Email is a great way to communicate with your teachers.

Follow the steps below to learn how to send a well written email.   

Practice Writing an Email to XXXX

Step # 1 - Watch video below: Double click video below … When it opens double click the “camera” icon to view …  

Email Etiquette for Students: “How to Write an Email to a Teacher.”  

Step # 2 - Copy the following text:

Practice Writing an Email to XXXX

Step # 3 - Create a draft email:

Then click on: The “COMPOSE” button ...


Step # 4 - Type in the address box: yerks … then click on [INSERT TEACHER EMAIL HERE] when it comes up.

Step # 5 - Paste: Practice Writing an Email to XXXX into the “Subject” line.

Step # 6 - In the “Message Box” type in your “Salutation” aka greeting, e.g., Hello XXXX,

Step # 7 - Type in your message to me.

What I like about [INSERT SCHOOL HERE] so far is …

What day of our “Week of Respect” are you most looking forward to?

Step # 8 - Sign your email, aka a closing, e.g., Thanks, Joe Student

Step # 9 - Your email should have five parts:

Please check over your email does it have?

Part 1 - Does it have an email address? ✔  

Part 2 - Does it have a subject in the subject line? ✔  

Part 3 - Does it have a “Salutation” aka a greeting? ✔  

Part 4 - Did you type your message? ✔  

Part 5 - Did you remember your closing? ✔  

Step # 10 - Click send.