Saturday Fun Run - Breakfast Volunteers Set Up Guide

Proceed in the following order:     

  1. Initial Setup: Lay down exercise mats, setup all chairs and five tables (See attached diagram).
  1. Exercise mats and chairs are found in the closet on the gym floor level behind the basketball hoop. Tables should be leaning against the wall next to the door.
  2. There is a map of the park with the different running routes, bathrooms, and water fountains indicated. Please put this near the bagel table so newcomers can orient themselves.
  1. Bring down the ‘Bagel Boxes’ from the closet. These boxes are labeled and live in the front section of the closet.
  1. These boxes contain all the cutlery, plates, cups, food, coffee, sugar, etc. needed for the Fun Run Breakfast.

  1. Water & Coffee: Pull the small urn, large urn, and two large plastic water coolers from the closet (first section). These are filled up in the work sink located through through the metal door and around the corner to the left on the mezzanine level (see diagram).
  1. Fill small urn with water for tea and plug it in on the far side of the mezzanine level by the fans. This will need to be unplugged and brought down just before runners start to arrive back from the run.
  2. Fill the large urn to the 80 cup line and bring it downstairs to brew coffee.
  1. Place the stem in the center hold and attach the metal filter on top.
  2. Fill the filter with 2 pounds of coffee and distribute evenly.
  3. Cover with lid and make sure it is secure and on evenly all the way around.
  4. Coffee is plugged in via the yellow heavy duty extension cord to the outlet nearest the (mezzanine) entrance. Be careful as this outlet is loose. Be sure to check the coffee in about 5 – 10 minutes just to make sure it is working (hot / noisy / brown water).
  1. Fill both large plastic water coolers to about ¾ full and set out on the beverage table.
  1. Fill Gatorade cooler (they should be marked ‘Water’ and ‘Gatorade’ with a packet of gatorade powder.
  2. Each cooler will get a bag of ice when you return from Fairway.
  1. Volunteers shop at Fairway: Use Fairway shopping list to determine what items are needed and then head to Fairway (located 2 blocks north on Broadway).
  1. Refer to the shopping list that is split into three parts:
  1. ALWAYS buy,
  2. Sometimes need to buy, and
  3. Rarely need to buy
  4. For the last two, check the inventory to determine how much needs to be purchased. Check with Board Member On Duty (BMOD) about anything you think may needed to be added to the list.
  1. Aisle numbers are available for all items on the checklist.
  2. Bring Tax Exempt form (attached) with and present to the cashier at checkout.
  3. Check in with the BMOD before leaving for payment information.
  4. At checkout:
  1. If prompted, email receipt to
  2. Keep receipt(s) and turn in to the BMOD.
  1. Upon returning from Fairway: Finish setup for Breakfast.
  1. Put out cereals, breakfast bars, jellies, toppings etc.
  2. Add one bag of ice to each large orange cooler.
  3. Rise and set up fruit at Beverage table (Slice oranges into slices, bananas into halves or thirds, and cut grapes into small clusters).
  4. Slice up pastries purchased from Fairway (usually into thirds or quarters is fine).
  5. Place all plastic bags from the shopping trip at the ends of each table for trash, and 1 large trash bag hung from closet door knob.
  6. Hang up Uniforms & Pricing near money collection table (as noted on diagram) for FRNY store.
  7. Place large pictures (from the closet) along the rails surrounding the gym space.
  1. Collect Breakfast/Uniform money (~ 10:45 – 11:45)
  1. Each member should pay the breakfast donation - $5.00
  1. Exception: fee is waived for first time new members, visitors, Variety Show winners (noted in the cashbox), and anyone who can’t afford it. If someone wishes to pay a portion just for coffee, etc., let them. While breakfast income also contributes to the rent, there is no need to pressure members.
  1. Please collect the name & email address of new people so that we may send them an appropriate welcome message (clipboard & form should be in a bagel box).
  2. Encourage people to volunteer for future bageling dates (clipboard & form should be in a bagel box).
  3. If a member wishes to pay via VENMO, they may do so by sending the money to @FrontRunnersNY and showing the bageler the screen once the payment is submitted.
  4. Assist members interested in buying or picking up uniform pieces.
  1. Using the Uniform part of the attached Breakfast report, note down what uniform piece and what size is being sold.
  2. Note how payment was made and if it’s a donor-level member picking up their complementary singlet, please note their name and inform the BMOD.
  3. One bageler should remain to collect breakfast money while the other bageler or the BMOD goes to the closet to get the appropriate uniform piece purchased.

  1. Clean Up: ….Start quietly shortly after Announcements start
  1. Settle up amount spent and amount taken in – see attached form and complete with your BMOD.
  2. Close up coffee and tea fixings and place back in plastic container.
  3. Turn off the coffee pot and unplug so it begins to cool down.
  4. Consolidate extra bagels into one bag to distribute to either a long-run coordinator or the doorman
  1. Offer other perishable items as well and dispose of if not taken.
  1. Drain and rinse out the hot pots, large water coolers, and wash any knives and cutting boards used in the mezzanine sink. Do not put coffee grounds in the mezzanine sink; put them in a trash bag.
  1. Leave the tops off or loose for the hot pots and large water coolers so they can air dry (to avoid mold forming).
  1. Place all cleaned items back in bagel boxes and all supplies go back into the closet where they came from.
  2. Throw out all garbage in the bin in the mezzanine level storage room (see diagram).
  3. Wipe down tables and put them away where they came from.
  4. Breakdown chairs and put them back on the cart in the closet where they came from.
  5. Wipe down the mats and then put them back in the closet where they came from.
  6. Put large pictures away back in the FRNY closet.
  7. Do a visual check to make sure everything looks put away. If any member has left anything behind, please place it in the Lost & Found bin in the back of the FRNY closet. Close, but don’t lock, the door to the FRNY closet before you leave.

Thank you for volunteering!   Make sure we get your photo for the Facebook page!



BMOD - Deposit Slip Instructions:

Fill out the deposit slip as seen here. Fill in the cash and any checks on the right hand side. Provide the teller with the slip, the deposit, and your FRNY debit card and they will fill in the rest of the account number for deposit.

** Under “Volunteering in the FRNY Gram” the link to this Google document should read:  “How to do bagels” and it should be mailed to the volunteers when they sign up to help. 

Rutgers Basement Diagram:

Rutgers Basement Layout - Fun Run Breakfast.jpg

FRNY Fairway Shopping List and Bagels Inventory

This document could help you save the club a lot of money! Try not to over-buy. We don’t have a refrigerator, so we want to use up everything, or almost everything perishable, each week.  

Purchase EVERY week at Fairway:


2 bunches of bananas, 6 – 10 oranges, and 2 bags of grapes

Outside, 2

4 x pound tubs of cream cheese -- 2 - 3 regular and up to 3 flavored (sweet or savory)


1 small tub of whipped butter


1 dozen each of Muffins and croissants (assorted)


2 – 4 half gallons of juice

End of 4

1 pint or quart of oat or almond milk (whichever is smaller)


1 quart of whole milk

End of 4

1 quart skim milk

End of 4

1 quart of half & half (the real kind, not the “fat free” kind)

End of 4

2 lbs of ground coffee


1 large bag of ice

Outside by cash

Sometimes need to purchase at Fairway, but check in closet:

4 medium jars of peanut butter- 2 smooth, 2 chunky

2 small jars Nutella


1 small jar of Fluff

By cash

Things we have in the closet (check supplies first)


Paper towels & napkins


Hot cups and plastic cups


Paper plates


Powdered hot cocoa, tea bags (individually wrapped), & sugar


Jelly (two jars of jelly/jam)


Cereal & Granola Bars


FAQs: Where is the stuff?  When you get into the store the fruit options will be right in front of you. Head to the left through produce to get to the milk, butter and cream cheese sections. From there continue westward into the bread area.  Make a right turn into the muffin and croissant area. Continue northward toward the checkout, and grocery aisles will open up on the left.  To get to the ice, go to the far, northwest corner of the store.  Almond milk is sometimes by the milk, but sometimes it is in the upstairs organic section.  You get there by the stairs that are behind the check out area (closer to the exit).

FRNY Tax Exempt Certificate