Lucy was placed into our lives at the most perfect time. She's helped our sweet Rhett so much the past three months as we've gone through some transitions and we couldn't be more grateful.

Erin W.

He started to cry and try to throw himself on the ground...he said, “It’s too loud for Lucy in here. Lucy is scared.” ...things were so out of routine and then his sensory system was overloaded. Patrick has rarely given us information about what is bothering him while in the middle of a meltdown. The fact that he used Lucy to tell us was AMAZING and so encouraging!!!

Shannon A. 

Micah loves her so much! He takes her everywhere with him and she really helps us with his melt downs! I speak of her as if she is real but to our family she is REAL!!! She has her own doggie bed, leash and food bowl!!! I can’t tell you how thankful I am for Lucy and I tell everyone I see about her!

Tiffani O.

Just wanted to let you know how much Jake loves Lucy! He sleeps with her every night. Since he has had her, he falls asleep faster and sleeps all night!!

Katie A.

As a mom and pediatric OT, I know all about anxiety and the sensory issues that come from it. While I use Lucy in therapy, my own two kids have come to rely on Lucy the Lapdog for comfort to help them through any changes in their lives and routines. Lucy is a life-saver!

Jill B. OTR/L Occupational Therapist

My daughter has anxiety and was unable to sleep alone until we got her Lucy the Lapdog. She always got too hot for a weighted blanket but needed the deep pressure input. Lucy’s belly is perfect to hold an ice pack which keeps my daughter cool and calm until morning! Thank you Lucy the Lapdog for helping our whole family sleep!

Kathy B.

My son Luke has ADHD and sensory processing issues. As a school psychologist, I knew the interventions to assist with inattention and off-task behaviors but my sensory processing intervention toolbox was pretty bare. Lucy has quickly become one of his favorite things. She sleeps on his back to help calm him at night and she can also be found in his lap at homework time. I think the sensory input that Lucy gives Luke is amazingly calming. An added benefit is that Lucy is both age and socially appropriate.

Emily D Ed.S., NCSP School Psychologist