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Riders Council FAQ
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Move Miami Forward:

Join the Transit Alliance Riders Council!

How does the Riders Council work?

Why are you forming a council?

Although we are in regular contact with riders and advocates through our campaigns – we want to form a core, representative, and diverse group of riders to advocate with their local representatives and be a collective and consistent voice for transit riders.

Why do I have to apply?

It’s a very short application, but it helps us make sure the council is diverse and gives everyone a fair chance to get involved.

Why should I join?

Be a part of the largest and most effective transit advocacy organization in Miami-Dade County. Progress comes through collective action, whether it’s redesigning the bus system or improving reliability, let’s put riders first together.

How will you choose council members?

We will select a shortlist of applicants to interview based on the applications, and use the opportunity to determine if the council is a right fit for you.

Is there any compensation?

Although this is a volunteer position, once we form the council we will apply for funding opportunities to support council members with stipends or transit passes.

Do I have to be a regular transit rider?

You have to be a regular transit rider.

How else can I get involved?

You can sign up for our general advocates list, join a local chapter, or sign up to our newsletter.

I have an idea that could make the council better!

Let us know! E-mail with your suggestions.

Transit Alliance is committed to a diverse and representative council that reflects our community and our family of transit riders.