February 15, 2021

Greetings South Atlanta Family!

I hope that this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.  As you know, this Tuesday, February 16, 2021 marks the return of some students to South Atlanta High School, after almost 11 months of remote learning.  Yes, 11 months!  That is difficult to process; however, that is our reality.  Currently, we have about 294 scholars slated to return in-person, which is about 35% of our school enrollment.  I am very excited to see our students, nonetheless, I recognize that students, teachers, and staff may have anxiety, and uncertainty about coming together once again while the pandemic is still very real.  It is imperative that our students fully embrace the health and safety mitigation strategies we are implementing, and remain open to modifications and adjustments as needed. Please read below for important information.

Health and Safety Reminders: Students must be mindful and follow the health and safety protocols in our building at all times. Keeping our staff and students safe is a top priority, particularly as we return to in-person teaching and learning. Here are a few reminders for all families and in-person scholars:

Follow the COVID-19 Screening Protocol. Please STAY HOME if you answer YES to any of the following health screening questions:

*Because I am asked this often, if you chose in-person learning, but now want to remain full-time virtual, we can accommodate that request.  Your scholar should just continue to work at home as he/she is doing now. However, the option to change to in-person learning from virtual is closed for now, although the Intent to Return for Quarter 4 will open Wednesday, February 17th.  Similarly, if you begin in-person, but feel it is not the right fit, you can return to full-time virtual.

Educationally Yours,

Patricia Ford

Patricia Ford, Ed. D.

“Work daily to change the mindset of who we are and what we can do.”