How long have you worked here?: July 2018 - present

Where are you from: I am a Washington State native - rain water flows through my veins :)

First love of wine: I first glimpsed how amazing wine could be in college, drinking $9 red wine and eating goldfish crackers on the porch. Then I went to Dijon, France for a semester and a whole new world opened up!

Favorite current wine at Burnt Bridge: I’ve had a special fondness for the ‘15 Mourvèdre ever since the holidays. The ‘15 Blend X is also always a favorite. And in certain moods, I’ll reach for a glass of the Walla Walla Syrah before anything else

Favorite wine of all time from Burnt Bridge: I absolutely loved the ‘15 Cab. And ‘14 Mouvedre. And ‘14 Tempranillo :)

Favorite wine varietal: Champagne. All the time!

Favorite part of working at Burnt Bridge:  I love the community people find here. Ever since I was a club member (before I crossed to the other side of the bar), I have loved the warm, welcoming atmosphere at Burnt Bridge. People come as strangers and leave as friends.

Favorite event we put on: Anytime Kim and Emily are cooking, I’m on board!

Favorite Food: Please don’t make me choose a favorite food! Food is love and I love it all.

Fun fact/something we don't know about you: I am happiest when it’s raining.