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Game Rules

Rule #

Battlebots contain no devices that interfere with wireless communications.


Battlebots may not intentionally damage the field, other battlebots, spectators, or anything else.


Battlebots must use an approved control method.


Battlebot Rules

Rule #

Battlebots must not be larger than 18” in any dimension


Battlebot must weigh no more than 3 lbs


Battlebots may not contain hazardous substances


Battlebots may not include any parts intended to harm another battlebot


Battlebots may not intentionally interfere with communications to the other Battlebots


Any electrical power on the Battlebots may not exceed 14v


No more than 20 A of current may be drawn continuously from the battery


Entanglement devices are prohibited


Battlebot Contains a legal wedge not made of metal, or has no wedge at all


Battlebot Contains no sheet metal


Battlebot Contains no liquids


General Comments or Reason(s) for Failure (if any):


I hereby state that all the above is true, and to the best of my knowledge all Battlebot construction rules and regulations have been abided by.

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revised 2/8/19