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Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Oregon Sports Office Conference Room
6:00 p.m. to  7:15 p.m.



In Attendance: Steve Wright, Hal Brockman, Alan Smith, Jacob Campbell, Randy Grant 

Excused: Mike Pagalan (flu), Meg DuMez (work), Dave Cook (NY), Noel (work)


         Guests: Nyssa Walsh, Webmaster


  • Call to Order, Announcement, and Introductions
  • Nyssa Walsh, new Webmaster for ORRC

6:00 p.m.

6:01 p.m.

  •   Board Committee Reports (Consent Items)
  • Treasurer - Steve
  • Balance Sheet
  • P & L

Profits down b/c expenses up

  • Membership - Alan
  • 826 -- big time for renewals (series)
  • Race Operations
  • Turkey Trot - Steve, Alan, Hal

What to do with strollers? Put all in back (10 - regular runners with strollers complained)

Revenue up (Columbia Bank and Foot Traffic revenue outstanding); 2019 expenses way up because of double billing for shirts (2018 and 2019)

Overall profit down about 16%

  • 2020 race event changes

Loss of World Forestry Center for pre-start area; looking at zoo facility for 2020.

  • Marketing/Social Media - Randy, Meg & Mike
  • Add code for marketing for general and each event for Quickbooks
  • Equipment - Hal
  • Need more propane tanks (extras for heaters) (Hagg Mud)
  • Tents have been ordered (Hagg Mud)
  • ORRC bicycle with Jones counter -- donate bike and keep counter

 6:02 p.m.


  • 2020 RRCA Convention Update - Steve
  • Sign Up Link for RRCA support volunteers
  • Coordinator Positions -- need to fill
  • Friday 6 a.m. run - Portland Frontrunners volunteers
  • Saturday 6 a.m. run - Red Lizards volunteers
  • Sunday 7 a.m. run - Nike (cautiously optimistic)
  • Volunteers
  • Goodie Bags (canvassing local vendors for contributions)
  • Conventionaire tourism packages

      6:20 p.m.

  • Membership Coordinator Responsibilities - Alan

Need replacement for Alan

    6:25 p.m.

  •  2020 ORRC Budget

Highlights to prep for Dec. meeting (3rd Wednesday -- 12/18)

Awaiting data from Mark for his 3 race events.

Jacob will further review with Steve

  • RD Manual
  • Two years’ loss and/or 10% over budget gets review race committee and board review.

Will review in 2020.

  • Should be set SWAG spending policy?
  • Greenway $4K sunglasses.

Does existing budget policy cover?

Do we need a policy for mdse for sale?

                                     Advance purchase waiver?

                                     Better enforce existing policy?

MOTION APPROVED: Add to RD manual a policy requiring multi-year purchases to have board approval

Can we change some fixed costs to variable costs? Reduce shirt costs? Medal costs?

    6:38 p.m.



  • Election of 2020 Officers and board member extensions
  • Officers for 2020 -- Approved

                            President -- Steve

                            VP Admin -- Alan

                            Interim treasurer -- Dave Cook

  • Board Members - postponed until January meeting


   7:13 p.m.

Check of unknown amount to be deposited at Wells Fargo into a short-term CD until board has opportunity to determine use of funds

   7:20 p.m.

  •  Race Event Profitability - Steve

Meet to discuss

Work with RDs for performance improvement plans

Deep dive over next 4 months of each in red (July 4, Dual Duel, Greenway, Blue Lake) -- Quicken data, talk to RD, where can we cut costs, how can we improve revenue, participation?

      7:30 p.m.

  •  2020 Annual Banquet Awards - Jan 26th
  • Enlisting help for 3-7 pm?
  • Choose ORRC awards
  • Volunteer Award
  • Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Kathy Weidkamp Volunteer Award
  • Al Nakata Award
  • Helen Lachman Award
  • Club Appreciation Award
  • Suggestion from Alan - rename the “Volunteer of the Year” award to “Dave Green Memorial Volunteer of the Year

Steve will consult with Ruth Green first.

  • We were also considering renaming the Kathy Weidkamp award to the “Kathy and Ken Weidkamp” award. MOTION APPROVED
  • Jean Knapp will be guest speaker for banquet

     7:50 p.m. 

ROUND TABLE          

      7:55 p.m.

Nyssa: Lots of questions -- will meet Steve for coffee

Randy: Event Lockers company

            Medal attachments for age group place

            Gone for January meeting

Jacob: Wants to meet with Karen about financial system


      8:00 p.m.