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ADC-IARPC Semantics WG 2020-03-17

ADC-IARPC Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group

Meeting Agenda & Minutes


2020-03-17 19:00 UTC (01:00 PM MDT and 20:00 CET)


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Meeting ID: 373 253 331

Preliminary agenda (and minutes)

  1. Round table (who is attending)
  1. Ruth Duerr, William Manley, Shannon Christoffersen, Øystein Godøy, Peter Pulsifer, Allison Gaylord, Mark Parsons, Mark Schildhauer, Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa, Phil Thompson
  1. Adoption of agenda
  1. approved
  1. Review of minutes of previous meeting
  1. 2020-02-18
  1. Approved for publication after strikeouts removed
  1. Review of action items
  1. Everyone to review results of the Polar Semantics Planning Matrix and add anything from their work.
  1. The matrix is available at Matrix of metadata harvesting relationships
  2. Ruth to send an email out to PolarSemantics and PolarData emails and repository reps re verifying their content.
  3. Ruth and Pip suggest that everybody review the tab AggregatorsNSources and check that their information is correct.
  4. Comment from Bill, need to define aggregator and source, easier to understand this with access to the white paper (see below).
  5. The matrix and other materials from this family of meetings are being documented in these two papers:
  1. PDPS White Paper Draft - Harvesting Portion
  1. Peter and Ruth to plan finishing paper (after April 1st). Planned for Data Science Journal.
  1. PDPS White Paper Draft - Recommendations Portion
  1. Ruth to finish recommendations section of the white paper,
  1. Peter/Mark Parsons to talk to Peter Fox re students to do modelling/visualisation of the matrix from 4a work
  1. Brendan has generated a simple prototype visualization - not production ready but available here 
  1. This site require login credentials (information provided upon request)
  1. Peter reported that this is moving forwards through Canadian funding. Should be public by early May or so. It is fed by a spreadsheet and can be fed by the spreadsheet created for the Harvesting relationships.
  2. Ruth commented that both the data ecosystem and the observation network (both addressed through IASC/SAON/IARPC working groups) overview fits well with the NSF Open Knowledge Network.
  1. Pier Luigi to keep this group informed when the MOSAIC folks start moving on this.
  1. Keeping this open as an ongoing task
  3. MIchael Ray Gallagher has code to generate MODFs (Merged Observatory Data Files) from this spreadsheet, will make this public on github soon, a workshop is being planned for April in Boulder to help YOPP (and MOSaIC) data producers generate MODFs.  If SJ can’t attend he will work to get other reps from this community invited.
  1. SiriJodha informed that the workshop to generate MODF and MOD is postponed to October.
  1. Peter informed that there is an opportunity to engage at the planning stage of a related project, T-MOSAIC.  Members of ADC-IARPC Semantics WG are encouraged to engage in the newly forming T-MOSAIC data management group that will be working to develop (adopt) policy, establish “best practices” etc.  There is an opportunity to influence adoption of semantics and other DM methods/practices within T-MOSAIC.  Please contact Peter if you are interested in engaging or know someone who is.
  1. Peter gave an update on progress, focus on air temperature and interoperability interfaces to data now.
  1. Polar Vocabularies Questionnaire.
  1. Ruth to explore a data paper with support from Pier Luigi, Mark and Øystein.
  1. Pending
  1. Mark to explore the potential for an EarthCube proposal with support from Ruth, Bill and Allison.
  1. Done, attempted to focus on active work and not network development, this is challenging with the current funding schemes. Still possibilities, need more coordination.
  2. Peter suggested to link with ArcticGEOSS (H2020) call in Europe.
  1. Linking MOSAiC parameter terminology to Polar Semantics resources (Pier)
  1. Task converted from an action to an ongoing activity following discussions during the last meeting. Pier Luigi wasn’t present in this meeting, no discussion on topic.
  2. Pier Luigi has earlier informed the group that he has met with the MOSAiC data team on August 27th. The meeting agenda and minutes of that meeting is available at
  1. updates (Ruth)
  1. Ruth informed there is good progress on ESIP efforts.  The science on group is working on their 3rd release since the summer ESIP.  Still holding twice monthly telecons. Bringing the Data Stewardship community in to provide grounding for the technical efforts has been a challenge.  Will be scheduling a series of 2-3 hour hackathons to work through the documents and issues.  Will send announcements not just to the ESIP Stewardship group but also the PolarData list.
  2. Peter informed that CCADI has been working on this since the Third Polar Data Forum. They are addressing aggregator issues and should be aware of the ESIP activities.
  3. RDA activities are important to follow in this context
  1. Awareness updates (roundtable)
  1. Peter: Canadian Polar Data Workshop had several sessions on semantics. Rebecca Ingram (linguist) will start as PostDoc.
  2. Bill: Next steps on observing networks interoperability group (under SAON CON). Will be a meeting to identify networks. Differs from RDA i-Adopt and ESIP Science-on-schema “interoperability” efforts due to focus less on dataset level, and more network repo level (?). Major function is to raise awareness among networks of need and relevant efforts.
  3. Ruth: 3rd annual US2TS semantics symposium was held last week (see agenda and presentations). ESIP semantics groups exploring the need for and value of an “Earth Science Ontology Foundry”-- similar in function (not necessarily in rules, etc) to OBO Foundry for Life Sci to encourage interoperability of vocabularies and term re-use.
  1. Next meeting
  1. Agreed to do the third Tuesday of the month, at 19:00 UTC (21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 13:00 MDT).
  1. Tentative date for the next meeting is Tuesday 21st April.
  1. Since not everyone is using Slack, emails should be circulated for each meeting.