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Part 1:

A self study package for students exchanging / converting

Internet online picture tests for home use, valid 3 months.

Guideline by email and booking of 1 theory test.

Part 2:

Driving test booking

2 practical driving lessons on road when test is booked

Technical preparation before the test with instructor

Driving test, car rental, warm-up lesson and instructor

Note that the option A does not include:

1. Class attendance at the school.

2. Info assistance info by email after sent access code.

3. Extra lessons on the road and not mentioned items in this email / www.

4. Extra lessons in automatic transition. Request and confirmation required.

5. Cancellation after enrollment latest 24 hrs after payment.

6. Refund for Option A after payment and cancellation latest 24hrs after payment:  1500,-  

Københavns Køreskole  

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Telefon: +45 27209099 * info@kbhkoereskole.dk