?) (They were private, I’m sorry, I thought for how loud you were in my head, you meant me to hear it. If you didn’t want me to know, just tell me and I’ll try to block it out.) They were even more mystified by his raw potential. (I suggest you go try to rest as much as you can. It will be better to have you well rested when you meet the Elders of the Order.) (Who are they Trearomm? Will they be the ones to help my situation?) They were a bit puzzled as to how exactly Neoum’s situation was to be fixed. (I surely hope so, but neither of use can truly be sure what they want to do in regards to your existence.) (Trearomm, don’t say that, it’s not going to help him in any real way to give him a question as his answer! Be more sensitive!) Neoum felt that it was a bit more aggressive than it had to be, thus he decided to voice his concern. (I really do think that his answer was very helpful Yusryway. He told me the truth, and with no other experience in life other than the flashes of the other times, and I really hope you’re not upset that he was honest. It almost makes it harder to trust someone that’s only trying to help me stay calm, because I’ll need my own emotions, so I’m not haunted by just the false memories.) She was almost tearing up. The realization of her own greed to be pointed out by  practically an infant. She left the room for the evening.

Trearomm knew that he wasn’t really in the right either, thus kept to himself as he was the one to watch over Neoum while they travel to the bridge. He thought about the way the interaction might play out with the Elders. He knew the head of the Elders was quite stuck in her ways, for she had took the news of the death of Legalacy the worst, almost unable to run the Order at all. The other Elders had a hard time of the event, but tried to stay with their responsibilities, but she simply went to be with herself for about a year. He couldn’t really know what happened that caused it, as he wasn’t born yet, but knew that the Order has suffered, and she has been more driving everyone away. I can’t have her drive the boy away. She needs to move on, and just let progress begin. I can’t have her reject us anymore. He went over to the boy, as he slept, at least that’s what he hoped he was doing, and carried him to a bed. He’s so powerful, I’ve never thought a Lord of Tachyon would ever be as powerful as this boy, especially at his age. He probably can hear me, and everyone else on the transport to the bridge. He could possibly hear the minds of the memories he keeps experiencing. He will hopefully be able to run our Order to its prime condition once again. Thank you mighty Light that encases and reveals us in this grand existence, thank you.

Neoum continued to try sleeping with no luck, and he only regret it every time he begins entering a state of slumber. He remembers memories of tragedies from the previous lives, many of which he couldn’t understand. He was in their body, watching the horrid events unfold in front of him. No control over what he was receiving, only having to suffer from the endless onslaught. He tried to focus on other things, primarily trying to prepare for the coming meeting with the Elders as he discovered from their conversation. What does this all mean, I don’t understand why I’m the one that has to deal with the misery of these images that keep appearing in my head. Why can’t I block them out! Neoum tried as hard as he could to concentrate on preventing anymore memories to enter his mind, only to start diffusing the room. Trearomm ran into the room and went to neutralize Neoum, only to be sent flying back from the shockwaves that Neoum was producing. He was able to blast him at the perfect angle to knock him out. (Sorry my Lord, but you need to control yourself before continuing with your self investigation. You will be informed in time about who, and what you are in our mighty universe. Now rest young one.)


After a week of travel the three made it to the Galactic Bridge, with its towering skyscrapers, blue transparency of the bridge mystify Neoum as it was the same color as his own. He was amazed by the size of the seeming gigantic playground of sentient species roam the city. He wasn’t sure how such a well established station with so much interaction of different beings. As Trearomm and Yusryway got off the shuttle, they made their final departures, rather brief, but they both were a bit shook by the reality of the trip. (I guess that’s it, isn’t it Yusry, I really hoped this would never truly happen. I feel as if I’ve given up my entire live, and you having the remains of it is the only good out of it.) (Thank you Trear, I have to admit that I to am really disappointed by how this all played out. I hope you make it here, because I know you can. Don’t let me down trigger warning.) She started to sob a bit. The color of her tachyium even decreased and transparency was only at about a third of what it was the day before, as to how Neoum interpreted. He didn’t truly understand the problem they had with one another, but knew that whatever it was, it will be cherished in their memories.

After about five minutes of briefs being transferred between the two, Yusryway began to leave {farewell Yusryway, I hope you are happy with the way everything worked out! Until I see you next!} And with that, she flew off back to the interior station, leaving only the two there. The jungles of the mighty galactic bridge was much to take in for the infant Tachyean, and so they tried to make it over to the main building of the Elders as fast as possible. In the litter of crowds, it was easy to see that they wouldn’t be noticed by any that would be as hostile as the previous world. Neoum knew the bridge had some importance from the memories that he would continually obtain during his little rest. The fact that this place came to him so well in the dreams, that it was quite strange to actually be there to truly take it all in. Instead of the state of trauma that it was in the life times ago, it was a thriving station that seemed to be run at a decent efficiency. Trearomm seemed to be a bit distant from his surroundings, trying to leave this plain of existence. He needed to calm down, Neoum could sense that just isn’t the way to regard these Elders that they were supposed to council with. {Why are you so nervous about this Trearomm, I’d hate for you to have to be like this.} Trearomm didn’t even notice what he said, and thus Neoum kept to himself.

They approached the entrance of the official Order of Tachyon council, they were checked by two Tachyean guards, a bit more professional than that of Udgenray and Suundaika as they were barely having conversation with them. Neoum could sense they weren’t very at ease with their position, as they were the protection of the building from what looked to be rioters. They took about thirty minutes before getting approval to enter. As they entered the crystal blue citadel, Trearomm went over to the crumbled mess of a desk that waited an accountant. (Hello, what may I assist you with Trearomm?) (Oh, well I would like to have this child here evaluated by the Elders, as he was just born only a couple of weeks ago, and I have high hopes that he will be able to serve the Order well. Also if you could look through any openings in any of the tier two positions, I think I need to find a new post.) (Hello ma’am, my name is Neoum, and I was wondering what your name is?) (Well little one, I am known as Wanres, thank you for asking.) Wanres then went into the module in front of her for a couple of minutes to then pass two tickets over to Trearomm. (Neoum will be able to continue his scheduled appointment, and Trearomm, you will be able to come in next week Monday at 14:45. Hope I was able to assist with your day. Trearomm, if you want, you may stay with the boy outside of the Chamber of Elders, until he has finished his evaluation.) (Thank you Wanres, I appreciate the provided assistance.)

They then walked down the long hallway. They were about fifty meters away from the desk, and Trearomm released a loud sigh of relief. (That went better than expected, I know you don’t understand how well that went Neoum, but it could have been a lot worse, and normally is. Let’s be grateful for the convenience of the situation.) (Well, at least you’re better now, I was a bit concerned with how you were earlier.) (What, I’m always fine child, if you should be concerned about anything, it needs to be the council, as they are the ruling force of the Order of Tachyon, the…} (The body that is focused on trying to keep peace throughout the entirety of the universe as well as now keep record of all events. I think I noticed the idea during one of my dreams.) (fascinating, but you will need to be more impressive than that to get the Elders to see that you are the next Lord of Tachyon.) (The leader of our people right, why is it so important that I am?) (Well normally, it would be not as concerning for the current Lord of Tachyon would manage you as your training begun, but because we’ve been missing such a leader for over ten thousand years, the whole Order has been a mess of distrust and corruption. I’m sorry you have to be left with such an occurrence, but you are all we have to actually bring order back to Light’s mighty creation. Hope I haven’t caused you stress now my child, but it was going to happen either way, so you should just appreciate the fact I informed you before the counciling.) Neoum was losing his colour from the fear of having to help a dying organized empire the Tachyeans have created, but he knew something was happening that would change things. He started to recollect, then was able to see after about fifteen minutes of walking, a large set of doors at the end of the hallway, indicating that they were about to enter the Chamber of Elders. (Good luck Neoum, you will need it.)

The Elders, five of them, were seated up at the top of the ten meter high stand. Neoum entered the room, waving off Trearomm. The five of them looked to be a bit confused with the child before them, but it wasn’t all that surprising to Neoum, as he figured that the situation was outside the usual. A brush green Tachyean entered the room from a door behind the stand, with a module ready. The leading Elder, a pale pinkish Tachyean that was just over four and a half meters in high, began the introductions. (Let this meeting come to over my fellow members of the Order of Tachyon, I would like to begin by introducing the members of this meeting. The child before us today is known as Neoum, the scribe of this meeting will be Grinyocn. The Elder members of this meeting are Perfenter, the elder of environmental concern, Fragnet, the elder of crime and justice, Vicherma, elder of energized resources and repair, Jwercon, elder of Tachyean relations, and myself, Jelnorelus, Master Elder of the Order of Tachyon.  begin the evaluation!) The five elders discussed with one another as Neoum could hear from their stand. (Why did he make us have to handle this small affair, doesn’t that foolish Trearomm know of our important business. We can’t go evaluating every tachyean child like the old days.) (Maybe he thought it would be fun, it’s not like something even he would have been able to experience in his youth. He was barely a child five millenniums ago.) (That doesn’t make it right to waste our time, there are quintillions of lives that we manage, and one boy…} (Sorry Elders, I would hate to waste your time, but Trearomm isn’t to blame for this mess. You should be angry with me for having to be able to get this evaluation.) (Yes boy, but you shouldn’t interrupt… us during our private discussion?) (Jelnorelus went silent, then Fragnet continued the discussion with Neoum. (I’m quite impressed by your ability to detect our thoughts Neoum, and for your age, it is quite strange to have this conversation at all. You may be able to actually be a fine Elite yet. Though I do ask you if you could block us out while we think of the task we’ll have you do to prove yourself.) (Sorry Fragnet, I’ll keep my mind to myself as much as I can.)

The five Elders continued to think of what to do with Neoum, only to have the conclusion that Trearomm brought the boy for a much more important evaluation. (Wait, you expect that he would think this boy to be the level of a Lord, that’s an outrage, and I won’t allow it. Legalacy wouldn’t be pleased with such a thought as a new line of Lords.) Jwercon tried to reason with Jelnorelus , (I would at least give it a shot Master Elder. We need a new Lord of Tachyon if we are ever in hope of bringing any means of function back to the Order.) (You simply can’t accept this boy without the permissions of a lord of Tachyon for only the lineage of the Lord of Tachyon has the ability of being the Lord of Tachyon. So, unless this boy is somehow Legalacy’s offspring, I really don’t think this will happen.) (What if he is the child of Legalacy?) (How could you have such an idea, the Lord never had a child documented. It would be indecent of him to just have one hidden, and for over ten thousand years for the newborn child to just come out of nowhere.) (I see your point, but in the case of his death, he could have just made an egg from his strand, and then sealed it in a tachyium shell to prevent aging until landing, and the planet being Destructoryous, it would be the perfect place for the child to be hatched without a parent generating the heat for the egg. I think if we test his memory, it could answer this properly.) (Fine, read his mind for the memories then.) (As you wish Master Elder.)

The Elders turned back to Neoum, who was a blank in his expressions. Fragnet tried to approach Neoum for the test. (Okay Neoum, I will be the one to inspect your memories alright. Now if I may enter your mind, then we can get this over with.) (Sorry Fragnet, I don’t know how to allow you into my mind.) (Oh my child, it’s fine. I expected to have to get in without your assistance anyways, I more wanted to see if you would be able to. Now I will be entering through your mind by force, so don’t be concerned.) Fragnet started to focus on Neoum’s mind with extreme attention to his being, trying to access it, but with no prevail. He went back up to the other Elders in disappointment. (I can’t access his mind, and he can’t open it up.) (Well, our best Tachyean at telepathy is absolutely useless to the mind of an infant. I really don’t think this will make this process any easier trying to find the answer to something that we know that answer to.) (Well Jelnorelus, being that I have the greatest ability in telepathy to be defeated by the child means that they could still be the Lord of Tachyon, as his mind should be quite the challenge. Unless that hot head could break through the boy, saying he claims to have greater power than I, I would say that he still up to be the Lord.) (Well we still need more than a theory to prove that he could be Legalacy’s son.) (I know that I, being just the environmentalist, won’t have much effect in terms of getting the information out of his mind, but how about we just ask him, and if he can answer questions that a Lord of Tachyon would be able to recall, then he should be the lord.)

As they were discussing, Neoum decided that he would like to have a seat, as it was a bit less of his input in anything, so he might as well rest his legs. The elders then noticed that light was emitting from the boy was that of a bright blue that the elders hadn’t seen in quite a long time. (I can’t believe it, he has made a chair out of blue Tachyium.) Neoum was a bit scared from the shock the elders had. (I’m sorry for what I did, I was just getting a bit restless. Are you going to punish me?) (No my boy, I think you might just be re….) Jelnorelus halted the statement that Vicherma was about to state. (Sorry Neoum, but we need to still do a few more things before your evaluation is over. If you may just sit there for a bit longer, and we’ll inform you of your results.) Neoum decided that she was probably a bit in shock still, from the fact that she didn’t even respond to the blue tachyium of his.

The elders were looking to Jelnorelus for a response, but she stayed silent. (Haven’t you seen the tachyium, the ability to read our minds and prevent us from reading his, I think that you are just being stubborn because you want no one to be the Lord of Tachyon, you power ho…} (I think you should ask a question in regards to something that only a Lord of Tachyon would know, as Perfenter suggested, just incase that he isn’t of the lineage of the true Lords of Tachyon.) (Thank you Jel… Master Elder for approving of my suggestion. May I ask the questions Master Elder, I feel that it might be for the best.) (Fine, make sure they are just questions.)

(Alright Neoum, to prove your lineage, Tachyeans are able to pass down their memories to their offsprings, and the famous of those with the most clear memories are that of the Lords of Tachyon, thus I’ll ask you a question that only the Lord of Tachyon lineage would be aware of. Is that understood my child.) (Yes madam, I will try my best to answer your question.) (I hope you are ready to be truthful of your knowledge, for I can tell if one is lying to me, so for you, the question shall be explaining the secret of the first Tachyean?) The other elders stared at her in confusion. (What secret Perfenter, is there something we don’t know?) Jelnorelus was a bit upset with the time being wasted. (Explain to us what you want him to say already!) (I mean is that the first Tachyean had a secret that only a few members of our entire race are aware of, that hot head was one of the lucky ones to know for his lineage, but he informed me what it was when he was a bit distracted a few millennia back when I was trying to take his position, thinking that he wouldn’t have the will to survive without purpose, but as you see him now, I regret to say he didn’t lose his position.) (Alright then, you will then be the only one to know if he tells the truth or not then right?) Fragnet asked. (I also would know about it, but I’ll be shocked if anyone else could. Let’s see how the boy response.

As they were discussing the answer among them, Neoum had collapsed to the ground with the trigger of the question. Neoum was now deep in thought from the many memories of the previous Lords of Tachyon, all the way back to the battle between the First Tachyean, and his son. The battle lasted for more than a day, and ended with the father having to give up his edge to have the mighty light dispose of the dark from his child. Neoum could relate this to the memory of what his father had done with him, but didn’t understand what it meant, then realized something. As he connected the idea, he was transported from the fiery landscape of their home world to that of meadows where he was again in his father’s viewpoint. He was sitting with a lady Tachyean of a hot pink colour. They were discussing the stress that he was experiencing from having down so little in his reign of being the Lord of Tachyon. (Stop disgracing your name Legalacy, you’ve done so much. I know you will amount to great things, no matter who criticizes your rule. I would bet that if you ever left, this Order would crumble from the fact of how connected you’ve made this Order. You don’t need to be the person that claims the most territory or the most efficient in physical or mental abilities, you need to just realize that you’re contribution is actually the hardest part of our mission, to unite the universe. By your kindness, you’ve created a state of trust and harmony that this order hasn’t been able to properly achieve in over tens of thousands of years, if not more. I hope you understand that we as a species have worked have to get you to this point so that you can do exactly the task you’ve been doing. I’m proved of you, and so is everyone else we know, just never forget that okay you dork.)

Neoum began to fade back into the cold interior of the chamber with the Elders surrounding the boy, concerned of his condition. (Are you alright Neoum?) (Yes my Elders, and I have the answer to your question. I think what you were wanting from the question is that it doesn’t truthly matter what the answer is. There has been so much loss to get us to this point, wars fought, father’s losing their sons, and love being left behind for our mighty Order to stay intact, and that yes we are in a state of misery, we’re at least still in a state of being. I hope that will be satisfactory for your evaluation, but I’m quite tired, and I wish to get some rest.) The Elders discussed for a moment, and then turned back to Neoum. (You may leave now Neoum, and we’ll have the results of your evaluation by the morning. I hope you get some well deserved rest.) (Thank you Master Elder. I hope you may also get some rest this evening, along with you other Elders.) Neoum shook their hands, and left the chamber along with Trearomm to a nearby. The Elders continued to focus on what they were able to take from the evaluation, and after about another hour, they left the chamber.



Neoum awoke to a knock on his door. The night was about half done and the darkness of the room made it difficult for him to properly move, from still trying to process his memories. It was one of the staff of the Chamber of Elders. (Young Neoum, you have been summoned to speak with the Master Elder in the Chamber immediately to receive your results from your evaluation.) (Thank you, I will make haste. What is your name by the way.) (I am known as Dirfta.) (Well, I wish you a pleasant evening Dirfta.) (You as well Neoum.) Neoum then started flight over to the Order of Tachyon council hall.

   It took only about half an hour for him to get to the entrance of the chamber, as he was still quite young, he wasn’t as fast as most of the other Tachyeans yet. As he entered, he was able to see that the Master Elder was cloaked, and without the stands ready. She was in the middle of the room, which Neoum noticed just how large it was without the stands blocking his view. He was about ten paces from her, as she began to focus. (Neoum, as the results have shown, you have one perfect spot to fill within our Order of Tachyon.) (What may that by my Master Elder?) (It is to be the forgotten Lord of Tachyon, as your reign will never begin!) She then threw off her cloak to review the battle armor she was equipped with. She then generated her sword, or more accurately her battle axe sword fusion, then opened up her darkened wings. Her flight was unseen to Neoum’s untrained eyes as he was slammed into the wall above the entrance. He fell towards the ground, able to catch himself with hopeful flight. She then charged down to his level, barely missing him, cracking the ground of the chamber. The walls shook from the shockwave, destabilizing the structure of the battle ground. Neoum started to create a shield that just deflected a chained axe head from Jelnorelus’ sword. He tried to leave the chamber in hope for some help, but she set the lock on the door to only the individual who locked it could undo it. He wasn’t able to escape the second chain as he was flung into the otherside of the chamber. Leaving an indent of his body as well as some bodily fluids. He felt his limbs losing energy. I can’t have it all end here like this, they need a new lord of Tachyon, and even if I’m not suited for it, someone needs to fill the role. Neoum tried to find the strength within him to survive. At that moment, Jelnorelus was hurtling towards the very spot that Neoum was still smothered in. Neoum with only a millisecond to spare was able to generate an orb that was able to absorb the shock from the impact from Jelnorelus,, though he was almost impaled by Jelnorelus’ blade.

(Why are you doing this? Aren’t you supposed to help resort the Order in whatever way it takes. This won’t help anyone!) (You will never understand what I’ve gone through, and you dare disrespect our entire way of function. You shouldn’t even be able to exist, yet here you are. I don’t believe you really are connected to our Lord of Tachyon, you’re just an imposter!) She then swung her blade directly at Neoum’s head. He was able to evade with the blade only missing by a couple of centimeters, smashing into the corrupted wall. As she continued her assault on Neoum started to drift into another memory. Why now, I can’t survive if I’m not able to see what I’m doing. He then started to enter the meadow from before, but this time, instead of sitting with one another, they were battling each other. He felt that each attack that he was blocking was real, so he just continued in hopes that he was actually somehow repeating the same fight in the dream. (Why do you have to be such a nuisance, you should know how much I care about you. Why are you leaving? This is where you belong. I know they want you to leave for the next galaxy, but you shouldn’t have to be forced to do so. If I beat you here, you won’t be able to leave.) Neoum could sense the tension between the two. He knew that he loved her, and his father was on the verge of wanting to give up, let her defeat him. He made the deal that if she could defeat him in combat, then he wouldn’t be allowed to ever leave her system, as she was bound by her heart to the planet that they were fighting on. She could only leave up to the edge of the system, and she knew that he wouldn’t lay a finger on her during the battle. What he didn’t expect was the intensity of her abilities. He couldn’t decide if the decision he had to make would be the best for them, but he knew it was exactly the answer the Order needed, thus he had to win the battle.

They continued the fight without either letting up, only skill would be able to decide this properly. Neoum could see that he was about to turn the tie into victory, but couldn’t see what it was that caused the abrupt end to the battle. {I know that you need to do this, but why can’t you just stay instead Legalacy. I love you so much, and for you to just abandon me!... I understand what you want. You want to be able to help the Order, and I’m the one that’s preventing you from doing so. I’m sorry for my selfish actions. You should just forget that I ever existed, it would be better for both of us.) She floated to the ground, with her colors becoming increasingly pale. Legalacy floated with her to the ground, and kissed her for about a minute. She was able to regain some of her colour, but not enough to be restored to her hot pink shade. They continued to hug from this point, lasting for about ten minutes before she pushed his father away. By that point, Legalacy left the planet, and Neoum was back to his battle.

He was severely injured from the attacks that Jelnorelus had left on him. She seemed a bit disturbed by him at first, but then realized what was happening. (I’m impressed that you could last this long. I want you to know that only one other has had this kind of luck against me.) (Yes, and he really didn’t want to leave.) She heard him, but didn’t process it. She started walking over with her weapon, ready to end it. As she approach, she finally got what he said. She didn’t want to believe it. {Jelnory, I want you to live your own life. You don’t me to be happy. I will come back if I can, but I expect that you will have moved on and forgotten about me. You can be anyone you want, and I look forward to seeing just how you turn out. I truly love you, more than anyone else in the entire universe. You are my last piece of true emotion that belongs to me. Everything else belongs to the universe as well as the Order, and I have to give you up in order to preserve the Order. Thank you Jelnory, but now I have to go.} Neoum then fell to his knees. (I know why you wanted me gone now. You didn’t want to have to see me in him, right! I don’t want to be the one that causes this grief to you.) Neoum was crying. Jelnorelus disassembled her weapon, and ran to him. She hugged him. (I’m sorry Neoum. I was selfish. You know how it went, don’t you?) Neoum nodded yes, and continued to sob. (You will be great Neoum, I should’ve seen it from the start. I hope you can forgive me.) They were both sobbing now, and they went on into the rest of the night. The sun rose on the two on the ground in the wreckage of the chamber.


Neoum awoke in the nearby infirmary. Jelnorlus walked in, smiling at the boy. (I think it’s time you are introduced to the Order officially.) Neoum got up, as he started to head for the door, he noticed a notch in his tail. (Your father had a similar notch in his tail, though he always blushed when it was mentioned, as it was a reminder that I still had a part of him with me. Now I have a part of you as well.) She pulled out of a pocket in her robing two small chunks on chains, one still fresh, the other aged with knowledge. (I hope you aren’t upset by that. You’re still young, you will most likely grow it back.) Neoum nodded, and they set off to the stadium.

Trearomm was waiting outside the door. He ran to Neoum, but was stopped by Jelnorelus. (Hey I was just checking on my boy.) (What makes the Lord of Tachyon your (Boy}.) He looked a bit terrified. Neoum nudged Jelnorelus. She understood, and decided to step back to give them space. (Hey Neoum, who is that anyways? I was informed that some female Tachyean attack you last night. Are you fine?) (Yes, and for your information, it was the Master Elder that attack me, the same Master Elder that stands behind you.) He jumped at the very thought. He bowed to her. (Sorry master Elder, I was unaware from your new hue. May I ask why you would attack the Lord of Tachyon though.) He transferred that to her as he rose his he to smile at her. (How dare you? Just because I make a mistake, you darn try to blackmail me.) (Well, I only have one request now that we’re on the subject.) She was becoming quite red from the antagonizing fool before her. (And what would that be Trearomm!) (Well, I feel honored that you know my name. The request I have is if you could join me for a lunch. You can decide where to go, and I’ll find the perfect time for us to go, is that fine with you?) (well, you aren’t giving much of a choice.) (I never said I was going to say anything, madame.) She was a bit confused by his gesture. (I guess I do need an excuse for a day off. You got yourself a date.) (yes, thank you Master Elder Jelnorelus.) (Just call me Jelnorelus.)

 (Well then jelnorelus, I hope to see you soon. I have to find my place in the crowd if I’m going to hear Neoum’s speech.) (Wait, I haven’t told him about…} (I have to give a speech Jelnory?) (Yes, but you’ll be fine.) (I know, I think I have something I wanted to say anyways.) (Oh, well you are brave then, I thought at first you were kinda not thinking straight.) (Well, I’ve only been alive for about a week and a half, so I really don’t think there’s any problem with speeches, especially since I’ve seen so many in my memories.) (Well then, I guess you’ll be fine.) (At least better than he was fighting you.) (Trearomm, don’t chime in or else I will personally end your life.) (Well, he is just a child, so I doubt you would do nearly as much damage.) (Well Trearomm, my father was barely able to land a hit on her, as well as he received a almost critical amount of damage from her battle before she started training her strength. I would watch out, for I survived only because of her generosity and that I was able to replicate my father’s tactics against her.) Trearomm was starting to sweat a little. (Well, as I said, I need to get going to the stadium.) (You can sit with us Trearomm.) (Oh, thank you Neoum for the offer, but I need to…} (I say that the Lord of Tachyon suggestion is a great idea. In fact, you could sit right next to me.) (Oh, okay then.) The three of them head off to the stadium.

As they entered the chamber, Neoum was able to see ten others, some he recognized, others were new. (Who are all these people Jelnory?) (They are the other Elders that you didn’t see earlier in your evaluation. Well, all of the others except for one, that was a bit too busy to come in person, but said he would pause what he was doing to see the speech.) Jelnorelus wasn’t very pleased from the way she was thinking. (Why are you upset with him so Jelnorelus?) (I’ll tell you later. You just need to worry about you speech.) (Alright then. Is he that hot head you were talking about with the others?) (Well yes, but you shouldn’t have that in mind, all you need to focus on is the speech.) Neoum was then taken by the others Elders as he was setup at the podium.

Neoum prepared himself for the speech. I need to bring hope back to the Order, and I think I have a plan of how to word this. Neoum then started his speech (Greetings all Tachyeans of the Order of Tachyon, I, Neoum, will be your new Lord of Tachyon. I have come to you in your time of need and I am ready to help restore our beloved Order. I may be young now only being about two weeks of age, but I shall train to become the proper leader that is needed for peace between our people; Between all people. Thank you for allowing me to have this time to express to you my hope for our Order, and I hope you appreciate my message. I wish you all a pleasant day and life my Order, until we meet again.) Neoum stepped down from the stand to hear the cheering of the universe, and all the happiness that he has spread by this first speech in his Realm Of Tachyon.